Protests over working conditions are mounting against Coupang, the biggest e-commerce website in South Korea. In July, workers took an air conditioner on a 50 kilometer march from the company headquarters to a Hwaseong warehouse to bring attention to their demands for respite from record high temperatures this summer.

This is #19 in our series of Instagram infographics on resistance against corporate power. (September 2, 2022)

Resistance: Deep-Sea Mining

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Wearing white overalls stained with blood-red paint, members of Extinction Rebellion protested at Monsanto’s headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in mid-May.

Two of the biggest U.S. energy utilities - NextEra and Southern Company – have been using Matrix LLC, a secretive political consulting firm in Montgomery, Alabama, to fight regulators and progressive politicians in states like Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Virginia, according to a slew of leaked internal memos.

Nestlé, the processed foods conglomerate, celebrated 100 years in Brazil in 2021 and two related achievements: becoming one of the most recognized brands in the country with sales of just over US$3 billion while simultaneously being accused of being a major force behind the nation’s skyrocketing obesity.

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