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Bento Rodrigues, Mariana, Minas Gerais - Vale Dam Disaster


Vale is the largest producer of iron ore and nickel in the world. It also owns a sprawling network of railroads, ships, and ports used to transport this ore as well as a number of major hydro-electric plants. Founded in 1942 as a state-owned enterprise by the Brazilian government, it was originally named Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (CVRD). It was partially privatized in 1997 but the Brazilian government retains control. Some of the biggest environmental disasters associated with Vale include the vast Carajás Iron Mine in the state of Para as well as two major waste dam failures in the state of Minas Gerais. The collapse of the Fundão dam at the Germano iron ore mine in November 2015 killed 19 while the collapse of the Brumadinho dam at the Córrego do Feijão iron ore mine in January 2019 killed 270.


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Violation data for Vale S.A. is still being gathered at this time.


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Recent & Ongoing Campaigns
'Permanent state of fear': 2 years after disaster, mine tailings dams a big risk

Taylor Kuykendall | S&P Global | January 25, 2021

On Jan. 25, 2019, a large dam full of mining waste from the Corrego do Feijao iron ore mine owned by Vale SA ruptured and sent a mudslide downstream toward Brumadinho, Brazil, killing at least 270 people. Two years later, some question if the mining industry has done enough to avert further disasters.

Protesters sit-in at Brazil miner Vale dam burst site, demand aid extension

Washington Alves, Roberto Samora | Reuters | October 22, 2020

BRUMADINHO, Brazil (Reuters) - Roughly 150 demonstrators staged a sit-in at Brazilian miner Vale’s administrative building in the town of Brumadinho on Thursday to protest their treatment nearly two years after a deadly mining waste dam collapsed there, killing about 270 people.

NGOs Push to Expel Brazil Miner Vale From UN Pact Over Dam Disaster

VOA | February 12, 2019

SAO PAULO - A group of international non-governmental organizations on Tuesday demanded that Brazilian miner Vale SA be excluded from the United Nations' corporate responsibility pact, after a mining dam burst that killed an estimated 300 people.

Brumadinho dam: NGOs urge companies and investors to use leverage and require Vale to remedy the situation

International Federation for Human Rights | February 21, 2019

Today, 86 organisations addressed a letter to companies and investors of the mining and steel industry following the rupture of the Brumadinho tailings dam, on January 25. The letter urges the companies to exercise their due diligence regarding the situation in Brazil and to require Vale S.A. to adequately repair ...

Thousands Send Individual Protests to Vale for Provoking Canadian Strike

United Steel Workers | Cision | December 23, 2009

One of the most-successful campaigns of its kind has wrapped up, with thousands of protest messages from around the world sent to mining giant Vale for provoking a strike by 3,500 Canadian mine workers.

Protest Camp at Voisey’s Bay

The Nation | 1997

The Innu and Inuit of Labrador are staging a joint protest at the massive mining development at Voisey’s Bay. Inuit are arriving from Nain to set up a protest camp, and more than 250 Innu from Davis Inlet and Sheshatshiu are heading over to join them.


Major Investigations
& Lawsuits
Vale dam disaster: $7bn compensation for disaster victims

BBC | February 4, 2021

Communities hit by a dam disaster in Brazil two years ago which killed 270 people will get a $7bn (£5bn) payout. The Brumadinho dam contained waste from an iron ore mine but gave way, unleashing a sea of mud which engulfed a staff canteen, offices and farms.

Brazil charges ex-Vale CEO with homicide for dam disaster

Al Jazeera | January 21, 2020

Brazilian state prosecutors on Tuesday charged Fabio Schvartsman, the former chief executive of mining giant Vale SA, and 15 other people with homicide for a dam disaster last year that killed more than 250 people, according to the charging document seen by Reuters news agency.

Vale and BHP fined for deadly Brazilian dam burst

BBC | November 12, 2015

The Brazilian government is fining the mining giants Vale and BHP Billiton for a dam burst at their jointly owned mine. The companies face preliminary fines of 250m Brazilian reais (£43.6m; $66.3m).

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Mozambique families protest against Brazil's Vale

Reuters | January 10, 2012

Families resettled by Brazilian mining giant Vale in the Tete region of Mozambique protested on Tuesday that the company had failed to keep promises it made to them in 2009.



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