Stop Bankrolling Polluting Technology

Tell the World Bank to Stop Funding Incinerators. Dioxin Factories are not "Sustainable Development"!

Wednesday, Sept. 25, 5 pm

Join us to tell the Bank to stop bankrolling incinerators!

1818 H Street, NW -- World Bank HQ -- Washington, DC

Stand in solidarity on Sep. 25 with people in Kenya, Argentina, South Africa, Mexico, India, Brazil, Turkey, Mozambique, Nigeria, Philippines, South Korea, Bulgaria, and the U.K. as they tell the World Bank to break its ugly incinerator habit.

Afterwards please attend:

Global Struggles Against the IMF and World Bank

7 pm, 9/25, 1313 NY Ave, NW

Dirty Technology

Waste incinerators are a discredited, obsolete, polluting, and dangerous technology. The World Bank should not be sending dioxin factories to countries in the Global South!

Incinerators Kill

Hazardous chemicals released by incinerators (including dioxins, PCBs, heavy metals) pollute and endanger nearby communities with a host of health impacts, including cancer. These substances can also be transmitted long distances and already threaten public health globally.

Does the Bank have Money to Burn?

Since 1993 the World Bank Group has promoted incineration in 156 projects in 68 countries. 26 of those projects were initiated since 2001, including two projects that recommended incinerating PCBs in Argentina and Brazil, an Indian project that recommended incinerating PVC byproducts, and another Indian project that recommended an incinerator at a pesticide plant.

Alternatives to incineration save resources, generate jobs and most importantly, protect public health.

Double Standards?

In September 1999, the New York Times reported that James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank Group, made a personal contribution of US$50,000 to an effort to prevent the construction of a mixed hazardous waste
incinerator near his vacation home in Wyoming. Yet his organization promotes and funds incinerators in other people's backyards.

For more information on World Bank Group promotion of incineration please contact: Monica Wilson, Essential Action, 202-387-8030,

Read the new report "Bankrolling Polluting Technology" after 9/25/02 at and

For more information about the Global Struggles Against the IMF and World Bank Teach-In, please go to

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