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Sana Kliniken, one of Germany’s largest private healthcare providers, has a long history of strikes, investigations and lawsuits. Sana has been sued, in many cases successfully, by family members of patients, who alleged medical malpractice after their family member died or suffered serious health issues following treatment in Sana facilities. Sana has faced countless criticisms and protests over being awarded privatized community hospital contracts in cities across Germany, from Düsseldorf to Ulm to Koblenz. The most evidence that privatization of health doesn’t work has been seen at Sana clinics, with the company closing essential services like delivery rooms, laboratories and psychotherapy departments once they were no longer profitable.


Acute, specialist and rehabilitation clinics and retirement homes


Violation data is still being gathered for Sana Kliniken SA at this time.

Information in this section is drawn from the Violation Tracker database produced by the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First in Washington DC. It is the most comprehensive source of data on business violations of laws and regulations in the United States. For specific examples of misconduct, please click on the links.


Article Archive

Private Hospitals Under Fire

Published by
RP Online
Florian Rinke

Düsseldorf Die Geschäftszahlen stimmen, doch die Patienten sind laut einer Studie der Kassen mit der Leistung der privaten Helios- und Sana-Kliniken unzufrieden. Gewerkschaften werfen ihnen vor, auf Kosten der Mitarbeiter zu sparen.


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Hospitals shouldn't be privatized

Published by
Neues Deutschland
Wilfried Neiße

Linksfraktion will die richtigen Schlussfolgerungen aus der Coronakrise ziehen, findet aber bei SPD und CDU kein Gehör

  • Von Wilfried Neiße, Potsdam
  • 05.01.2022, 00:00 Uhr
  • Lesedauer: 4 Min.

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A Sick Healthcare System

Published by
Der Freitag
Tim Engartner

Täglich um 21 Uhr danken Menschen derzeit Pflegern und Ärzten mit minutenlangem Applaus für ihren Einsatz gegen das Corona-Virus. So viel Respekt für medizinisches Personal war selten.

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Videos & Podcasts
Studio 47 Live | Protest against planned job cuts at Sana Kliniken
Studio 47 Live | Employees at Sana Kliniken in Duisburg fear for their jobs


Picket in front of the Sana clinic in Offenbach
CorpWatch Stories
New CorpWatch Guide to Healthcare Privatization in Europe

Paula Reisdorf | CorpWatch | October 24, 2022

For example, in Germany, Asklepios was accused of corporate greed after closing the children’s ward of the Asklepios Clinic Parchim, obliging residents to travel 40 kilometres to the Schwerin Clinic, the nearest medical facility for children while Sana Kliniken was accused profit-seeking behavior after announcing it would be closing the radiology department in Düsseldorf.


Recent & Ongoing Campaigns
Strikes at hospital group bring success for workers

Dominik Wetzel | ND Aktuell | November 13, 2022

The Verdi union has announced a negotiation success: Around 10,000 employees of the private hospital group Sana Kliniken, who are covered by the collective agreement, will receive more money... The announcement came after renewed nationwide warning strikes from Tuesday to Thursday, both in Berlin and in Nuremberg. In October, workers had also walked off the job to meet their demands. (There have been almost yearly warning strikes as part of union negotiations with management)

150 Sana employees protest in Cham

Jessica Motyka | TV Aktuell | June 30, 2022

Today around 150 employees of the Sana hospital in the district of Cham demonstrated for better pay and less workload.

Higher wages, more staff, more appreciation: Sana employees in Middelburg are protesting

Lübecker Nachrichten | September 9, 2021

The ver.di union is demanding a 4.8 percent salary increase and more staffing as part of the collective bargaining round for the public sector. The nurses at the Sana facility in Middelburg, in particular, are concerned with much more than just a wage increase.

Sana Kliniken in Duisburg: Away with the 1000 layoffs - we are one workforce!

Rote Fahne News | June 25, 2021

Trade union representatives from other hospitals, from political parties SPD and MLPD, the women's association Courage and steelworkers from Thyssenkrupp Stahl in Duisburg-Hamborn also came and conveyed their solidarity.

Mass Layoffs at Sana Kliniken: Workers Show Solidarity with the Affected

Finn Warncke | SHZ | June 16, 2021

Sana Kliniken AG is cutting more than 1,000 jobs in the service area. Colleagues are demonstrating against this decision.

Pegnitz: Another protest at Sana Kliniken

Christian Weidinger | Kurier | June 16, 2021

The protest action in front of the Sana hospital, in which around 35 employees took part, is part of a nationwide protest action by the Verdi union. The focus was again on the layoffs at DGS pro.service GmbH at the Sana Hospital. Employees were holding signs asking for the introduction of the new nursing staff regulation (PPR 2.0).

No to the laboratory closures at Sana Kliniken!

SPD Stadtbezirk 7 | February 22, 2021

After closing the radiology department, they now also want to close the in-house laboratories. We vehemently reject this step and demand the preservation of the laboratories in the hospitals in the short term and the return of the hospitals to the city in the long term!

Sana-Klinikum cancels bonuses - employees are angry

Frank Sommer | OP Online | January 9, 2021

"The money that we won during the strike is now being cut elsewhere," an employee from the affected areas told our newspaper.

Fight for recognition: employees at the Offenbach Sana-Klinikum are on strike

OP Online | September 25, 2020

Warning strikes in Offenbach: They were celebrated as “heroes” at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic – but instead of just words, employees in the nursing professions would prefer something else: recognition for their profession.

"Are we worth less?" - Sana employees strike for more wages

Frankenpost | August 12, 2020

More than 100 employees of the private Sana hospital in Hof pronounced their dissatisfaction on Wednesday. They are calling for their salaries to be brought into line with those of public hospital workers.

Demonstration at Sana Kliniken in Cham

Mittelbayerische | October 31, 2017

"Imagine arriving at the hospital and there is no one there!" Employees at the Sana hospital in the Cham district demonstrated with this banner, demanding the hospital hire more staff. They chanted "More of us is better for everyone!"

Protest at Sana hospital in Offenbach against the nursing shortage

Vorsprung Online | June 24, 2015

The trigger was the hospital reform passed in the federal cabinet in 2015. The cuts left the hospitals with a funding gap of 500 million euros. A loss of another 10,000 nursing positions in Germany is therefore becoming realistic.

Major Investigations
& Lawsuits
Court process in Hof: A cardiologist before the criminal judge

Joachim Dankbar | Frankenpost | May 13, 2022

The circumstances of the death of the well-known Hof lawyer Karlheinz Merkel are being examined before the district court in Hof. Critical questions are also addressed to the Sana Hospital.

Sana nurse demands more money

Lorenz Nix | Mittelbayerische | April 14, 2022

Because he does not agree with his wage classification, a nurse at a Sana hospital sued his employer. On Friday, April 8th, the case was dealt with by the labor court in Cham. Time and time again judge Veit Zitzmann was made to quote from the hospital group's comprehensive group wage agreement during the oral hearing.

Regional court: lawsuit against Düsseldorf hospital

Antenne Düsseldorf | December 2, 2021

The district court will be hearing arguments today in a lawsuit alleging pain, suffering and damages caused by Sana Kliniken in Gerresheim. The parents of a 38-year-old woman are demanding €400,000 in compensation. The woman may not have been properly cared for after leg surgery. She later took her own life.

Gynecologist in Cham loses court case against Sana Kliniken

Max Schmid | Mittelbayerische | March 18, 2021

The former chief gynecologist in Cham felt financially cheated by Sana Kliniken and therefore demanded a special payment of 75,000 euros. After three days of negotiations, the Weiden Labor Court passed the verdict – to the detriment of Dr. Juergen Bornhaupt.

Medical malpractice? Lawsuit over dead father has lasted eleven years

Dieter Sieckmeyer | Westdeutsche Zeitung | August 27, 2018

On April 24, 2007, Verena Hoppe's father died at the Sana hospital in Gerresheimer. The family is certain that the 66-year-old's death was caused by medical malpractice... The family sued the hospital and the chief physician for 180,000 euros in compensation and damages.

Solution in sight for dispute over Sana-Klinik Oldenburg

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung | February 6, 2017

The hospital's management informed the Ministry of Health that the complete emergency care will be ensured with an anesthetist available around the clock this week, said State Secretary Anette Langner on Monday.

Court dismisses lawsuit against Sana

Florian Sauer | Remscheider Generalanzeiger | October 1, 2015

The legal dispute was triggered by a severe headache that Krug had to deal with on Mother's Day 2013 and which later turned out to be a cerebral hemorrhage. The dispute revolved around the question of whether the doctors at the Rader Klinikum should have examined her immediately using computed tomography.

Widow sues Sana: “The hospital just let my husband die”

Klaus Trenz | BZ | May 1, 2015

He was taken to the Sana hospital in Bergen - 15 hours later he was dead... The district court of Stralsund has now sentenced the hospital to pay compensation over pain, suffering and damages caused of 70,000 euros to the surviving dependents for gross treatment errors.

Patient maintains the claim against Sana Klinikum – and appeals to the higher regional court

Andrea Tiedemann | DEWEZET | December 10, 2014

"We'll go to the bitter end." The husband of an injured patient at the Sana Hospital had already made it clear in August that the two did not want to come to terms with the judgment of the Hanover Regional Court.

A woman from Hameln is suing Sana Kliniken

Birte Hansen | DEWEZET | December 29, 2011

After a failed initial surgery, another surgical intervention had to be carried out. After this second operation, her trachea was so severely damaged that an open access to the trachea (tracheostomy) had to be installed. Hilde Vogt's life has changed radically since then. She is suffering from health, social and financial consequences.

Employment Practices
& Relations
Fired After Ten Years: Helicopter Rescue Workers Employed on a Contract Basis

Bernhard Schilz | BILD Zeitung | September 11, 2022

Five employees at Sana Kliniken in Niederlausitz, some of whom have been employed as emergency paramedics on the ADAC helicopters for ten years, have now been laid off. The workers were not willing to continue working as temporary workers. Today the first trials are taking place at the labor court.

Sana Kliniken AG: The Next Scandal

Ver.di | September 13, 2021

The Sana Group had only just put hundreds of employees at its pro service GmbH on the street when the next scandal was already looming... Newly hired nursing assistants are to be employed at subsidiaries, at Sana-Catering-Service GmbH (SCS) or Sana Personal Service GmbH (SPS).

Hospital nightmare for a terminally ill patient from Offenbach

Agnes Schönberger | Frankfurter Rundschau | March 27, 2019

The 39-year-old had been released from the palliative care ward at the Sana Hospital in Offenbach. A family is now in despair: the man was not allowed to die with dignity and without pain... But her efforts and those of her wife to get the terminally ill patient taken in by the palliative care department of the Sana Hospital were in vain.

Gerresheim hospital: the city is disappointed with Sana

Alexander Schulte | Westdeutsche Zeitung | December 16, 2018

The permanent closure of the delivery room at the Gerresheim hospital caused a lot of criticism – across party lines: “It's disappointing and also very problematic in a growing city,” says SPD mayor Klaudia Zepuntke.

Allegations against Sana-Klinikum: Prevented from dying

Matthias Dahmer | OP Online | January 31, 2018

Sana Kliniken is faced with allegations that it has disregarded the wishes of the patient on several occasions.

Sana Kliniken: Doctors complain: The staff is at its limit

Merle Dießelkämper | SHZ | November 16, 2017

The nursing shortage in Germany is not a new topic in itself, but the fact that doctors and nurses are publicly accusing their employer makes the situation even more explosive.

Collective bargaining conflict between the Marburg Federation and Sana-Kliniken getting worse

Aerzteblatt | May 17, 2016

The federation is calling for a 4.5 percent wage increase, an upgrade of the last pay level in the group of doctors (Ä1) and specialists (Ä2) and an increase in the rating of on-call services as working time to a uniform 85 percent.

Sana Kliniken in Duisburg wants to lay off up to 270 employees

Ulla Saal | WAZ | February 6, 2016

The Duisburg Sana Klinik want to outsource patient-related services such as technology, cooking and laundry. Up to 270 employees are affected.

Complaint about the emergency ambulance of the Sana Hospital

Andrea Röhrig | RP Online | October 31, 2013

The ambulance delivered the man from Monheim, who lives in the Peter Hofer home because of his severe Parkinson's disease and dementia, to the Sana hospital at around 1:45 p.m. However, the immobile pensioner only arrived at the hospital ward after 8 p.m.

350 jobs at the Offenbach hospital gone

Peter Schulte-Holtey | OP Online | October 29, 2013

Dismay among many at the Sana Hospital in Offenbach. A good 350 employees, some of whom have been with the hospital for more than 20 years, will lose their jobs by June 30, 2014 at the latest.

Sana-Klinikum trailing behind in patient survey

Lothar Kaiser | Watter Boelles | August 9, 2013

The bottom of the 147 hospitals whose patients had filled out a questionnaire from the AOK and the Barmer GEK health insurance providers between November 2011 and April 2013 is the Sana-Klinikum Remscheid (747 patients were questioned there).

Sana – Those involved stonewalled

RP Online | September 22, 2012

The union and Sana Kliniken management have not yet reached an agreement in their negotiations. The employees continue to reject the wage agreement.

Doctors protest against job cuts at the Sana Hospital: "Brutal cost reduction" despite huge profits

Thomas Kirstein | OP Online | May 18, 2021

The Sana Hospital in Offenbach wants to continue to cut jobs despite the COVID-19-related financing it received. Physicians are protesting against this development on the National Day of Care.

Strike at the Pegnitz Sana Hospital

Klaus Trenz | Nord Bayern | April 12, 2021

The cases are increasing in what is now the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic and hospital staff are again having to protest for better working conditions. This time it's not just about better pay, but about hiring more staff in hospital care.

District Administrator Adomat condemns vaccination queue jumpers a month later

Thomas Thimm | Mindener Tageblatt | March 11, 2021

The managing director of the Sana Hospital Hameln-Pyrmont is a vaccination queue jumper - the district only responds after a month.

Sana-Klinik under criticism: soon less money for nurses – in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic

Timur Tinç | Frankfurter Rundschau | January 12, 2021

If the Sana Group wants to scare off its employees and get rid of them, then management just has to keep going," says Saadet Sönmez, a member of the Offenbach state parliament for Die Linke.

Despite Covid-19, Niederlausitz hospital is being privatized

Martin Bialluch | Links Bewegt | December 18, 2020

51 percent of the hospital in Senftenberg (Brandenburg) will go to Sana Kliniken AG, the third largest private hospital group in Germany based in Ismaning, Bavaria. The headlines for the 2018 annual report read: "Sana: More sales and profits, fewer patients" and does not bode well for the future.

Coronavirus tests: Sana-Klinikum is in distress according to anonymous information from employees

Matthias Dahmer | OP Online | November 6, 2020

Anonymous employees are making serious allegations against the Sana Hospital in Offenbach over its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Symptomatic employees without negative tests allegedly continued working.

Sana Klinikum Lichtenberg: Hospital Strike! "It's not enough for people to just clap on the balcony"

Simon Schulz | BZ | September 11, 2020

The anger among the demonstrators is great - especially in view of the performance during the Covid-19 pandemic. "We are systemically relevant," says Sophia Köbele (47), nurse for intensive care medicine. “Financially, this work deserves to be valued. It's not enough for people to stand on the balcony and clap."


Corporate Headquarters
Oskar-Messter-Straße 24, 85737, Ismaning, Germany
Most Recent Gross Revenue
$3.17 billion (2021) - p. 58 | source
Most Recent Net Revenue
$706.11 million (2021) - p. 58 | source
Major Shareholders

Sana Kliniken AG is a privately held company.

Major Projects
Sana-Klinik for Psychosomatic Medicine: Complaints after Closure

Martin Ahlers | WAZ | June 13, 2022

Sana Kliniken has closed the department for psychosomatics and psychotherapy. Patients are appalled by this step.

Nursing staff at the Mittelrhein Community Hospital protest against the Sana takeover

Ben Kurier | June 20, 2021

As early as June 6, the Mayor of Koblenz, David Langner (SPD), announced that he could well imagine a partial privatization of the Mittelrhein Community Clinic if certain conditions were met... In addition to the trade union ver.di, Komba has now also announced massive protests against the project.

Ulm: Concern about a clinic privatization for 50,000 euros

Presse Portal | February 12, 2021

The negotiation between Ulm University Hospital and the private clinic group Sana about a takeover of the University and Rehabilitation Clinics Ulm (RKU), which has been going on for months, is causing a stir.

Niederlausitz Clinic: Hefty criticism from Verdi after its partner choice

Jan Augustin | Lausitzer Rundschau | December 25, 2020

The Niederlausitz clinic will be mostly privatized. The Oberspreewald-Lausitz district council chose Sana Kliniken AG instead of the municipal CTK in Cottbus. This vote has been sharply criticized by the Verdi trade union.

Düsseldorf ver.di members rebel against Sana deal

Philipp Rose | NRZ | February 21, 2019

Numerous employees of Sana Kliniken, who are also members of the Verdi union, protest against the sale of further clinic shares before the upcoming council meeting on March 7th.

Strike of the employees of Sana-Kliniken

Scharf Links | December 11, 2018

"Today the employees of Sana Kliniken in Ostholstein are demonstrating in Eutin because they are afraid of what will happen to them after the sale of the hospitals in Eutin, Oldenburg, Middelburg and Fehmarn to the AMEOS hospital group.

Sana clinic employees oppose privatization

Annic Völkel | Westdeutsche Zeitung | December 14, 2017

The Verdi union is asking the city council to reject the complete privatization of the Sana clinics.

Absurd privatization: One euro for a hospital

Jonathan Sachse and Daniel Drepper | Nordbayern | February 25, 2017

Offenbach opened its new clinic in 2010, with construction costs calculated at 140 million euros. In 2013, the city sold it to the hospital group Sana for 1 euro. The damage to city and country: more than 435 million euros.


CorpWatch is still gathering procurement data for Sana Kliniken SA at this time.

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