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Orange, formerly known as France Telecom, was a state-owned telecommunications company from its founding in 1889 until it was privatized in 1998. In the decade after privatization, company management embarked on a campaign to reduce labor costs that courts later described as a system of “moral harassment” of staff. Some 22,000 staff quit or were laid off and over 60 killed themselves. In 2019, Didier Lombard, the former CEO, was found guilty and sentenced to prison, while the company was ordered to pay €3.5 million to former employees and their families in compensation.


Fixed line telephone, Mobile phone, Broadband, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)


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In review: abuse of dominance in France

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Sarah Aït Benali, Frédéric de Bure, Antoine Winckler


Article L420-2 of the Commercial Code specifically mentions a number of abuses, including refusal to supply or deal, tying, or discriminatory practices. However, the list is not exhaustive.

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Orange top bosses caused employee suicides, rules court

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Didier Lombard, the former CEO of France Telecom — now known as Orange — received a two-year jail term for his role in the deaths of 19 employees. Other executives and managers also received jail terms and hefty fines


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France Telecom mobilising managers after suicides
Another suicide at France-Telecom
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Major Investigations
& Lawsuits
Telecom Giant Orange on Trial in France After 19 Employees Died by Suicide

Melanie Ehrenkranz | Gizmodo | June 5, 2019

Orange, a French telecom giant, is being sued for moral harassment, among other charges, after 19 employees died by suicide and another 12 attempted to kill themselves over a three-year span.

French telecom company Orange convicted over suicides

NICOLAS VAUX-MONTAGNY | AP News | December 20, 2019

France’s leading phone and internet provider Orange was found guilty Friday of a string of employee suicides and its former CEO was sentenced to prison, in a landmark ruling against a major European telecommunications player.

Orange ordered to pay rival Digicel close to $280 million

Reuters | June 19, 2020

PARIS (Reuters) - French telecoms operator Orange has been ordered by a Paris court to pay local rival Digicel nearly 250 million euros ($280 million) in compensation for anti-competitive practices in the French Caribbean, the company said on Friday.

Orange fined €350m in France for market abuse

BBC News | December 17, 2015

The country's anti-trust authority said Orange, which was formerly France Telecom, kept business clients from switching to competitors' phone services.

Employment Practices
French telecom company Orange convicted over suicides

NICOLAS VAUX-MONTAGNY | ABC News | December 20, 2019

French telecom powerhouse Orange has been found guilty of a string of employee suicides and ordered to pay 3.5 million euros ($3.8 million) in fines and damages


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