This is #13 in our series of Instagram infographics on resistance against corporate power. (July 2, 2022)


Resistance: Apple Union

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This is #11 in our series of Instagram infographics on resistance against corporate power. (June 18, 2022)

Goldman Sachs bank is a top target of a major new investigation by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) into the “greenwashing” of investment funds to fool investors. They aren't the only ones: Bank of New York Mellon and Deutsche Bank have also been investigated.

At stake is the definition of what constitutes high ratings for 'environmental, social, and corporate governance' (ESG) funds which is not defined in U.S. law.

Facebook’s parent company has been sued in Kenya over mental health trauma suffered by Daniel Motaung, a former content moderator who worked for Sama, a contractor hired to remove graphic and violent content on the social media site. Moutang is seeking compensation for all others who faced similar problems.

On May Day, food delivery couriers at Deliveroo in the United Arab Emirates, went on a rare strike against pay cuts. A short video of hundreds of workers milling around in their turquoise-colored work uniforms went viral, encouraging workers at Talabat, a rival food delivery platform, to follow suit.

Three months after Russia invaded Ukraine, the winner and losers are apparent. The losers are civilians in Ukraine and soldiers on both sides of the conflict, while the winners are weapons manufacturers like BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon Technologies and Rheinmetall.

Activists are calling on the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to stop funding the $3 billion Mandalika project on the island of Lombok in Indonesia - which is led by the Vinci Group - after the United Nations released a damning report on human rights abuses at the site.

Facebook employees have turned over internal documents to Whistleblower Aid, an NGO in Washington DC, that appear to show that the company deliberately chose to take Australian emergency service pages offline in February 2021 to force the government to water down a law to make Facebook pay for news.

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