Take Action! Tell Shell to Stop Polluting Caribbean Island

Please Note: This action has been discontinued.

Thank you for your support!

A Shell refinery on the island of CURACAO (Netherlands Antilles), near the
coast of Venezuela, is casuing great concern and health threats to nearby
poor neighborhoods and the entire island. A series of recent alerts and
pleas for help have been received. People are asked to send letters and
faxes to the following persons demanding that the refinery be brought up to
European standards:

Her Majesty

Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands

Kabinet van de Koningin

Korte Vijverberg 3

2513 A B The Hague

The Netherlands

Ambassador J.M. Vos

Royal Netherlands Embassy

4200 Linnean Ave., N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20008

Voice: 202-244-5300

Fax: 202-362-343


Though they presently exceed the accepted pollution levels by more than
twice with some contaminants, ISLA Oil recently announced their intent to
implement a substantial expansion project ($190 million) to their present
facilities while simultaneously assuring that their environmental pollution
by-products would decrease dramatically. Does anyone "really" believe that?
If you DO, we'd like to sell you a "bridge" we own in southern Arizona!


Recent photos of ISLA Oil, CURACAO:



Cas Chikito (Netherlands Antilles), one of the most affected barrios,
invites all people interested in a healthy pollution free life, to
participate in a Protest March on January 5, 2002 at 3:00 pm in
Cas Chikito.

This will be a Protest March against the unchecked emissions of poisonous
contaminants.Participantsandnon-participants are invited to make donations to The Cas Chikito Respiratory Cancer Victims Fund. We expect this fund to be managed and supervised by the Catholic Church.

For further information pleasevisit our website:


"You have to know something is wrong when you can smell something bad long
before you can actually see it!!"

Upon seeing ISLA for the first time, one recent visitor from the U.S.
remarked "That's not an accident waiting to happen, it already is
happening... it's just that it's in slow motion!

FOR MORE INFO CONTACT: stanc93@attglobal.net

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