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Marathon Petroleum is a fossil fuel company headquartered in Findlay, Ohio, that was created by the merger of three companies Marathon Oil (previously Ohio Oil Company), Ashland Refining and Tesoro Refining. The merged company is the largest producer of refined petroleum products in the United States, with 16 refineries across the country including the Galveston Bay Refinery in Texas and the Garyville Refinery in Louisiana’s Cancer Alley, two of the three biggest refineries in the country.* The Michigan and Louisiana refineries are located in major industrial zones with dozens of other polluting facilities and have been protested regularly by local communities who have suffered serious breathing problems and high cancer rates. In 2020, Marathon agreed to pay out $360,000 for air pollution at the Detroit refinery while several workers were hospitalized in a major explosion at the Garyville refinery in February 2022. Additionally the Texas City, Texas, refinery experienced a large oil leak from a storage tank as well as a hydrogen fluoride leak in 2021 that injured several workers.


Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Gasoline.


Top 5 Offense Groups (Groups Defined)Penalty TotalNumber of Records
environment-related offenses$1,387,585,659218
employment-related offenses$44,142,96612
safety-related offenses$40,621,603109
consumer-protection-related offenses$22,500,0001
financial offenses$20,011,6552

(September 30, 2022)

Number of Records
Total Penalties
$1,515,861,883 (September 30, 2022)
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Article Archive

The tax breaks for jobs scheme isn’t working out for Louisiana

Published by
Louisiana Illuminator
Jarvis DeBerry

You, I and every other American taxpayer helped out Marathon Petroleum during the worst of the pandemic. Then, the same year it secured its $2.1 billion in federal tax benefits — the most of any U.S. oil company — Marathon let go almost 1,920 employees.

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Crude oil leak at Marathon Petroleum facility in Texas City
Oil vapor leak reported at Marathon refinery in southwest Detroit
Residents want answers after leak at Marathon Refinery
Video of Marathon Refinery in Detroit on Sept. 12, 2019
Detroit residents 'demanding accountability' after oil vapor leak at Marathon refinery
Marathon Petroleum: Bailout Of A Racist Polluter
Explosive Fire Breaks Out At Marathon Petroleum Refinery In Carson


Other Key Sources
  • Business and Human Rights Resource Centre's profile on Marathon Petroleum - UK-based Business and Human Rights Resource Centre is an NGO that employs researchers on five continents who work with activists, companies and governments alike to advance human rights in business by eradicating abuse.


Recent & Ongoing Campaigns
Locked-out Marathon Petroleum workers win growing support

Nick Neeser | The Militant | March 22, 2021

The 200 locked-out members of Teamsters Local 120 continue to win support and solidarity in their fight for safety against Marathon Petroleum refinery bosses here. Marathon is the largest oil refining company in the U.S.

Group protests Marathon refinery in wake of oil vapor cloud

Charles Ramirez | The Detroit News | September 13, 2019

A group called on the governor and state officials Friday to hold the owner of a southwest Detroit oil refinery accountable for emissions it puts into the air.

Major Investigations
& Lawsuits
Marathon agrees to $80K fine, $280K community investment after 2019 broken pipe dilemma

Rod Meloni | Click On Detroit | July 28, 2020

On Tuesday night, Marathon Petroleum and its surrounding neighborhood have a tentative deal in the dispute over noxious odors emitted into the air there.

Marathon Petroleum to Cut Air Pollution, Fed Fines $334.6M

Zacks Equity Research | Yahoo Finance | June 10, 2020

Leading independent refiner, transporter and marketer of petroleum products, Marathon Petroleum Corporation MPC, has agreed to spend $334.6 million to settle a dispute over refinery pollution across five U.S. states. The company will also pay a $326,000 civil penalty.

Environmental Impacts
Hydrogen fluoride leak at Marathon’s Galveston Bay refinery came from piping

Erwin Seba | Reuters | May 5, 2021

Marathon Petroleum Corp is investigating what caused a toxic chemical release that injured two workers on Tuesday at a Texas City oil refinery, a spokesman said, as the U.S. industrial safety watchdog also began looking into the incident.

24 Hours Later, Officials Are Still Cleaning Up Crude Oil Spill at Texas Refinery

Sophie Hirsch | Green Matters | October 7, 2021

Most of the time, the phrase oil “spill” is a bit of an understatement. And that’s absolutely true of the Marathon Petroleum oil spill that happened in Texas City this week. A leak caused oil to cascade out of a storage tank, flooding the ground, shutting down a nearby road, and causing concern for locals and environmentalists.

Oil spill at Texas City refinery prompts road closures and clean-up response

ABC 13 | October 6, 2021

A crude oil leak at a Texas City refinery has forced the closure of at least one road in the area.

PERI Pollution Indexes

Based on United States Environmental Protection Agency data ranking the top 100 worst polluters.

Employment Practices
& Relations
Union ends Marathon refinery strike in St. Paul Park

Bob Shaw | Twin Cities Pioneer Press | July 1, 2021

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 120 announced Thursday that their workers would be returning to the job, after members approved a six-year contract offer from the company.

Union raises safety concerns about refinery

John Croman | Care11 | April 27, 2021

Union workers who've been locked out of the Marathon Refinery in the south metro suburb since January say they're worried about potential safety hazards. In fact, a group of labor unions issued a report this week, sounding the alarm about replacement workers' lack of knowledge and experience.

Dispute idling 200 workers at St. Paul Park refinery enters its 8th week

Mike Hughlett | Star Tribune | March 11, 2021

A work stoppage at Marathon Petroleum's St. Paul Park refinery is entering its eighth week with no end in sight.


Corporate Headquarters
539 S Main St, Findlay, OH 45840
Most Recent Gross Revenue
$159.510 billion (2022) | source
Most Recent Net Revenue
$8.186 billion (2022) | source
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    Tax Havens
    & Evasion
    Marathon Petroleum, accused of fraudulently seeking tax exemption, asks commerce board to defer vote on its request

    Sara Sneath | Louisiana Illuminator | November 13, 2020

    A state board deferred consideration of $43 million in tax breaks for Marathon Petroleum Friday after claims that the company falsified public records to avoid going to St. John the Baptist Parish officials for approval.

    Marathon Petroleum takes bailout tax breaks while pumping pollutants into poor communities during a pulmonary pandemic

    Sarah Thomas & Nathan Heffernan | Greenpeace | July 13, 2020

    Fossil fuel companies have reaped millions of dollars in benefits from a stimulus package intended to help struggling Americans and the economy. Among these is Marathon Petroleum, the largest oil refiner in the country, which has a history of air pollution violations impacting low-income and Black and Brown communities.

    Major Projects
    Marathon Petroleum halts projects at St. Paul Park refinery until next year

    Lauren Sanicola | Reuters | July 8, 2020

    U.S. refiner Marathon Petroleum Corp is delaying all maintenance projects at its 102,000 barrel-per-day St. Paul Park, Minnesota, refinery for 2020, a source familiar with the matter said, amid concerns related to the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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