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Valero Energy’s main business is petroleum refineries. It was founded in 1980 in San Antonio, Texas, as a successor to the Coastal States Gas Corporation in Texas after Coastal States went out of business. Most of its refineries are in the U.S. but it also own a refineries in Québec, Canada and in Wales, UK. In 2005, Valero was ordered to pay $5.5 million in fines for air pollution from its refineries across the country and to spend another $700 million in upgrades.  In 2007, Valero was ordered to pay another $4.25 million in fines and spend $232 million on controls at refineries in Ohio, Tennessee and Texas. Despite these upgrades, data gathered by the local air quality management district showed that Valero’s refinery in Benicia, California, secretly released pollutants like benzene hundreds of times the legal limit on average between 2003 and 2018 before it was discovered. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data also shows that the company refinery in St. Charles, Louisiana, had the highest levels of soot release of all the 50 largest refineries in the country, with levels 20 percent over federal limits, a rate that has increased over 46 percent over 2017.


Gasoline, Ethanol, Diesel fuel, Ultra-low-sulfur diesel, Jet fuel, Asphalt, Petrochemicals, Lubricants, Carbon Sequestration


Top 5 Offense Groups (Groups Defined)Penalty TotalNumber of Records
environment-related offenses$1,107,614,370241
safety-related offenses$1,603,56859
employment-related offenses$426,5003
financial offenses$35,0001
consumer-protection-related offenses$20,0851

(September 30, 2022)

Number of Records
Total Penalties
$1,109,699,523 (September 30, 2022)
Individual Records & Summaries
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Article Archive
Videos & Podcasts
Valero Energy Contaminates Neighborhood Park In Houston — The Political Vigilante
The Valero St. Charles Refinery in Cancer Alley the day after Hurricane Ida - Video by Julie Dermansky


Valero Refinery problems: Particulate Matter 3 24 2019
Valero's Benicia Refinery Spewed Alarming Amount Of Chemicals During Power Outage
Environmental groups dropping lawsuit against Valero, state to sue


Other Key Sources
  • Business and Human Rights Resource Centre's profile on Valero - UK-based Business and Human Rights Resource Centre is an NGO that employs researchers on five continents who work with activists, companies and governments alike to advance human rights in business by eradicating abuse.


Recent & Ongoing Campaigns
12 arrested at Valero in protest of pipeline

Jody Callahan | USA Today | January 16, 2017

Memphis police arrested 12 protesters Monday afternoon after a demonstration outside the Valero refinery in South Memphis in which at least seven people chained themselves to large, concrete-filled barrels.

Activists protest Valero's support of Keystone XL pipeline

Vickie Vaughan | My San Antonio | April 11, 2013

A coalition of activist groups protested Valero Energy Corp.'s support of the Keystone XL pipeline on Thursday, saying the pipeline's completion would contribute to environmental degradation along its route and at Valero refineries.

Keystone Pipeline opponents protest at Valero refinery

Reuters | November 29, 2012

A group of people protesting construction of TransCanada’s Keystone Pipeline gathered outside Valero Energy Corp’s Houston refinery on Thursday, but the company said plant operations were not affected.

Major Investigations
& Lawsuits
Investigation Shows Valero Benicia Refinery Released Toxic Chemicals for Years

Andrea Nakano | KESQ | February 25, 2022

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District discovered the plant has been emitting those chemicals for more the 15 years. BAAQMD discovered the problems and started investigating in 2018.

Valero's winter storm gas bill tops $60M

Jessica Corso | Biz Journals | April 5, 2021

A recently settled lawsuit shows the price the San Antonio-based refiner paid to buy gas during Winter Storm Uri.

Valero Energy Corporation, et al. Clean Air Act Settlement

EPA | October 19, 2020

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a settlement today with Valero Energy Corporation and a number of its subsidiaries and affiliates (Valero).

Texas environmentalists plan lawsuit against Valero for pollution

Reuters | May 22, 2019

Three Texas environmental groups notified Valero Energy Corp on Wednesday of plans to file a lawsuit under the U.S. Clean Air Act for pollution at the company’s Port Arthur, Texas, refinery, the organizations said.

Environmental Impacts
Valero Louisiana refinery's soot pollution surges, exceeds U.S. limit

Tim Laughlin | Reuters | November 11, 2021

A Valero refinery outside of New Orleans recently produced lung-damaging soot at rates that exceeded federal limits while outpacing other major U.S. refineries, according to disclosures by state and federal environmental regulators.

Valero Energy: Blocking Climate Solutions, Taking Handouts

Tim Donaghy | Green Peace | September 21, 2020

While 2020 has laid bare the overlapping crises of public health threats, systemic racism, and urgent climate impacts, it’s important to note that many companies receiving a bailout have also been lobbying to keep these failing systems in place and block solutions.

Valero underestimated Houston refinery leak during Harvey

Emily Flitter | Reuters | September 15, 2017

Valero Energy Corp probably underestimated the leakage of dangerous chemicals when Hurricane Harvey hit its Houston refinery last month, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency spokesman said.

PERI Pollution Indexes

Based on United States Environmental Protection Agency data ranking the top 100 worst polluters.

Employment Practices
& Relations
Worker dies at Valero Benicia refinery

Fareeha Rehman | Kron 4 | November 14, 2021

A contractor died while working at Valero’s Benicia refinery on Friday night, according to the company.

Employees worried about Valero response to virus cases at Texas refinery

Erwin Seba | Reuters | April 6, 2020

Employees at Valero Energy Corp’s Port Arthur, Texas, refinery expressed worries about the company’s slow response to keep the coronavirus from spreading there after two workers tested positive, four people familiar with the matter said.


Corporate Headquarters
1 Valero Way, San Antonio, TX 78249
Most Recent Gross Revenue
$155.606 billion (2022) | source
Most Recent Net Revenue
$7.070 billion (2022) | source
Stock Exchange Tickers

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Political Influence

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Open Secrets Logo Profile of Valero Energy

Import & Export Data

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Subsidy Tracker
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Tax Havens
& Evasion
Valero sues U.S. for $400 million in tax refunds

Sebastien Malo | Reuters | September 28, 2021

Valero Energy Corp sued the federal government on Tuesday in San Antonio, Texas, federal court, demanding a refund of about $400 million in federal income taxes the refiner says it overpaid.

With Profits Like These, Does Valero Need a Tax Break?

Terrence Henry | StateWide | November 1, 2011

Looking at the arguments for and against, we examined Valero’s financial earnings and concluded that one of the arguments against is that they might not need the money in the first place.

Tax Time? Not for Giant Corporations

Bernie Sanders | U.S. Senator Press Release | March 27, 2011

While hard working Americans fill out their income tax returns this tax season, General Electric and other giant profitable corporations are avoiding U.S. taxes altogether.

Major Projects
Valero invests in Louisiana refining projects

Oil & Gas Journal | April 25, 2019

Valero Energy Corp. is investing $400 million to expand alkylation capacity at subsidiary Valero Refining New Orleans LLC’s 340,000-b/d St. Charles refinery in Norco, La.

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