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Bupa (British United Provident Association) is a healthcare company. Founded in 1947, Bupa was originally a health insurance company. It now owns and runs clinics, hospitals and care homes in Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, Turkey and the United States. All told, some 20,000 elderly people live in its facilities, with about a third of that number in Australia and a third in England. Reports by the Care Quality Commission showed that 115 of Bupa’s 290 UK homes had serious and avoidable failures between early 2000 and 2015. And a 2019 report by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission in Australia showed that over half of the 72 nursing homes run by Bupa were failing basic standards of care.


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Article Archive

Warrington care home residents 'at risk of dehydration'

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Residents at a Warrington care home were "at risk of dehydration and malnutrition", a report found.

Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspectors said staff at Birch Court lacked basic knowledge and skills on managing challenging behaviour.

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Cumbrian care workers jailed after abuse at Penrith home

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Three care workers have been jailed for abusing dementia patients at a Cumbria home.

William Bowman, Chevonne Benson and Claire Strong admitted multiple counts of ill-treating residents at the Beacon Edge Nursing Home in Penrith.

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Videos & Podcasts
Bupa CEO says sorry and 'we are capable of much better'


Recent & Ongoing Campaigns
Breaking the Silence Part Three: Health Hazards, Silence, Denial Complacency Cover-ups

Compassion in Care | 2015

My name is Eileen Chubb; I am the founder and Director of the Charity Compassion in Care. I am also a former Bupa care worker and Whistle-blower ( Bupa 7)My work brings me into daily contact with both relatives and Whistle-blowers ( Staff ) who are concerned about the treatment of elderly vulnerable people in care.

Whistleblowers ‘forced to quit’

The Guardian | July 13, 2000

When seven former care assistants blew the whistle on colleagues who were abusing frail residents of a Bupa-run home for the elderly they were forced to resign, an industrial tribunal in Ashford, Kent, heard yesterday.

Major Investigations
& Lawsuits
Case study of Bupa's Tasmanian facility begins before Royal Commission into Aged Care

Emily Jarvie | The Examiner | November 13, 2019

A woman has been left haunted by her mother's experience as a resident at Bupa's South Hobart aged care facility.

Kenneth Ibbetson: Bupa fine over Legionnaire's death halved

The BBC | October 11, 2019

Private care provider Bupa has won an appeal against a £3m fine over the death of pensioner at a nursing home. Kenneth Ibbetson, 86, died after contracting Legionnaire's disease at Hutton Village care home in Brentwood, Essex, in June 2015.

Bupa care home cost-cutting 'disgraceful', says judge

The BBC | March 16, 2012

A judge has criticised care home owner Bupa over the cost-cutting pressure it placed on a manager. Judge Mark Brown spoke as he sentenced a Liverpool care home manager to an eight month suspended jail sentence for wilful neglect.


Employment Practices
Bupa rebuts allegation it hid COVID-19 infections from staff and families

Lee Peart | Care Home Professional | May 14, 2020

Bupa has issued a firm rebuttal of allegations it hid COVID-19 infections from staff and families at its  Richmond Witney retirement village in Oxfordshire.

Unsafe and short staffed Preston care home put in special measure

The BBC | January 17, 2017

A nursing home that left one nurse in charge of 46 residents several times has been put into special measures by health inspectors.


Further Care Home Issues
Bupa's aged care homes failing standards across Australia

Anne Connolly & John Stewart | ABC News | September 11, 2019

More than half of the nursing homes run by Australia's largest private provider Bupa are failing basic standards of care and 30 per cent are putting the health and safety of the elderly at "serious risk", according to accreditation reports analysed by the ABC.

Mary Parkes was 'stripped of her dignity' at London care home

Simon Murphy | The Guardian | November 23, 2018

Mary Parkes once enjoyed weekly visits to her local Catholic church, evenings playing bingo and days spent in the company of her close-knit circle of friends.

Beacon Edge care home rated 'inadequate' for second time

The BBC | July 16, 2017

Residents in a Cumbria care home had "avoidable falls" and "unexplained bruising", inspectors have found. Beacon Edge care home in Penrith has been rated inadequate by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for the second time after an unannounced inspection.

Troubled Pentland Hill nursing home closed by Bupa

The BBC | June 18, 2014

The troubled Pentland Hill Nursing Home in Edinburgh, which was criticised by the Care Inspectorate, is to be closed by its operator Bupa. The inspectorate found "serious concerns" during an unannounced inspection last year.

'Urine-soaked' patients at Bupa Crawley care home

The BBC | June 26, 2013

Elderly care home residents in Crawley were left soaked to the chest in urine, a health watchdog report has revealed. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) found a series of failings including staff not supporting high dependency patients at Oakhurst Grange.


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Tax Havens
& Evasion
Bupa reaches $157m settlement with tax office after decade-long dispute

Christopher Knaus | The Guardian | March 7, 2019

Aged care provider and health insurer Bupa has paid the Australian tax office $157m after settling a long-running dispute.

Tax avoidance by for-profit aged care companies: profit shifting on public funds

Jason Ward | Analysis & Policy Observatory | May 2, 2018

Australia’s top six aged care providers, some with foreign ownership, posted enormous profits whilst taking advantage of AUD $2.17 billion in Australian taxpayer funded subsidies, using various loopholes, corporate structures and discretionary trusts to avoid paying their fair share of tax...

Australian nursing home giants shifting millions in profits offshore, report finds

Christopher Knaus | The Guardian | May 1, 2018

Australia’s largest aged care providers are shifting profits offshore and paying minimal tax, all while receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in government subsidies, a new report finds.


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