CoreCivic was originally named Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) when it was founded in 1983. (It was renamed in 2016). As the second largest private prisons provider in the United States, it runs several dozen detention facilities with a capacity of some 75,000 inmates. It also provides electronic monitoring as well as prison transport.

Detention centers and prisons run by the company have been accused of inhumane living conditions, medical negligence, physical and sexual abuse, overcrowding and understaffing. CoreCivic guards have been accused of excessive use of force and the prolonged use of solitary confinement. Migrants have sued the company in the U.S. on multiple occasions for forcing detainees to work for minimal wages as low as $1 a day.


Security services, security technology, risk management, assessment and consulting, custody, detention, rehabilitation and care services.


employment-related offenses$23,118,88522
safety-related offenses$67,4266

 (January 30, 2023)

Number of Records
Total Penalties
$23,186,311 (January 30, 2023)
Information in this section is drawn from the Violation Tracker database produced by the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First in Washington DC. It is the most comprehensive source of data on business violations of laws and regulations in the United States. For specific examples of misconduct, please click on the links.


Article Archive

CoreCivic has history of complaints, violations

Published by
South Bend Tribune
Caleb Bauer

SOUTH BEND — Corrections Corp. of America’s stock prices plunged in recent years when the Bureau of Prisons began phasing out private, for-profit prisons amid reports of problems with oversight, safety and security.

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CoreCivic: unlocking the truth

Published by
Pablito's Way
Calling Bullshit Podcast

Stated purpose: To provide high quality, compassionate treatment to all those in our care. Under CoreCivic Safety, we operate safe facilities that provide education and effective reentry programming to help individuals make positive changes so they can return to the community successfully.

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Videos & Podcasts
Part 1: "My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard": Shane Bauer Goes Undercover to Expose Conditions
CoreCivic employees speak out


‘Inhumane’ complaints raised against CoreCivic at Trousdale facility
  • Inside Private Prisons by Lauren-Brooke Eisen (2019)
  • American Prison by Shane Bauer (2018) 
Other Key Sources
  • American Friends Service Committee - Investigate is a project of the Economic Activism Program of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC). Founded in 1917, AFSC is a Quaker organization that promotes lasting peace with justice, as a practical expression of faith in action.
  • Business and Human Rights Resources Centre - UK-based Business and Human Rights Resource Centre is an NGO that employs researchers on five continents who work with activists, companies and governments alike to advance human rights in business by eradicating abuse.
  • SourceWatch - SourceWatch provides well-documented information online about corporate public relations (PR) campaigns, including corporate front groups, people who "front" corporate campaigns, and PR operations.


Recent & Ongoing Campaigns
Help stop forced labor of detainees

Freedom United 

Join our larger campaign to end slavery in the U.S. prison and detention industry as we push for all sectors to divest and cut contracts with for-profit immigration detention centers, as well as public action to advance state and federal bills to ban their operation.  

Texas advocates hope Biden closes immigration center marred by sex abuse allegations

Austin American-Statesman | Claire Osborn | March 26, 2021  

An immigrant advocacy group, Grassroots Leadership, has been trying for at least 10 years to get the federal government to close the T. Don Hutto Residential Center in Taylor, where immigrant women seeking asylum are detained.

The Dirty Thirty: Nothing to Celebrate About 30 Years of Corrections Corporation of America

Grassroots Leadership | June 2013 

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the nation’s oldest and largest for-profit private prison corporation, is commemorating its 30th anniversary throughout 2013 with a series of birthday celebrations at its facilities around the country.

Major Investigations
& Lawsuits
Arizona prison privatization project tens of millions of dollars over budget

AZ Central | Jimmy Jenkins | December 2022

A prison privatization project touted as a money-saver by Gov. Doug Ducey’s administration cost Arizona tens of millions of dollars more than projected and will continue to run over budget, according to the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Private prison to face three class actions

Courthousenews | December 20, 2022 

The Ninth Circuit upheld the certification of three classes that are suing CoreCivic, the owner and operator of private immigration detention facilities, under the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000. The prisoners, who were never charged or convicted with any crime, adequately alleged they suffered under “a classwide policy of forced labor” at the facilities.

The Genesis of Corecivic’s Privatized Prison Labor

Confluence | Kristian Burt | September 23, 2022 

Many believe CoreCivic deliberately holds as many immigrants in custody as possible in order to gain the most revenue and profits, since the federal government provides a stipend for each CoreCivic inmate, yet the corporation is not required to use the entire stipend.

Private prison contractor CoreCivic hit with two new lawsuits over inmate deaths

Tennessee Lookout | Jamie Satterfield | September 21, 2022

The parents of three inmates who died behind bars in a span of just four months in 2021 are accusing private prison operator CoreCivic of Tennessee of repeatedly placing profits over safety and failing to police its own guards. 

Stabbings Soar at Southeast Oklahoma Private Prison

Oklahoma Watch | Ashlynd Huffman | September 16, 2022 

At least 18 people have been stabbed — three fatally — in one private prison in southeast Oklahoma this year, emergency records show.

Fifth Migrant Woman Alleges Sexual Assault against Nurse at ICE Jail

The Intercept | Jose Olivares | July 19, 2022 

Three women made complaints through official channels about sexual assault allegations against a nurse at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement jail in Georgia, according to government documents and a spokesperson for CoreCivic, the private prison company that operates the Stewart Detention Center.

Federal watchdog blasts New Mexico ICE facility for unsanitary conditions and understaffing

Las Cruces Sun News | Algernon D'Ammassa | March 19, 2022 

A privately managed migrant detention facility in Estancia, N.M. was drubbed for unsanitary living conditions and poor staffing in a newly released report by the Department of Homeland Security's inspector general. 

$56 Million Settlement in CoreCivic Securities Violation Lawsuit

Prison Legal News | David Reutter | October 2021 

Private prison operator CoreCivic, formerly known as Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), paid $56 million to settle a class action lawsuit alleging it violated securities laws that resulted in a loss to stock holders.

Today It Locks Up Immigrants. But CoreCivic’s Roots Lie in the Brutal Past of America’s Prisons.

Mother Jones | Shane Bauer | September/October 2018 

In 2015, I spent four months working undercover as a guard at a medium-security Louisiana prison run by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) with the aim of reporting on the conditions inside a private prison for Mother Jones. 

The Feds Just Slammed One of the Country’s Biggest Private Prison Companies—Once Again

Mother Jones | Samantha Michaels | April 26, 2017 

On Tuesday, the Justice Department slammed the private prison company CoreCivic and the US Marshals Service for poor oversight and severe understaffing at a Kansas maximum-security facility that holds federal detainees awaiting trial. 

My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard

Mother Jones | Shane Bauer | July/August 2016 

Have you ever had a riot?” I ask a recruiter from a prison run by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). “The last riot we had was two years ago,” he says over the phone. “Yeah, but that was with the Puerto Ricans!” says a woman’s voice, cutting in. “We got rid of them.” “When can you start?” the man asks. I tell him I need to think it over

Employment Practices
& Relations
'They Treat Us Like We're Animals:' Inside Torrance County's Troubled Detention Center

ACLU New Mexico | Leonardo Castaneda | August 8, 2022 

People detained at the Torrance County Detention Facility describe unsanitary and decrepit conditions that they say make it the worst facility in the state. 

The For-Profit Companies Charging Prisoners to Read their Own Mail

The Real News Network | Mansa Musa | March 28, 2022 

More and more services in prisons are being taken over by private, profit-seeking companies squeezing inmates and their families for every penny they have.

Federal Correctional Officer Charged and Former Prison Nurse Pleads Guilty in Bribery and Contraband Smuggling Schemes

The Justice Department | March 14, 2022 

A former nurse at Leavenworth Detention Center has pleaded guilty to conspiring to smuggle contraband into the prison, and a federal grand jury in the District of Kansas has returned an indictment charging a former correctional officer with a similar scheme.  

These private prisons have over 100% staff turnover. Will more state money help?

Colorado Newsline | Faith Miller | January 26, 2022 

Two private prisons in rural southeast Colorado — both operated by the company CoreCivic — are grappling with high turnover rates among their staff.

For-profit Kansas prison an understaffed ‘hell hole’ of violence, death and drugs

Kansas Reflector | Allison Kite | October 7, 2021 

Attorneys and former guards describe CoreCivic’s pre-trial detention facility in Leavenworth as out of control. 

Almost half of staffers at ICE detention center diagnosed with COVID-19

The Hill | Edward Moreno | August 7, 2020

Almost half of the staff at the Eloy Detention Center in Arizona have tested positive for COVID-19, two employees and 14 migrants at the center told NBC News.

Guards sue CoreCivic over allegedly dangerous workplace amid COVID-19

The San Diego Union - Tribune | Morgan Cook | April 30, 2020 

Two detention officers at Otay Mesa Detention Center have filed separate lawsuits against the facility’s operator, CoreCivic, for allegedly failing to take reasonable steps to protect their health amid the COVID-19 pandemic. That, they said, created a workplace that was too dangerous for them to do their jobs.

Scathing state audit slams Tennessee prisons, CoreCivic for staffing, sexual assaults, and deaths in jails

NewsChannel 5 | January 10, 2020 

A scathing state audit released on Friday found that CoreCivic prisons across the state of Tennessee are still running at minimal staffing levels, in many cases meaning inmates suffering mental health issues aren't getting the help they need and creating questions surrounding the nearly 200 inmates who have died in state custody since 2017.

Eloy Detention Center: Why so many suicides?

AZ Central | Megan Jula | July 29, 2015 

Eloy has accounted for 9 percent of all deaths at the nation's nearly 250 detention centers.

Immigrant families in detention: A look inside one holding center

Los Angeles Times | Molly Hennessy-Fiske | June 25, 2015 

At the 50-acre compound here holding hundreds of immigrant women and children, the lights stay on 24-7. At night they’re dimmed, but not entirely out. Security, officials say.


Corporate Headquarters
10 Burton Hills Blvd., Nashville, Tennessee 37215
Most Recent Gross Revenue
US$1.863 billion (2021) | source
Most Recent Net Revenue
US$-52 million (2021) | source
Stock Exchange Tickers

Note: Most recent list is not always the most complete list.

Major Funders
Michael Burry’s Hedge Fund Is Betting on Private Prisons

Bloomberg | Claire Ballentine | November 14, 2022 

Michael Burry’s Scion Asset Management added new stocks in the third quarter and boosted its bet on private prisons.

US private prison groups challenge basis for KLP divestment 

Responsible Investor | Gina Gambetta | September 28, 2022 

Norwegian pension defends decision to exclude CoreCivic and GEO Group over alleged human rights violations 

Wall Street pulled its financing. Stocks have plummeted. But private prisons still thrive.

The Washington Post | Renae Merle | October 3, 2019

Profits at GEO Group, CoreCivic have jumped despite public pressure that led major banks to pledge not to finance future deals in the industry.

Major Shareholders


Political Influence

Open Secrets - Tracks corporate lobbying of US politicians.

Open Secrets Logo Profile of CoreCivic


Tennessee private prison operator ramps up campaign spending

Daily Memphian | Ian Round | November 7, 2022 

Inmates and workers at prisons run by CoreCivic — the publicly traded Tennessee-based company that operates four of the state’s 14 prisons — face “horrific” conditions, according to Pamela Wilson.

Subsidy Tracker
Subsidy Tracker
Subsidy Tracker is a project of Good Jobs First in Washington DC. It is the most comprehensive source of data on state and federal subsidies in the United States. For more details, click on the links.
Click here for details of subsidies received by CoreCivic
Tax Havens
& Evasion
It’s a Great Time to Be a Prison Landlord, Thanks to the IRS

Bloomberg | Rob Urban | August 2, 2018 

Private-prison companies keep winning, and they have U.S. taxpayers to thank.

Major Projects
California to close one state prison and end its lease of private facility in Kern County

Los Angeles Times | Matthew Ormseth | December 9, 2022 

State authorities this week announced they will close Chuckawalla Valley State Prison in Riverside County and stop using a privately owned facility in Kern County.

Think Private Prison Companies Are Going Away Under Biden? They Have Other Plans

Marshall Project | Jamiles Lartey | November 17, 2022 

To the casual observer, the prospect of President-elect Joe Biden—who promised to “stop corporations from profiteering from incarceration”—presented an existential threat to the multi-billion dollar industry.

Green-colored glasses

The Intercept | Lee Fang | June 27, 2022 

CoreCivic, the first publicly traded prison company in America and the first to operate both private prisons and private immigration detention centers on a for-profit basis, had another first to announce. Damon T. Hininger, the chief executive, paused to share the news on a call with investors last month: CoreCivic Inc. was the first company after the George Floyd protests to proactively conduct a “racial equity audit,” the results of which it was now ready to release.

ACLU, Public Defenders Urge White House To Shut Down Violent Private Corrections Facility In Kansas

NPR in Kansas City | Allison Kite | September 3, 2021 

The ACLU and public defenders in the region wrote to Leavenworth County officials and the White House urging them to shut down a privately-run pre-trial detention facility by the end of this year.

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