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DomusVi is one of Europe’s largest private elder care home providers and has expanded its operations to China and Latin America in recent years. It has been the target of countless protests, investigations and lawsuits in Spain, France and Chile by workers as well as relatives of residents for issues ranging from understaffing to neglect of patients to union repression. Those affected by DomusVi accuse it of “slavery-like” working conditions, “treating residents as if they were numbers” and “doing business with the dead”. Through its complex network of subsidiaries based in tax havens like Jersey and Luxemburg, the company has been shown to evade paying taxes in several European countries.


Medicalized residences, senior residences and home care agencies


Violation data is still being gathered for DomusVi Group at this time.

Information in this section is drawn from the Violation Tracker database produced by the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First in Washington DC. It is the most comprehensive source of data on business violations of laws and regulations in the United States. For specific examples of misconduct, please click on the links.


Article Archive

Grey gold — The billion Euro business of elder care

Published by
Investigate Europe

Across Europe, elderly people and their relatives are sharing a terrible experience: understaffed with overworked caregivers, the situation in care homes can become a threat to the lives of residents. The Covid-19 pandemic caused an escalation of the already dire circumstances in many countries.

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Spain: The structure of the DomusVi retirement homes, very personal interests

Published by
El Salto Diario
Ramón Fernández

O Estado do benestar español “esqueceu” os coidados á xente maior. Os motivos? Hai quen apunta unha esperanza de vida máis longa, por tanto máis coidados, por tanto máis investimento estatal. Aí entraron as residencias privadas que aliviaron os orzamentos en dependencia durante anos.

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Videos & Podcasts
France: Cash Investigation looks at the business of private nursing homes


Spain: Protest in front of DomusVi's Aldan care home


Spain: Relatives of residents protest


Spain: Press conference of the lawsuit of relatives (AFADOMUSVI) of the Alcoy residence against DomusVi
Spain: Second Anniversary of the Association of Relatives of People Affected by the Residences of DomusVi (AFADOMUSVI)


France: Care homes, life insurance, tax evasion and state complicity
Spain: Capitalism Kills: The CIG Union Protests on World Day for Safety and Health in Labor
Spain: They call out the low quality of meals in DomusVi residences


CorpWatch Stories
New CorpWatch Maps Illustrate Impact of Healthcare Privatization on Eldercare Homes in Spain

Paula Reisdorf | CorpWatch | Monday, October 24, 2022

COVID-19 mortality rates at eldercare homes in Madrid managed by private companies DomusVi and Orpea were close to double that of eldercare homes in public hands during the first wave of the pandemic, as illustrated in a new map published by CorpWatch.

Nuevos mapas de CorpWatch ilustran el impacto de la mercantilización del sector sanitario en España

Paula Reisdorf | CorpWatch | Monday, October 24, 2022

La tasa de mortalidad por covid-19 en las residencias de mayores de Madrid gestionadas por las empresas privadas DomusVi y Orpea durante la primera ola de la pandemia fue casi el doble de la tasa en las residencias de mayores de titularidad pública, ilustrado en un nuevo mapa publicado por CorpWatch.

New CorpWatch Guide to Healthcare Privatization in Europe

Paula Reisdorf | CorpWatch | October 24, 2022

CorpWatch is publishing a guide to over a dozen of the worst companies profiting from healthcare privatization in Europe. Workers are being paid less, clinics are being shut, and worse yet: people's health is suffering and death rates are increasing to line the pockets of investors and top managers.


Recent & Ongoing Campaigns
Spain: Workers of Home Care Services Protest against the Privatization of the Sector in Valencia

Pau Beltrán | La Directa | January 23, 2023

The Valencian home care services (SAD) workforce, a highly feminized sector, are criticizing the lack of public control, the worsening of their working conditions and the worsening quality of the care provided.

Spain: Strike in nursing homes in Navarra

Noticias de Navarra | October 17, 2022

For this last day they have registered a demonstration at 5:30 p.m. that will start from the DomusVi residence, between Julián Gayarre street and Los Fueros square, in Pamplona, and end in front of the headquarters of the Foral Executive, on Carlos III Avenue.

France: "For months, we have been warning": exhausted, the staff of a Toulon nursing home on strike

Amandine Roussel | Nice Matin | September 13, 2022

The employees of the Bastide Bonnetières nursing home located in the lower town of Toulon were on strike on Tuesday September 13. They demand better working conditions, above all "for the well-being of the residents".

France: The CGT union is on the streets demanding home care be a public service

Pierre Dupouy & Cathy Guilbaud-Dupouy | Le Journal du Gers | July 6, 2022

"So that the scandals of Orpea, Korian or even DomusVi are not repeated in our department, let's entrust the SSIAD to the already existing public structures!"

Spain: The workers of the DomusVi residence in Carballo are mobilizing to demand a decent agreement

Que Pasa Na Costa | March 23, 2022

The workers of the DomusVi nursing home in Carballo are organizing a schedule of protests as part of the indefinite strike called by the CIG, CCOO and UGT unions in demand of a decent collective agreement for the staff of private care homes in Galicia.

Spain: DomusVi: Workers at the Pompairain care home have been on strike for 15 days

Santé CGT | October 28, 2021

The staff of both establishments are demanding better working conditions, decent living conditions for residents and the hiring of more staff. Negotiations have been unsuccessful so far.

Spain: A conflict breaks out in DomusVi's home care service in Barcelona

Ignasi Jorro | Crónica Global | January 15, 2021

A labor dispute has broken out in the new home care service (SAD) in Barcelona, which is managed by Servisar, a subsidiary of DomusVi. The staff is preparing protests, alleging "improvisation" and "a lack of protection against Covid-19".

Spain: The Association of Those Affected by DomusVi is calling for a protest this Saturday

Lirios Silvestre | Ara Multimedia | September 25, 2020

In Alcoy, the Association of Relatives of People Affected by the Residences of DomusVi (AFADOMUSVI) will hold its rally and protest in Oliver Street, the location of the care home that has suffered the most deaths during the lockdown. The protest has all required permits, and will be held following strict security protocols.

Spain: Relatives of the deceased protest in front of DomusVi residence

La Voz de Galicia | August 31, 2020

The protest was called by the associations of relatives of DomusVi residents in Vigo and Cangas (Vellez Digna), with the support of the Galician federation REDE. They once again asked for explanations and transparency about what happened inside the residences and stressed the need for the Galician Parliament to create an investigative commission.

Spain: DomusVi staff stage renewed protests over the "bad practices" at care homes

A. Barbadillo | Nòs Diario | June 30, 2020

"DomusVi steals, deceives, treats residents as if they were numbers, they are just a business ... and the Galician Government looks the other way." The complaint, voiced by Sonia Jalda, a member of the Galician Elder Care Home Workers' Collective (TREGA), is one of the motivations for yet another protest that took place yesterday afternoon...

Spain: Relatives of residents of the DomusVi Cangas care home protest the lack of staff

La Voz de Galicia | June 7, 2020

About twenty people, in order not to exceed the maximum allowed by the state of alarm, staged a rally yesterday in front of the DomusVi Aldán nursing home to demand a service improvement. The president of Vellez Digna, Pepe Bernárdez, insisted that the protest is only against the company. “We are very grateful for the efforts of all the workers."

Spain: DomusVi workers denounce their working conditions and the neglect of patients

Faro de Vigo | June 11, 2019

"Since January our working day has been much longer than established in our agreement. We have tried to negotiate, but the company remains increasingly on the sidelines of this issue," Iria Estévez, head of health, told Efe Iria Estévez, responsible for private healthcare at CCOO and member of the DomusVi Company Committee.

Campaign Groups





Major Investigations
& Lawsuits
Spain: A court in Ferrol declares the new shifts of the DomusVi Laraxe residence null and void

Enfoques | September 19, 2022

A court in Ferrol has declared the nullity of the substantial modification of the working conditions that the DomusVi management intended to impose on the workers of the Laraxe residence (Cabanas) on the night shift, ordering the company to prepare the work quadrants with the night schedules that had been used.

Spain: The Council inspects the Alcalá residence where relatives allege lack of services

Cristina Valdivieso | Diario de Sevilla | August 11, 2022

Barely 48 hours after relatives of residents at the DomusVi nursing home in Alcalá de Guadaíra publicly alleged the deficiencies and irregularities that were being committed in the center due to the lack of health personnel in this newspaper, the Territorial Delegation for Equality and Social Policies of the Junta de Andalucía in Seville has reacted with an extraordinary inspection of the facilities.

Spain: DomusVi fails in its judicial offensive to prevent infoLibre from accessing the data of deceased in residences in Galicia

Manuel Rico | infoLibre | May 24, 2022

The Superior Court of Xustiza de Galicia (TSXG) ruled this Monday that the infoLibre journalist who requested this information, considering it to be of public interest, has the right to access it.

France: Abuse in nursing homes: 140 complaints under examination against Orpea, Korian and Domusvi

West Observer | May 13, 2022

At least 140 complaints have been filed against the managers of Orpea, Korian and Domusvi nursing homes in ​​recent years and are still being examined to this day, according to the count made by franceinfo on Friday May 13.

Spain: New lawsuit against DomusVi Ferrol for the imposition of an illegal and inadmissible work schedule

Confederación Intersindical Galega | February 21, 2022

Residence workers are going to the courts to report the company's abuse.

Spain: A court opens proceedings against the director of the DomusVi residence in Chantada

Economía Digital Galicia | May 21, 2021

A court has opened proceedings against the director of the DomusVi residence in Chantada (Lugo) following a complaint filed with the Civil Guard by the president of the Galician Federation of Associations of Relatives and Residents of Residences in Galicia (REDE), Paulino Campos, for alleged "aggression, threats and coercion" against one of the residents.

Spain: Investigation: DomusVi took advantage of the catastrophe in its residences by acting as a commission agent for funeral homes

Manuel Rico | Info Libre | March 15, 2021

This "collaborative contribution" varied depending on the location of the nursing home and whether the relatives hired Mémora directly or through an insurer, reaching up to 700 euros per deceased.

Spain: "If I don't get my grandmother out of DomusVi Monforte, she will die," says the granddaughter of a resident suing DomusVi

Galicia Press | March 5, 2021

The Second Investigating Court of Monforte, Lemos (Lugo) has admitted the procedure and ordered the initiation of preliminary proceedings for the alleged crime of "medical negligence" in relation to the criminal complaint filed by the granddaughter of an elderly woman who lived in the care home DomusVi Monforte.

Spain: The Valencian Prosecutor's Office asks the court to investigate the DomusVi residence in Llíria for possible mistreatment

El País | October 7, 2021

The Valencian Prosecutor's Office believes that the images of the possible mistreatment of the elderly in the DomusVi Jardines de Llíria residence, which were publicly disseminated a month ago, could constitute crimes against the moral integrity of the victims...

France: Jean-François Gobertier, co-founder of French nursing giant, has to answer to the justice system

Frédéric Sergeur | Capital | March 8, 2020

He is indeed the co-founder of DomusVi, one of the French giants of nursing homes and retirement homes, of which he sold all of his shares to PAI Partners in 2014... The list of charges would be long: abuse of corporate assets and trust, forgery and use of forgery, money laundering and corruption.

Spain: Family associations file complaint against DomusVi for “fraud” in the food menu of the elderly in residences

Xornal de Vigo e Comarcas | January 31, 2020

Associations of relatives in care homes, in this case DomusVi, have filed a complaint with the consumer administration in Galicia against the dominant group in the geriatric services sector in Spain, for "lying" to the elderly in the menus presented to them, to advertise fresh fish when in fact “everything is frozen”.

Employment Practices
& Relations
France: The DomusVi nursing homes targeted by several complaints?

Stéphanie Bascou | | January 24, 2023

The DomusVi group is being criticized by several families of residents who deplore serious negligence and understaffing in nursing homes.

Spain: The CCOO union criticizes DomusVi and Avanvida for not paying the salary increase planned for 2022

Diario de Navarra | September 8, 2022

"This nine-month delay shows unacceptable administrative and business laziness," the union criticizes.

Spain: Nurses reject the Contingency Plan of the DomusVi company in residences and other social health centers

ServiMedia | August 11, 2022

The Nursing Profession Board, made up of the General Nursing Council (CGE) and the Nursing Union (SATSE), demanded that DomusVi, a company that manages nursing homes and social-health centers in Spain, “not put health and safety at risk of the elderly” and other vulnerable groups by putting unqualified personnel to perform functions for which they are not qualified or legally authorized.

Spain: Complaints about reduction of personnel and services in the Domus Vi de Castro residence in Ribeiras de Lea

María Guntín | La Voz de Galicia | April 13, 2022

Relatives of residents of the Castro Ribeira de Lea residence, in Lugo, want to express their discomfort "due to the reduction in personnel, services and, as a consequence, welfare of our elders."

Spain: Dirt, humidity and holes in the rooms of the Usera nursing home managed by DomusVi

Elena Jiménez | Radio Madrid | March 25, 2022

In the photographs taken by the Association of Relatives of the Usera Residence, holes can be seen in the ceiling of the bathroom in one room, damp stains with cracked and falling paint, and dirt on the floor.

Spain: DomusVi admits to wrongfully dismissing a worker amid accusations of union repression

Economía Digital Galicia | October 18, 2021

The unions denounce that this dismissal "once again is due to the union repression that is practiced in the DomusVi group." They reject the company's allegations of "low performance" and argue the real reason was that "the colleague appeared on the CIG union lists in the last union elections, held at the end of the year 2020".

Spain: Delegates of the CIG union denounce "job insecurity" in the three DomusVi residences in Ferrolterra

COPE | February 8, 2021

The CIG has also denounced that in the three residences managed by DomusVi in Ferrolterra, Laraxe, Narón and Ferrol "there is a lack of suitable protocols and there is also a shortage of personal protective equipment, due to the carelessness of the residences”.

Chile: President of the Acalis Residence Workers' Union: “They Prioritize Money over the Lives of the Workers”

Marco Espinoza Pacheco | Diário USACH | May 11, 2020

Workers from “Acalis” - the subsidiary of DomusVi in Latin America - nursing homes, which has 10 care homes throughout Chile, denounced that the multinational company in charge denied them the possibility of quarantining pregnant workers and people with chronic diseases in their homes.

Spain: Union criticizes the DomusVi group for lack of preventive measures for people with disabilities in care homes, especially in the Valle del Roncal residence

Pamplona Actual | April 24, 2020

In the opinion of the union, the management that "the multinational is making of this health alert is disastrous, and that is especially serious because in several homes there have already been positive cases of COVID-19, both in the case of residents and in the case of workers."

Spain: Slavery-like-conditions in 29 elder care homes, according to family members and workers

Galicia Press | June 28, 2019

The workers argue that they have denounced "cuts in labor rights or illegal practices" on several occasions to the Regional Government of Galicia. Given the administrative passivity, they denounce the "complicit" attitude with the "slave-owning" practices of the DomusVi emporium, whose headquarters in Spain are located in Vigo.

Spain: The care homes of DomusVi, Mensajeros and Colisée were the hardest hit by Covid in Castilla y León

Manuel Rico | infoLibre | October 14, 2022

... the percentage of deaths (5.5%) is clearly above the percentage of places managed (2.9%). One in ten elderly people who lived in DomusVi residences lost their lives.

Spain: 94% of deaths in Galician care homes at the beginning of the pandemic were in privately managed homes

El Progreso | August 9, 2022

Regarding DomusVi, according to data provided by company sources to Europa Press, it manages 4,290 places either directly or through a concession, which implies around 20% of the total of the Galician Community. However, the 161 recorded deaths that their centers registered between March 8 and December 2, 2020 were 31.6%.

The Spanish justice system is questioning DomusVi's management of residences during the pandemic

Ignasi Jorro | Crónica Global | April 30, 2022

DomusVi's biggest scandal occurred in Premià de Mar, where a nursing home saw up to 87 elderly people die in a few weeks. But it is not the only controversy: there are two other cases in the Valencian Community and, now, labor problems with similar complaints in Galicia.

Spain: Relatives take DomusVi to court after half of the residents in one of its care homes die from Covid-19

Lara Carrasco | Info Libre | October 27, 2021

As announced by the Association of Relatives Affected in the DomusVi Residences in Alcoi and Cocentaina (AFADOMUS) this Wednesday at a press conference, 45 relatives have already filed a contractual and non-contractual civil lawsuit in the Court of First Instance of the Alicante town against the parent company DomusVi...

Spain: One in two deaths from Covid in residences of the Galician government occurred in centers managed by DomusVi

El Diario | August 5, 2021

According to the information provided to by the Galician Government's transparency portal, the mortality rate in residences managed by DomusVi is double that of the rest of the publicly owned residences, taking into account that this company, the number one in the sector, manages just over a quarter of the geriatric centers in Galicia.

Spain: Ismael Sánchez asks the Andalusian Government to inspect the DomusVi nursing home in Alcalá (Seville) due to complaints of "deficiencies"

Europa Press Sevilla | July 26, 2021

Ismael Sánchez has demanded the Andalusian Government "activate the periodic inspection" of the DomusVi elder care home in Alcalá de Guadaíra, a scene of a Covid-19 outbreak that caused several deaths; faced with "complaints" of numerous families of residents and former workers about alleged "deficiencies".

Spain: A DomusVi residence in Donostia has been charging its residents for masks since August

Iker Rioja Andueza | El Diário | April 21, 2021

The Villa Sacramento residence in Donostia, managed by the DomusVi chain, has been charging residents for the supply of FFP2 masks at least between the months of August 2020 and March 2021, according to an invoice to which this newspaper has had access.

Spain: The Government of Galicia vaccinated the CEO of the DomusVi residences

Gonzalo Cortizo | El Diário | February 3, 2021

Josefina Fernández, CEO of DomusVi Spain no longer has to worry about contracting coronavirus, the cause of death of more than 2,600 of the residents of her residences in Spain alone, according to company data that elDiario has been able to access. The Government of Galicia vaccinated Fernández on January 8 in one of the homes that the company owns in Vigo.

Spain: DomusVi beats Ayuso administration and retains control of a nursing home in which one in four residents died

SAS Madrid | November 12, 2020

The multinational DomusVi manages to bend the arm of the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso and will maintain control of one of the residences it manages in the capital.

Spain: Residents of DomusVi residences have filed a class action lawsuit against the company for its management of the pandemic

Marcos Pérez Pena | Praza Galicia | May 27, 2020

The Federation of Associations of Residents and Relatives (REDE) and the Galician Association of Consumers and Residents (ACOUGA) are preparing a class action lawsuit against the company DomusVi for its management of the coronavirus crisis... Several of the residences managed by DomusVi were among the facilities with the highest number of infections and deaths of residents in Galicia.

Spain: Complaints about the lack of communication between relatives and residents of DomusVi continue

El nostre ciutat | April 15, 2020

During the today's appearance by the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, the complaint about the lack of communication between the relatives and the residents of the DomusVi nursing home in Alcoy was heard again.

Spain: The 'map of death' of the multinational DomusVi: more than 150 deceased elderly people in eight of its residences

Manuel Rico | Info Libre | April 8, 2020

The Generalitat intervenes in a DomusVi center in Premià de Mar for hiding two deaths. The DomusVi residences in Barreiro, Aldán and San Lázaro are the three residences with the most deaths in Galicia... The home with the most deaths of the elderly in the Basque Country is DomusVi Las Laceras...


Corporate Headquarters
1 Rue de Saint-Cloud Suresnes, 92150 France
Most Recent Gross Revenue
$1.622 billion (2018) | source
Most Recent Net Revenue
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Major Shareholders

DomusVi Group is a privately held company.


Major Projects
Spain: Oltra cancels the competition for the Velluters residence that DomusVi had won

Valencia Plaza | October 25, 2021

The Minister of Equality and Inclusive Policies, Mónica Oltra, has canceled the contest for the management of the Velluters residence, in the city of Valencia, which was going to be awarded to a subsidiary of DomusVi...DomusVi was fined and sanctioned by the Generalitat for its management of its Alcoy residence during the pandemic...

Spain: The Galician Nationalist Blog (BNG) in Vigo is criticizing the decision to award the home healthcare service to the DomusVi group

Galicia Press | September 29, 2020

The BNG of Vigo has demanded access to the full file of the award of the Home Healthcare Service (SAF), as the company Servisar, of the DomusVi Group, was contracted for this service. The BNG has demanded "to shed light on a process that presents too many shadows, as far as the evaluation of the offers is concerned."

DomusVi buys 32% of Acalis and enters into the Latin American market

Negocios y Gestión de la Dependencia | November 20, 2018

The Domusvi Group comments that "the acquisition made, through Acalis Belgium and the International Finance Corporation, opens the way for its expansion in Latin America".

French retirement home companies export to China

20 Minutes | June 7, 2014

DomusVi (number three in the sector in France) signed a partnership agreement with Hanfor, a Chinese investment fund, creating the company Duomei, in order to manage 100 retirement homes and 20 home healthcare agencies in China in five years time.

Tax Havens
& Evasion
How a European care home chain moves its profits offshore

Paulo Pena and Manuel Rico | Investigate Europe | July 20, 2021

In Portugal, DomusVi runs three nursing homes — in Porto, Aveiro and Viana do Castelo. This sounds simple. But the Spanish company Geriavi, which owns the operation in Portugal, is linked via no less than 11 connected subsidiaries to the offshore Jersey fund.

Spain: Relatives of residents denounce DomusVi's plot to evade taxes to the Tax Agency

Manuel Rico | Info Libre | August 5, 2020

The facts stated in the complaint is based on three pieces of information published by Info Libre, which show the structure of the corporate network set up by DomusVi and the tax practices of the group to avoid paying corporate tax and divert profits to a company created on the island of Jersey.

DomusVi uses two companies in Luxembourg to avoid paying taxes for its residences in Spain and France

Manuel Rico | Info Libre | July 22, 2020

According to its data, it manages more than 400 nursing homes –138 of them in Spain–, serves more than 70,000 “residents and clients” and in 2018 it had a turnover of 1,370 million euros. Despite these important business figures, he does not pay a single euro in corporate tax. Something that it achieves through tax avoidance practices...


Spain: DomusVi, manager of public care homes with the most deaths and whose deficiencies, were known to the Galician Government since 2017

Yuri Carrazoni | Nòs Diario | August 19, 2021

Of the more than 22,000 places available in Galicia, only 3,900 are public, and not all are managed by the Galician Government: a quarter of them are operated by the company DomusVi, which, recorded half of all deaths in its homes, with a mortality rate double that of the homes managed directly by the Galician Government.

Spain: Twelve companies pocket 64% of public money for care homes in Madrid and already total 135 nursing homes

Manuel Rico | Info Libre | May 25, 2020

The three main groups in Madrid –Orpea, Amavir and DomusVi– receive public funds for 92% of the care homes they have in the region... DomusVi receives public money in 15 of its 17 facilities. The only privately run homes are Arturo Soria, in Madrid, and Tres Cantos.

Spain: The ELA union requests that governments publish services of DomusVi residences for "doing business with the dead"

Naiz | March 16, 2021

The ELA union has asked the governments of Iruñea and Gasteiz, as well as the three regional councils of the Basque Country, to put an end to the relations they may have with the DomusVi company "and publish the services it manages for doing business with the dead of its residences”.

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