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Siemens Energy, a former subsidiary of engineering giant Siemens, makes products like compressors, generators and turbines for the power industry. The Association of Ethical Shareholders Germany estimates that the products sold by Siemens Energy during the 2022 fiscal year will release a total of 1.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases, almost twice Germany’s annual emissions. For example, Siemens Energy is supplying turbines to Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction for a planned coal-fired power plant on the island of Java, Indonesia.

One of Siemens Energy's biggest subsidiaries is Siemens Gamesa, a major wind turbine maker that it took over in 2023. Siemens Gamesa has several contracts to supply onshore wind farms in the desert of Western Sahara, a former Spanish colony that was illegally annexed by Morocco in 1975. It is also a major supplier of turbines for the dozens of big wind farms in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, such as the 70 megawatt Bii Nee Stipa II that was built in 2012, which have been criticized for their impact on (Zapotecs) and the Ikoojt (Huave) Indigenous communities who say that the wind farms have cut off access to their farmlands, sacred shrines, and medicinal herbs and plants.


Power transmission and distribution, generators, turbines, compressors.

Siemens Energy was profiled as part of the report "Green" Multinationals Exposed: How the Energy Transition is Being Hijacked by Corporate Interests.


environment-related offenses$818,1285
financial offenses$171,3051
employment-related offenses$169,3557
safety-related offenses$132,03512

(November 12, 2023) 

Number of Records
Total Penalties
US$1,290,823 (November 12, 2023) 
Individual Records & Summaries
Siemens Energy Violation Tracker
Information in this section is drawn from the Violation Tracker database produced by the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First in Washington DC. It is the most comprehensive source of data on business violations of laws and regulations in the United States. For specific examples of misconduct, please click on the links.


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CorpWatch Stories
Forgiving Siemens: Unraveling a Tangled Tale of German Corruption in Greece

Lena Mavraka and Vasilis Papatheodorou | CorpWatch | June 11, 2012

"In Greece Siemens has spend the most black money (bribes) than in any other country of the European Union between the late 1990s and 2004," says Tassos Telloglou, author of "The Network: File Siemens."

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Recent & Ongoing Campaigns
Germany: Workers at Siemens Energy in Zwönitz are on strike

Blick | January 14, 2023

The management of Siemens Energy in Zwönitz was asked to negotiate as early as June last year, but months later they are still refusing to engage in constructive negotiations, even though there have been three talks with company representatives since then. (There have been regular strikes by workers of the IG Metall union in Germany to demand wage negotiations.)

B4Ukraine Coalition writes letter to Siemens Energy regarding company's business in Russia

B4Ukraine Coalition | January 4, 2023

We request an urgent dialogue regarding potential inconsistencies between Siemens Energy AG’s stated policies on Russian aggression and human rights more broadly and the company’s ongoing business operations and relationships in Russia that may contribute to, or be linked with, human rights harms.

Spain: The Siemens Gamesa workforce is protesting in Sarriguren to demand "employment guarantees" | November 15, 2022

In a press release, the ELA union warns that while the company is conducting layoffs that will end next year, it has also announced that when Siemens Energy takes over Siemens Gamesa "additional adjustments and changes in the working conditions of male and female employees" will be made.

Spain: Saharawis denounce Siemens Gamesa at AGM

Western Sahara Resource Watch | March 25, 2022

The Spanish company is installing energy infrastructure for the Moroccan government in occupied Western Sahara. In 2021, the biggest project to date began, with the controversial Boujdour farm, in partnership with the Moroccan king's personal company.

Germany: Employees protest against job cuts at Siemens Energy

Finanznachrichten | August 31, 2021

The threatened job cuts at the Siemens Energy gas turbine plant in Berlin are leading to protests again. Siemens Energy wants to cut 750 of the 3,500 jobs.

Siemens Energy: Against climate protection and human rights

Energie Zukunft | February 10, 2021

At the virtual annual general meeting, Siemens Energy now has to face uncomfortable questions about Siemens Energy's poor climate  and human rights record from the Association of Ethical Shareholders.

Germany: Siemens Gamesa employees strike

Søren Springborg & Mathias Ørsborg Johansen | EnergyWatch | January 24, 2018

All employees at Siemens Gamesa's factory in Cuxhaven, Germany have initiated strikes Wednesday, according EnergyWatch's information.

Siemens Gamesa in Denmark hit by major strike

Søren Springborg | EnergyWatch | June 8, 2017

Discontent over the layoff of a union delegate has prompted strikes Wednesday and Thursday among Danish employees of wind turbine major Siemens Gamesa.

Major Investigations
& Lawsuits
Criticism of Dealings with Rosatom: Siemens Energy Remains Loyal to the Russian Nuclear Corporation

Daniel Henry | Clippers | July 22, 2023

Despite the Ukraine war, Siemens Energy continues to maintain business relations with Russia’s state-owned company Rosatom. Participation in a nuclear power plant project in Hungary in particular drew criticism.

Siemens Energy: Climate-damaging business despite sustainable rhetoric

Urgewald | February 23, 2022

Another critical project involving Siemens Energy is two gas power plants and an LNG import terminal at Campos dos Goytacazes in the north of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro (Gás Natural Açu, GNA). The involvement raises questions about the implementation of human rights due diligence at Siemens Energy. Hundreds of families who were dispossessed for the construction of the port are said to have not received any compensation to date.

Iraqi Lawmakers Call for Probe Into GE, Siemens Electricity Contracts

Benoit Faucon & Ghassan Adnan | The Wall Street Journal | August 20, 2021

The lawmakers have also called for probes into contracts with Siemens Energy AG, a spinoff of German conglomerate Siemens AG, and local rivals. GE has entered into at least $6 billion of electricity contracts in Iraq in recent years, while orders from Siemens have approached 1 billion euros, equivalent to around $1.2 billion.

Western Sahara: Siemens, Enel blacklisted by asset manager over international law concerns

Western Sahara Resource Watch | January 14, 2021

Siemens Gamesa, Siemens Energy and Enel Spa have been excluded by Norway's largest private asset manager for contributing to violations of international law in occupied Western Sahara.

Ukraine: Siemens turbines turn up in Crimea despite sanctions

Maz Plechinger | EnergyWatch | July 10, 2017

The German conglomerate has been drawn into an international geopolitical conflict involving EU sanctions and election promises from Putin. Siemens denies the allegations but has announced an investigation.

Environmental Impacts
Siemens Energy is expanding its business with fossil gas and wind farms in occupied Western Sahara, with fatal consequences for climate protection and human rights

Association of Ethical Shareholders | February 6, 2023

The products sold by Siemens Energy in the last fiscal year will generate over 1.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases. That is almost twice the annual emissions of the whole of Germany.

Nearly all COP27 sponsors are either major polluters or enablers of fossil fuel industry

Corporate Accountability | November 17, 2022

Siemens Energy, a Siemens spin off, builds gas-fired power plants globally and vital parts for them. It’s currently in construction of an 840MW plant in the UK for last year’s COP26 sponsor, SSE.

Germany: Oil spill on the Ruhr river: Siemens Energy had to pay for fire brigade operations

Annette Lehmann | WAZ | August 25, 2022

The oil spill in the Ruhr from Mülheim to Duisburg was not a criminal offense. Siemens Energy had to pay for the fire brigade operation - and was threatened with a fine.

'The Sacrifice Zone': Myanmar bears cost of green energy

Dake Kang, Victoria Milko & Lori Hinnant | AP News | August 9, 2022

Their cost is environmental destruction, the theft of land from villagers and the funneling of money to brutal militias, including at least one linked to Myanmar’s secretive military government. As demand soars for rare earths along with green energy, the abuses are likely to grow.

New company, outdated business model: Siemens Energy fails on climate and human rights

Urgewald | February 9, 2021

Siemens Energy intends to deliver six gas turbines and four centrifugal compressors for an LNG project run by the oil company Total in the Mozambican province Cabo Delgado, a conflict region. Exploitation of the region’s enormous natural gas resources could have the equivalent of 12 Gigatonnes of CO2 emissions as a result – approximately seven times France’s yearly greenhouse gas emissions.

Investigation indicates FSC-certified company intentionally used fire to clear Indonesian forests for palm oil

Greenpeace International | November 12, 2020

A groundbreaking investigation by Greenpeace International and Forensic Architecture indicates that Korindo – an Indonesian-Korean plantation and energy conglomerate whose customers include multinationals like Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy – intentionally used fires as part of the process of clearing vast areas of forest in remote areas of the Indonesia province of Papua.

Siemens Energy: Spinning-off the Climate Crisis

Urgewald | August 31, 2020

With its upcoming listing on the Frankfurt stock exchange in late September, the Siemens Energy spin-off will add risky fossil assets to its future investors‘ portfolios. As NGO experts from Israel, Indonesia and Germany have highlighted during a digital press conference today, one day before Siemens Energy’s Capital Market Day, the company will rely heavily on climate-damaging activities like gas- and coal-fired power plants.

Siemens Energy faces international criticism for supplying new Indonesian coal-fired plant

Edgar Meza | Clean Energy Wire | July 27, 2020

Siemens Energy has signed a supply contract with South Korean plant manufacturer Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction for a planned coal-fired power plant on the Indonesian island of Java, a move already drawing criticism and unwanted comparisons to the company’s involvement in Australia’s controversial Adani coal mine project, Christian Schaudwet writes in Der Tagesspiegel.

Employment Practices
& Relations
United Kingdom: Energy company fined after worker suffers multiple injuries in fall

Miran Rahman | The Business Desk | March 19, 2021

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy had provided a ladder to access to the web but they had not provided any fall protection either side of the ladder.

Siemens Gamesa closes its Spanish factories to take them to Portugal and employ cheaper labor there

Revista RD Energia | January 19, 2021

This is according to the UGT union, which has asked the wind turbine manufacturer to take back the layoff proposal that affects 266 workers directly and 300 workers indirectly at the Somozas (Galicia) and Cuenca blade factories.

United Kingdom: Union slams Siemens Gamesa as Hull offshore wind plant restarts after coronavirus check

Andrew Lee | Recharge News | April 1, 2020

Siemens Gamesa will restart operations at its Hull offshore wind facility today amid trade union anger and questions over whether the factory counts as an “essential industry” in the coronavirus pandemic.


Corporate Headquarters
Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia, Edificio 222 48170, Zamudio, Vizcay, Spain
Most Recent Gross Revenue
€29 billion (US$31 billion) (FY2022) | source
Most Recent Net Revenue
-€647 million (-US$691 million) (FY2022) | source
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Political Influence

Open Secrets - Tracks corporate lobbying of US politicians.

Open Secrets Logo Profile of Siemens Energy

Hydrogen lobby spends over €75 million a year driving the EU hydrogen hype

Corporate Europe Observatory | October 2, 2023

A new study of the top 100 highest-spenders on EU lobbying based on LobbyFacts data shows that Big Hydrogen spends over €75.75 million a year on lobbying the EU institutions. This is significantly more than Big Finance (€38.75 million).

Subsidy Tracker
Subsidy Tracker
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Major Projects
Germany: Siemens Energy could sell part of its business to Siemens

Süddeutsche Zeitung | October 31, 2023

Siemens Energy could sell its former parent Siemens shares in the joint India business.

Germany: Ifo Institute for Economic Research President criticizes possible state aid for Siemens Energy

Süddeutsche Zeitung | October 27, 2023

According to Fuest, the support means a transfer of tax money to the creditors and shareholders of Siemens Energy, who should actually be liable. "It is the task of the creditors and shareholders to restructure the company and waive claims."



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