Toyota protest for dismissed workers

Toyota makes and sells more cars than almost any other manufacturer in the world. Founded in 1937, the company has been investigated for a number of safety defects such as unintended acceleration in certain vehicle models, use of sub-standard metal components, installation of faulty airbags, and seatbelt failures. It paid out a fine of $1.2 billion in 2014 to the U.S. for hiding information about acceleration problems from buyers and government officials, as well as $1 billion in compensation to car owners, after as many as 37 people were reported killed in runaway vehicles. Workers at Toyota factories in Canada, India, Mexico, and the Philippines as well as the state of Kentucky. have protested the company’s low pay and benefits, and union busting.


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Top 5 Offense Groups (Groups Defined)Penalty TotalNumber of Records
safety-related offenses$1,311,315,84520
environment-related offenses$222,150,70014
consumer-protection-related offenses$33,345,0002
employment-related offenses$11,093,2435
financial offenses$23,4001

(June 10, 2021) 

Number of Records
Total Penalties
$1,577,928,188 (June 10, 2021)
Individual Records & Summaries
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Article Archive

In Mexico, $2 per hour workers make $40,000 SUVs

Published by
Mark Stevenson

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Auto worker Ivan Flores spends his days transporting parts for U.S.-bound Audi SUVs at a plant in central Mexico, but he laughs when asked if he could ever buy one of the $40,000 Q5 SUVs the plant produces on his $2.25 per hour salary.

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Toyota deaths reported to safety database rise to 37

Published by
USA Today
John R. Healey

By James R. Healey, USA TODAY

Three more deaths apparently linked to runaway Toyotas have been posted on the government's auto-safety database, which would bring totals to 37 fatalities in 29 incidents.

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Toyota Warns US Workers: Build Camry for Less, or Else

Published by
Paul Ausick

Toyota Motor Corp. (TM) opened its first U.S. plant in 1988 in Georgetown, Kentucky. The plant's 8,200 employees produced 500,766 vehicles last year, most of which were the company's best-selling Camry sedan.

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A Toyota Factory Revs Up in Tijuana

Published by
LA Times
John O’Dell

Tijuana — 

Toyota Motor Corp. didn’t rely just on the help-wanted section in the newspaper here when it was ready to begin staffing the assembly line at its newest factory.

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Toyota delays opening of new Myanmar plant in wake of coup

Published by
Nikkei Asia

Toyota Motor has decided to postpone the opening of a new plant in Myanmar amid heightened political uncertainty following the Feb. 1 coup, Nikkei Asia has learned. The plant was scheduled to open this month.

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Videos & Podcasts
Karnataka: 3500 workers protest outside Toyota-Kirloskar Bidadi plant despite lockout
Toyota Crash Evidence Sparks Protest For New Trial Of Fong Lee
Toyota Workers In Ramnagara Continue Protest, Defy Lockout Order
Toyota workers’ strike in Bidadi enters 36th day, no resolution in sight



Recent & Ongoing Campaigns
Activists Protest Toyota Plant

Assembly | August 28, 2007

Labor and church leaders are speaking out against what they describe as the unjustified firings, on-the-job injuries and overuse of temporary workers taking place at Toyota.

Protest Toyota Campaign vs. Toyota

Protest Toyota Campaign vs. Toyota | March 4, 2004

TMPCWA filed a complaint against Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMP) for labour rights violations. The complaint alleges TMP refused to recognize TMPCWA as the sole and exclusive bargaining agent, and the company has actively tried to hinder workers right to association and collective bargaining.

Major Investigations
& Lawsuits
Toyota slapped with $180 million fine for violating Clean Air Act

Charlie Osborne | ZD Net | January 15, 2021

Toyota has agreed to pay $180 million to settle claims that the company failed to comply with the US Clean Air Act for a decade.

China fines Toyota 87.6 million yuan over Lexus price-fixing

Reuters | December 27, 2019

China's market regulator on Friday has fined Japanese carmaker Toyota Motor 7203.T 87.6 million yuan ($12.5 million) for price-fixing on its premium Lexus cars in eastern Jiangsu province, according to a document on its website.

Kobe Steel, Toyota hit with U.S. lawsuit over vehicle metal quality

Tina Bellon, Yuka Obayashi | Reuters | March 6, 2018

U.S. consumers have filed a lawsuit against Kobe Steel Ltd 5406.T and Toyota Motor Corp 7203.T accusing the companies of violating consumer protection laws and engaging in fraud by concealing the use of substandard metal components in vehicles.

Employment Practices
& Relations
Toyota lifts lockout, but employees to continue protest

Hans India | January 12, 2021

In a major development on Tuesday, Toyota Kirloskar Motors (TKM) announced lifting of the lockout at its Bidadi-based manufacturing plants in the State. The automobile company announced lockout on November 10 last year following strike called by employees union.

Indian Toyota workers continue strike in defiance of company-government repression

Aran Kumar | WSWS | January 7, 2021

Over 3,000 Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) workers in the southern Indian city of Bangalore are continuing their strike, now nearly three months long, against speed-up and management harassment. The workers are continuing to defy a back-to-work order issued by the Hindu supremacist ...

Ground report: 37 days in, why Toyota Kirloskar workers in Bidadi continue to protest

Haripriya Suresh & Shilpa Ranipeta | The News Minute | December 15, 2020

Nearly 3,500 workers have been protesting at the Toyota Kirloskar Motors Bidadi plant for the past 37 days.

Toyota workers urged to reject union

Grace Macaluso | Windsor Star | February 19, 2014

The head of a U.S. anti-union group that helped defeat a UAW campaign at Volkswagen’s plant in Tennessee is urging Toyota workers in Ontario to reject an organizing drive  waged by Unifor.



Corporate Headquarters
Most Recent Gross Revenue
$279.096 billion (2019) | source
Most Recent Net Revenue
$22.533 billion (2019) | source
Stock Exchange Tickers
TYO: 7203, NAG:7203, LSE: TYT, NYSE: TM

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Political Influence Profile of Toyota

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Tax Havens
& Evasion
Toyota faces Thai bribery probe over tax dispute

John Reed, Kana Inagaki, & Kiran Stacey | Financial Times | April 19, 2021

Toyota is under investigation in Thailand over allegations that consultants hired by the world’s largest carmaker tried to bribe local officials in a tax dispute, according to Thai authorities, court documents and a person with knowledge of the matter.

Toyota Probed Possible Bribes To Top Thai Judges

Frank Runyeon | Law 360 | March 29, 2021

More than six months before Toyota disclosed concerns to U.S. authorities about possible foreign bribery in Thailand, the automaker launched its own investigation into whether its consultants paid off Thai judges and government officials in an effort to overturn a $350 million import tax judgment ....

Toyota fined for tax avoidance: report

Sydney Morning Herald | October 8, 2003

Top Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp. had failed to declare about five billion yen ($A66 million) in taxable income in two years to March 2002, a news report said Wednesday.

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