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Penta Investments, a private-equity group in central Europe, invests in banks, frozen foods, health care businesses, real estate and newspapers. Founded in 1994, the fund employed Alojz Lorenc, the last head of the Czechoslovak Secret Police in the Communist era. In December 2020, Jaroslav Haščák, a co-founder of Penta and the second-richest man in Slovakia, was arrested and charged with attempting to illegally obtain a set of classified wire-taps, code-named Gorilla, that were made by the Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS), that allegedly implicated him in a major corruption scandal.


Investments and developing projects in healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing, real estate and media.


Violation data on Penta Investments is still being gathered at this time.

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Article Archive

Haščák of Penta detained and accused

Published by
Slovak Spectator

UPDATED: 2. DEC 2020, AT 11:39

Haščák of Penta detained and accused

Dozens of police officers raided Digital Park, the headquarters of the financial group.

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Police Raid Penta Investments, Arrest Jaroslav Hascak

Published by
Prague Business Journal
Matt Atlas

Slovak police detained and accused Jaroslav Haščák, the co-owner of the Czech-Slovak financial group Penta Investments, of corruption and money laundering. Dozens of police officers also launched a large-scale raid in the afternoon at Penta’s headquarters in Bratislava.

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Bribery, secret tapes, and the arrest of a powerful Slovak tycoon

Published by
Tomáš Madleňák, Lukáš Diko, The Investigative Center of Ján Kuciak

On 1 December 2020 dozens of special police commandos wearing balaclavas and armed with submachine guns entered Bratislava’s Digital Park building, well known as the headquarters of Penta, an influential private-equity firm.

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Penta Story (Slovak)
Cez čiaru: Ktorí vplyvní ľudia dláždili cestu Haščákovi a Pente (Slovak)


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Slovak police arrest prominent businessman Hascak, co-owner of Penta

Reuters | December 1, 2020

Slovak police arrested and charged prominent businessman Jaroslav Hascak on Tuesday after raiding his company Penta's offices in Bratislava, charges that Penta called "groundless and inappropriate."

Major Investigations
Slovak court keeps billionaire in custody over graft case

Reuters | December 4, 2020

A Slovak court on Friday ordered Slovakia’s second-richest man, Jaroslav Hascak, to remain in police custody following his arrest on Tuesday, the most high-profile detention since an anti-graft party took power this year.


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Procurement data for Penta Investments is still being gathered at this time.

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