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Repsol is a fossil fuel exploration company that evolved from a Spanish state venture that was set up in the 1920s. It acquired oil fields and refineries in South America in the 1990s by taking advantage of the wave of privatizations of state-owned oil companies, pushed by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, notably of Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales (YPF) in Argentina. Repsol-YPF has been accused of trampling on the rights of the Lonko Purran community of Mapuche people in the Cerro Bandera oil field in Argentina; as well as the Kugapakori, Machiguenga, Nahua and Yine people of the Urubamba River who are impacted by the Camisea Gas Project in Peru.


Oil and gas exploration and production, LNG trading and transportation, Oil refining, Petrochemistry


Top 5 Offense Groups (Groups Defined)Penalty TotalNumber of Records
environment-related offenses$130,153,5749

(May 8, 2021) 

Number of Records
Total Penalties
$130,153,574 (May 8, 2021)
Individual Records & Summaries
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Article Archive

Strong accusations against Repsol YPF in Argentina

Published by
Radio Mundo Real

The Spanish company Repsol YPF has been operating unscrupulously in Argentina to plunder non renewable hydrocarbon resources, while violating national and international regulations, in addition to their own concession contracts, according to the Foundation of Social and Political Research (FISYP)

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YPF nationalisation: Is Argentina playing with fire?

Published by
Vladimir Hernandez

Amid applause and cheers, Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner put an end to months of speculation when she announced moves to nationalise YPF, the country's biggest oil company.

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Videos & Podcasts
Canary Islands vs Repsol and the Spanish Government


Spain: Indigenous Brazilians protest oil pollution in front of Repsol HQ in Madrid (VIDEO)

Indigenous Brazilians protest oil pollution in front of Repsol HQ in Madrid


Recent & Ongoing Campaigns
Spanish unions announce strike at Repsol

IndustriALL Global Union | December 1, 2020

The joint union committee announced strike action from December 9 to 12 and from December 21 to January 9, 2021, after the company refused to negotiate.

Indigenous climate activists stage protest against fossil fuels in Spain

Reuters | December 8, 2019

A group of protesters representing Brazilian indigenous tribes staged a protest on Sunday in front of the headquarters of Spanish energy company, Repsol, in Spain's capital, Madrid, calling for an end to oil drilling and exploration off the coast of Brazil.

Peru: Repsol freezes power plant construction works in the Amazon following community protests

Business and Human Rights Resource Center | January 17, 2017

Spanish energy multinational Repsol put a halt to construction works for a gas compressor plant in the Peruvian Amazon until 2019, due to protests from an indigenous community that owns the rights to the land.

Campaigning against oil exploration near the Canary islands.

The Local | December 14, 2014

Protesters plunged half-naked into the icy sea and unfurled banners Saturday to try to stop oil prospecting near Spain's Canary Islands, a major tourist destination.

Greenpeace and Junta support flotilla protest against Repsol fracking plans

Jacqueline Fanchini | The Olive Press | October 15, 2014

A Flotilla of boats protesting plans for a fracking survey on the Costa Del Sol has been backed by Greenpeace and the Junta.

Major Investigations
& Lawsuits
Repsol agrees $5bn Argentina compensation

BBC | February 26, 2014

Spanish oil company Repsol has agreed a $5bn (£3bn) settlement with Argentina over the seizure of its assets there.

Repsol fined for anti-competitive practices.

Business & Human Rights Resource Center | September 25, 2009

The suit argues that the government did not consult with local people before giving the companies permission to work there, as is required under international law, and oil exploration would violate local peoples’ fundamental human rights to ‘enjoy a balanced environment’.

Ecuador Group Files Lawsuit Against Repsol

Amazon Watch | May 15, 2001

Environmental, human-rights and Indians groups filed a lawsuit with the Constitutional Court Tuesday to stop Repsol-YPF from building a new oil pipeline.

Judge Approves $172 Million Settlement in Refinery Blast

AP News | October 20, 1993

A federal judge on Wednesday approved a $172 million agreement settling damage claims from a 1988 explosion at Shell Oil Co.’s refinery in Norco, La.

Employment Practices
& Relations
Repsol Accused of Human Rights Violations

CSR Wire | July 24, 2009

International aid agency Oxfam has accused Repsol YPF of violating the human rights of South American indigenous tribes.


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$55.247B (2019) | source
Most Recent Net Revenue
-$4.274B (2019) | source
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Major Projects
Repsol to Drill for Oil in Amazon Rainforest in Peru

Published by The Guardian | David Hill | July 1, 2013

Repsol has been given the go-ahead by Peru's ministry of energy and mines (MEM) to explore for oil in one "protected" and one proposed reserve in the north of the country in the remote Amazon rainforest bordering Ecuador.

Mediterranean Reefs Will Be Destroyed Upon Repsol's Prospecting

Published by Oceana | July 21, 2011

Information provided by Repsol Investigaciones Petrolíferas, S. A. (RIPSA, Repsol’s Oil Investigation unit), which is promoting the drilling of the seabed in front of Spain’s Costa del Sol, and the Spanish Ministry for the Environment, does not reflect the reality of the habitats that will be damaged.

Repsol: Another Petroleum Company in Ancestral U'wa Land

Published by Amazon Watch | October 10, 2001

We are calling the attention of groups that support the U'wa people. From information from ECOPETROL and the Ministry of the Environment, we can confirm that the Colombian petroleum company, Ecopetrol, has two contracts in association with the Spanish petroleum company REPSOL, to explore and drill in U'wa ancestral land.

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