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Gardaworld was originally named Trans-Québec Security Inc when it was founded in 1995. (It was renamed in 1999). It provides armoured-car services, airport passenger screening, access control systems and internal corporate fraud investigations in Europe and the U.S. It also provided security services for embassies and military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as to fossil fuel companies around the world.

In 2012, Gardaworld employees were caught in Afghanistan with dozens of unlicensed AK-47s and they were jailed for three months. In 2014, the head of Garda’s Afghan operations, Daniel Ménard, was jailed for three weeks because of similar issues. In 2015, Gardaworld took over Aegis, a British owned security company that was working in Iraq at the time. Aegis and Gardaworld stood accused of recruiting child soldiers from Sierra Leone to work in their security operation in Iraq.


Security services, security technology, cash logistics, risk management, risk assessment and consulting, custody, detention, rehabilitation and care services.


employment-related offenses$17,219,57312
safety-related offenses$4,978,20252
consumer-protection-related offenses$1,300,0003
environment-related offenses$399,3836

(January 9, 2023)

Number of Records
Total Penalties
$416,880,775 (January 9, 2023)
Information in this section is drawn from the Violation Tracker database produced by the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First in Washington DC. It is the most comprehensive source of data on business violations of laws and regulations in the United States. For specific examples of misconduct, please click on the links.


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Garda World

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Canadian Foreign Policy Institute 

A major beneficiary of the privatization of war, Garda is the world’s largest privately held security firm with nearly 50,000 employees.

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Maybe I Owe Garda An Apology? GardaWorld Crash, Safety, & DOT Data
GardaWorld: Is it all smoke & mirrors?
Why GardaWorld’s armored trucks keep crashing
Leaky, shaky, rusty: See inside a Garda armored truck
  • Stand on Guard for Whom: A People’s History of the Canadian Military by Yves Engler (2021)
  • Canada in Africa: 300 Years of Aid and Exploitation by Yves Engler (2015)
  • Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi by Fred Burton (2013)
Other Key Sources
  • Business and Human Rights Resource Centre - UK-based Business and Human Rights Resource Centre is an NGO that employs researchers on five continents who work with activists, companies and governments alike to advance human rights in business by eradicating abuse.


Recent & Ongoing Campaigns
Welcome climate activists in the Afghan refugee programme - our call to the Government

The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants | April 4, 2022  

People fighting for the future of life on our planet should be celebrated - but climate activists in Afghanistan are at huge risk.  

Court Records Show GardaWorld's Pattern of Running Red-Lights, Non-Payment of Fines, Collections, Guilty Plea, and License Suspension

LinkedIn | Christine Bouquin | December 21, 2019

I stumbled upon something that got me thinking. According to public records (links below), GardaWorld has a pattern of running red-lights. In one town alone, three recent red-light citations are now public record due to court involvement.

GardaWorld offered me money to sign a "Confidential Separation Agreement/Release"​

LinkedIn | Christine Bouquin | December 12, 2019 

I was fired on 11/16/16, ONE DAY after providing a seven-page summary of safety and financial concerns to GardaWorld executives. 

GardaWorld: Speaking Up - Why Now?

LinkedIn | Christine Bouquin | October 3, 2019 

Understandably, my recent social media activity may seem odd. I haven’t been very active on LinkedIn or publicly vocal...well, ever. To be honest, for a long time I was scared to say anything publicly for a number of reasons: What would people think? How would it affect my career and reputation? Would anyone believe me? Take me seriously? Would I be viewed as a disgruntled x-employee?

Why Security Giant GardaWorld is a Danger to Democracy

Counterpunch | Yves Engler | April 7, 2016 

Last week students at L’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) disrupted a board meeting after learning administrators planned to sign a $50 million, seven-year, contract with security giant GardaWorld. Protesters are angry the administration has sought to expel student leaders and ramp up security at the politically active campus as they cut programs.

Garda World Security Corporation Special Meeting of Shareholders Union Busting Protest

Indybay | October 24, 2012 

Protesters will meet at 7:00 AM (Eastern Time) on Wednesday, October 24, 2012, at Club St-James, 1145 Union Avenue, Montreal, Quebec, Canada to Protest Garda World Security Corporation Special Meeting in response to Garda Cash Logistics Union-Busting activities and Garda Security workers complaints and safety issues here in the United States.

Major Investigations
& Lawsuits
Kuwait: Migrant workers on US military bases unable to change jobs, entrapped in recruitment fee debt & have their passports withheld; incl. cos. comments

Business and Human Rights Resource Centre | November 1, 2022 

A joint investigation by the Washington Post and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists into the working conditions of migrant workers from South Asia on US military bases in Kuwait and other Gulf countries revealed commonplace labour abuse. These workers are mainly supplied to American military bases’ service providers, Vectrus and Amentum, by regional subcontractors – Kuwait Resources House, Tamimi Global and Kuwait and Gulf Link Holding.

'Working in fear': Some private contractors are accused of abusive labor practices on U.S. military bases

NBC News | Molly Boigon | October 27, 2022 

Abdulla thought it was the opportunity of a lifetime. After struggling to find work in his home country of Bangladesh, he said a recruiter offered him a chance to work in a restaurant thousands of miles away in Kuwait City for the equivalent of $660 a month.

Carter v. Gardaworld Sec. Servs.

United States District Court for the District of Maryland | May 20, 2021 

Plaintiff Charles Carter, who worked as a security officer for Defendant GardaWorld Security Services ("GardaWorld"), brings various state and federal claims against GardaWorld and multiple former supervisors (collectively, "Defendants"), alleging that they created an unsafe and hostile work environment culminating in Carter's wrongful termination. 

Federal agency knew Garda was “really bad” at safety. It took little action.

Tampa Bay Times |  Bethany Barnes | December 31, 2020 

By the time Johnathon Lue burned alive in the back of a GardaWorld armored truck in May, evidence had been piling up for years that the company was operating dangerously.

Big banks entrusted money to GardaWorld. It secretly lost track of millions.

Tampa Bay Times | Bethany Barnes | October 18, 2020 

Brian Newell had been a manager at one of GardaWorld’s armored truck branches for about a year when a high-ranking supervisor called in 2018 with a bizarre order: Load all the coins stored at his branch in Connecticut onto a truck bound for Massachusetts.

Moving Millions, Leaving Mayhem

Tampa Bay Times | Bethany Barnes | March 1, 2020 

The armored truck full of money barreled down a two-lane road until it encountered a stopped SUV. The truck didn’t brake. Instead it whipped into the oncoming lane, as if to pass, and rammed into a tanker truck.

New claims added in La Jolla armored car wrongful death lawsuit

10 News San Diego | January 16, 2020

A judge Thursday approved a motion adding new claims to a wrongful death lawsuit in the case of a woman who was fatally struck in La Jolla by an armored truck driver two years ago.

$100M Wrongful Death Trial Over Motorcyclist’s Collision With Armored Truck Settles During Jury Deliberations

Courtroom View Network | David Siegel | October 4, 2019 

The family of a motorcyclist who crashed into a turning armored truck struck a settlement with security company GardaWorld shortly after a Texas state court jury began deliberations in a trial that could have resulted in a $100 million verdict.

United States of America, ex rel. Christine Bouquin v. Garda World, et al.

PacerMonitor | May 29, 2018

Relator, Christine Bouquin, hereby gives Notice that this action is dismissed without prejudice pursuant to FRCP 41(a)(1). The Complaint has not been served and no Answer or motion for summary judgment has been filed. This action was brought pursuant to the False Claims Act.

Why is Montreal's GardaWorld on the outs in both Afghanistan and Iraq?

Canadian Business | Matthew Mclearn | March 17, 2014

Ménard is a managing director for Afghanistan at GardaWorld, part of a global security company based in Montreal. Its business is renting out bands of armed men to protect clients working in some of the Earth’s most dangerous outposts. But like other foreign-owned private security companies (PSCs), during the past few years it has been forced to hand off much of its work to local Afghan subcontractors.

Garda head uttered threat, lawsuit alleges

The Globe and Mail | Bertrand Marotte | June 27, 2008 

"I will kill you and I will kill your family." Stéphan Crétier, founder and chief executive officer of Garda World Security Corp., is alleged in court documents to have uttered those chilling words to top executives at a meeting last November in Wilmington, Del.

Employment Practices
& Relations
High turnover of security guards at airports across the country

Actual News Magazine | November 10, 2022

Unions representing security screeners at Canada’s airports say turnover of new employees is high despite efforts to hire more workers. In some regions, barely one in three recently hired people is still in the job.

How World Bank Personnel Connived With Consulting Firm To Shortchange Salaries Of Security Guards In Nigeria Office

Sahara Reporters | August 31, 2022 

One of the workers of the World Bank, who is a security specialist, has been accused of conniving with a consulting firm, GardaWorld Consulting Firm, to shortchange the private guards manning World Bank Abuja Office, SaharaReporters has learnt.

United States v. GardaWorld Fed. Servs.

Casetext | August 7, 2022 

Aegis, d/b/a GardaWorld, received contracts from the United States Department of State to provide security in Afghanistan at various locations, including the United States Embassy in Kabul. Doc. 44 ¶ 1. Relator Justin Fahn was hired by the defendants in September 2016 to defend the embassy, and Fahn worked there until its fall to the Taliban in August 2021. 

Whistleblower: Security firm falsified Georgia training records for guards sent to Afghanistan

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | Dylan Jackson | March 2, 2022 

A GardaWorld supervisor alleges that nearly 100 company guards assigned to Afghanistan had not completed training required by the U.S. government.

One out of 125 embassy guards promised help to leave Afghanistan made it to UK

The Guardian | Amelia Gentleman | September 3, 2021 

Just one of the team of 125 British embassy guards who were promised help to leave Afghanistan by the Foreign Office has made it to the UK.

Security members at GardaWorld achieve better wages, benefits – UFCW 1400

UFCW | February 29, 2020 

Saskatoon, Sask. – February 29, 2020 – UFCW Local 1400 members working at GardaWorld security locations throughout Saskatchewan have achieved a new union contract that provides better wages and benefits and a higher shoe allowance.

Ex-child soldiers to sue Aegis Defence Services in UK for alleged failure to mitigate psychological harm they suffered when recruited as adult mercenaries in Iraq

Business and Human Rights Resource Center | November 21, 2016

"Ex-child soldiers to sue UK firm that hired them to be mercenaries in Iraq", 18 Nov 2016. The two men, who were under 13 when they fought in Sierra Leone, allege Aegis Defence Services failed to mitigate the psychological harm they suffered...

GardaWorld and Former Child Soldiers: The Price of Global Success?

CIPS | Rita Abrahamsen | April 28, 2016 

Many Canadians will know GardaWorld from airport security, the routine removal of shoes, belts, and “any gels or liquids.” Fewer will know that the Montreal-based company is also a global security provider with ambitions to expand in emerging markets in Africa and the Middle East.

Daniel Menard, former Canadian general, still in Afghan jail

CBC | James Cudmore | February 13, 2014 

A retired former Canadian general who was removed from command in Afghanistan after he was caught having sex with a subordinate remains in jail in that country facing charges of gun smuggling.

Peter Moore: 'I feel guilty I'm the only one alive'

The Independent | Kim Sengupta | February 14, 2012 

The funeral of Alan McMenemy took place in a bitterly cold, rainy day at a parish church near Glasgow last week. His body was the final one of four British hostages in Iraq to be returned. The murdered security guard's distraught father, Dennis, has accused the British Government of "deceit, lies and cover-ups" during the four years and seven months that his son had been missing.


Corporate Headquarters
2300, rue Émile-Bélanger St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada H4R 3J4
Most Recent Gross Revenue
US$2.78 billion (2021) | source
Most Recent Net Revenue
$415.5 million (2021) | source
Major Funders
Major Projects
GardaWorld Announces the Acquisition of Global Leader ARCA

Bloomberg News | August 24, 2022 

Garda World Security Corporation ("GardaWorld" or the "Company"), a global champion in security services, integrated risk management and cash solutions, is pleased to announce the acquisition of ARCA, a global leader in cash technology solutions and a global market leading manufacturer of teller cash recyclers for financial institutions.

State Dept Chooses 7 for New Worldwide Protective Services Contract

Govconwire | Marie-Louise Hoffman | March 4, 2016 

Seven companies have been awarded spots on a potential five-year, multibillion-dollar contract to help protect State Department facilities and personnel based in high-threat areas globally.

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