International Mining Threatens Future of Peruvian Town

Oxfam America and the Global Mining Campaign Call for Farmers to Have a Choice

Today, Oxfam America, in collaboration with the Global Mining Campaign, launches a new, international, online popular action to support the local people of Tambogrande, a small agricultural town in Peru, in their ongoing struggle against a proposed mining project. The campaign asks individuals around the globe to tell the mining company, Manhattan Minerals, to respect the local people's way of life. To join the online action, visit For information on the Global Mining Campaign, see

The people of Tambogrande will hold a referendum on June 2nd to decide the type of economic development -- mining or agriculture -- they want for their region. Today, Tambogrande farmers grow lemons, papayas and mangoes in the fertile soil. However, there are vast mineral deposits buried beneath those fields, and Manhattan Minerals, a mining multinational, has proposed a large open pit mine in the center of Tambogrande. The proposed project could displace over 50% of the town's residents from their homes, destroy prime agricultural lands, and generate significant environmental pollution.

"The struggle between the people of Tambogrande and the mining company is about more than just the choice between mining and agriculture," explained Keith Slack, Oxfam America policy advisor. "It's about the right of local communities to protect their livelihoods and have a voice in development decisions that affect them."

Local farmers have already been struggling against the proposed mine for over 3 years -- as more than 75% of the district's 37,000 voters have signed a petition to block the mine. In addition, both Tambogrande's mayor and the local Archbishop have called for a halt to the mining project.

"No mining project should operate without the consent of affected communities," explained Keith Slack. "We urge the international community to support the people of Tambogrande by taking action at"

Oxfam America is an international development group dedicated to creating lasting solutions to hunger, poverty and social injustice around the world.

The Global Mining Campaign is an international mining monitoring network comprised of human rights and environmental activists from around the world.

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