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Mosaic, a mining and fertilizer company headquartered in Tampa, Florida, was created by a 2004 merger between IMC Global, and Cargill’s crop nutrition division. Historically IMC Global was the largest producer of phosphate in the U.S. that it mines in the Peace river basin of southwestern Florida leaving behind a highly acidic wastewater and phosphogypsum, a low level radioactive solid waste that it dumps in mountainous piles called ‘gypstacks' that can reach 500 feet tall (152 meters) or more. The phosphate rock is shipped to Louisiana where it is turned into fertilizer at the Faustina and Uncle Sam fertilizer plants in St. James Parish, which lies in an industrial zone that activists have named Cancer Alley. The fertilizer plants yield yet more phosphogypsum waste that is also piled into gypstacks. In 2004, Mosaic’s Riverview gypstack discharged 65 million gallons of radioactive wastewater into Hillsborough Bay, Florida; and in 2016 Mosaic’s New Wales gypstack released 215 million gallons of radioactive wastewater into the Floridian aquifer, a drinking water source for 10 million people. In 2018, the 200 foot (60 meter) high gypstack at the Uncle Sam plant was found to be gradually collapsing, threatening the Blind River watershed and the Maurepas Swamp.


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Top 5 Offense Groups (Groups Defined)Penalty TotalNumber of Records
environment-related offenses$853,254,34242
employment-related offenses$646,8614
safety-related offenses$396,33138

(September 30, 2022)

Number of Records
Total Penalties
$854,297,534 (September 30, 2022)
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Farmer group NCGA & fertilizer company Mosaic go head-to-head

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AG Daily

Farmers have been watching the rise in fertilizer prices since the beginning of this year and to no end in sight. Fertilizer prices continue to skyrocket, as much as 300 percent in some areas, as farmers grapple with increased costs as they prepare for the 2022 growing season. 

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Recent & Ongoing Campaigns
Communities Push Back Against Mosaic’s ‘Stranglehold’ on US Farmers

Jasper Hamann | Morocco World News | January 15, 2022

US phosphate and fertilizer giant Mosaic is facing strong pushback from farmers and local communities as rising US fertilizer prices impact both food producers and consumers. After a difficult 2021 where the company faced several scandals, the new year holds new challenges as the corporate giant faces intense scrutiny.

Piney Point crisis prompts protest of Polk phosphate operation

Sarah-Megan Walsh | The Ledger | April 6, 2021

A group of Florida citizens appealed to Polk County officials to reconsider granting a two-year permit for phosphate mine operations in South Fort Meade on Tuesday as the environmental crisis at Piney Point continues to unfold less than 60 miles away. 

‘March Against Mosaic’ held against company strip-mining in Florida

NBC2 | February 16, 2019

After red tide plagued Southwest Florida for much of last summer, conditions have improved, but the protests for clean water continue.

Residents protest proposed Mosaic expansion in Manatee County

Bays News 9 | Spectrum News | January 14, 2017

Dozens of residents showed up in Bradenton Saturday to protest Mosaic’s proposal to the county to expand phosphate mining operations at its Wingate East property on Saturday.

Contaminated well concerns prompt protests after Mosaic sinkhole incident

Chip Osowski | WFLA | September 17, 2016

Concerns over contaminated wells prompted a handful of protesters to gather in front of Mulberry City Hall. They held signs, hoping to hold the Mosaic Corporation accountable.

Major Investigations
& Lawsuits
Central Florida Homeowners Sue The Mosaic Company over Radiation Health Risks from Phosphate Mining

Lanier Law Firm | PR Newswire | May 7, 2020

Homeowners in two central Florida neighborhoods built atop abandoned phosphate mines have filed a federal lawsuit against The Mosaic Company, charging that the Minnesota-based company, as well as two real estate developers who are also defendants, failed to warn residents about widespread contamination in ....

Locals file lawsuit as Mosaic's Florida sinkhole reaches aquifer

Luis Nonito Pasuelo | S&P Global Market Intelligence | September 28, 2016

Mosaic Co. believes that the 45-feet sinkhole, which opened at its New Wales phosphate fertilizer facility in Florida in late August, has reached the Floridian aquifer, a source of drinking water for the locals, Bloomberg News reported.

Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC Reaches Regulatory Settlement In Florida And Louisiana

PR Newswire | October 1, 2015

Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC, a subsidiary of The Mosaic Company (NYSE: MOS), today announced that it has reached settlements with federal and state environmental agencies to resolve claims about how the company has managed certain onsite waste materials at its fertilizer manufacturing facilities in Florida and Louisiana.

Mosaic Co settles U.S. environment claims for over $800 mln

Reuters | October 1, 2015

Fertilizer maker Mosaic Co has reached a settlement worth more than $800 million with U.S. regulators over its waste management practices at plants in Florida and Louisiana.

The Mosaic Company Announces Settlement of South Fort Meade Phosphate Mine Litigation

PR Newswire | February 21, 2012

Mosaic Company announced today a settlement agreement with the Sierra Club, Manasota-88, and People for Protecting the Peace River in litigation challenging the company's federal wetlands permit at the South Fort Meade mine. This permit allows mining of the Hardee County Extension near Bowling Green, Florida.

Environmental Impact
Piney Point cleanup, closure might take three years or longer

Zachary T. Sampson | Tampa Bay Times | March 4, 2022

It could take until the end of 2024 or longer to shut down Piney Point, the troubled old fertilizer plant property that set off an environmental crisis last spring in Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay saw its worst red tide in 50 years. How much blame does the Piney Point spill get?

Daniel Figueroa IV | Florida Politics | January 28, 2022

Tampa Bay in July saw its worst red tide event in 50 years just months after failure at Manatee County’s Piney Point Phosphate Plant led to more than 200 million gallons of contaminated water being dumped into the bay.

Piney Point crisis: Environmental concerns grow as millions of gallons of contaminated water enter bay

Allyson Herring | WFLA | April 5, 2021

Crews are doing whatever it takes to avoid a complete collapse of the gypsum stack at Piney Point. A big part of those around-the-clock efforts involve emptying out the leaking reservoir.

Eaters of the earth: How the fertilizer industry leaves a trail of destruction across the American South

Boyce Upholt | The Counter | April 22, 2020

Phosphate rock allowed farmers to stop using manure fertilizer, kicking us into the modern era of agriculture. But those who live near the mining industry’s epicenter fear its huge towers of radioactive sludge will pour into their backyards.

'If there's a spill, it's a disaster': living next to a giant lake of radioactive waste

Lauren Zanolli | The Guardian | November 16, 2019

Louisiana activists are fighting to stop industrial development in a polluted, economically struggling area, and a major concern is a fertilizer plant

Feds, state consult with Mosaic on potential reservoir breach as residents worry

John Wright | The Lens | January 31, 2019

Federal and state environmental officials met in St. James Parish with representatives of Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC Wednesday to discuss efforts to prevent a potential environmental catastrophe in the heart of Cancer Alley: a collapse of a nearly 200-foot-tall wall of mineral waste and the subsequent release of acidic wastewater ....

Florida sinkhole at Mosaic fertilizer site leaks radioactive water

Rod Nickel | Reuters | September 27, 2016

A sinkhole spanning 45 feet (13.7 meters) in diameter opened at a Mosaic Co phosphate fertilizer facility in Florida, leaking 215 million gallons of “slightly radioactive water,” a company spokesman said on Friday.

Phosphate giant Mosaic agrees to pay nearly $2 billion over mishandling of hazardous waste

Craig Pittman | Tamba Bay Times | October 1, 2015

Mosaic Fertilizer, the world's largest phosphate mining company, has agreed to pay nearly $2 billion to settle a federal lawsuit over hazardous waste and to clean up operations at six Florida sites and two in Louisiana, the Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday.

Employment Practices
& Relations
Eighty salaried employees lose jobs as Mosaic keeps Colonsay mine idled

Alex MacPherson | The Star Phoenix | January 28, 2020

Around 80 salaried employees at Mosaic Co.’s Colonsay mine east of Saskatoon are out of a job after the potash mining company signalled its intention to keep the facility off-line “for the foreseeable future.”

Sask. potash mine layoffs will have 'devastating' impact, says union president

Alicia Bridges | CBC | July 14, 2016

Mosaic laid off about 330 workers at Colonsay, Sask., mine on Wednesday

Mosaic laying off 51 workers across Saskatchewan

CTV Regina | CTV News | March 24, 2014

Potash giant Mosaic Co. says it is laying off 51 workers across Saskatchewan, citing market conditions.


Corporate Headquarters
101 E Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33602
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$10.974 billion (2021) | source
Most Recent Net Revenue
$1.794 billion (2021) | source
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    Tax Havens
    & Evasion
    Protectionism rising, as US company accuses OCP of unfair competition

    Estelle Maussion | The Africa Report | February 11, 2021

    The Biden administration has confirmed that it wants to tax Moroccan fertiliser imports, but the pan-African giant OCP is still hoping to avoid the worst

    Major Projects
    Mosaic Co. Enters Joint Venture in Saudi Arabia

    Davis Michaelsen | AgWeb | March 19, 2013

    The Mosaic Company today announced a $7 billion greenfield project, to be known as Wa'ad Al Shammal Phosphate Project as part of a Heads of Agreement with Ma'aden and the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation.

    Technip to design Mosaic Louisiana ammonia plant

    Hydrocarbon Processing | January 3, 2013

    Mosaic on Thursday awarded Technip with the front-end engineering and design (FEED) contract, as well as preparation of the corresponding engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) proposal, for a new ammonia plant under consideration in Louisiana.

    The Mosaic Company Announces Potential $700 Million Ammonia Plant in St. James Parish

    Greater New Orleans Inc | December 21, 2012

    Today, Greater New Orleans, Inc., Gov. Bobby Jindal, St. James Parish President Timmy Roussel, and The Mosaic Company’s Richard Krakowski announced Mosaic is beginning front-end engineering and design work on a potential $700 million ammonia production plant at the company’s existing Faustina site in St. James Parish.

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