Many of the military generals who directed the war in Afghanistan over the last two decades have taken up lucrative jobs as members of the boards of directors of major military contractors that take in billions of dollars in contracts from the Pentagon every year.

Mitte Dezember 2020 gab Romana Knezevic, Krankenschwester am AK St. Georg in Hamburg, dem Hamburg Journal im NDR-Fernsehen ein Interview über die Arbeitsbedingungen im Krankenhaus. "Die Patienten liegen manchmal stundenlang in ihren Schutzhosen", sagte sie. "Patienten sterben allein in ihren Zimmern."

Ihre Äußerungen lösten einen massiven Skandal und eine Bewegung aus.

In mid-December 2020, Romana Knezevic, a nurse at the AK St. Georg hospital in Hamburg, Germany, gave an interview to Hamburg Journal on NDR television, over working conditions at the hospital. “The patients sometimes lie in their protective pants for hours,” she said. “Patients die alone in their rooms.”

Her remarks sparked a massive scandal as well as a movement.

For the first time in history, corporate sponsors have backed away from the Olympics. Toyota – the main local sponsor of the 2020 games in Tokyo – decided not to air TV commercials in Japan, to avoid being linked with the sporting event being held in the middle of a pandemic.

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