Electric utility Iberdrola owns multiple major utilities around the world like Neoenergia in Brazil, Scottish Power in the U.K. and Avangrid in the U.S. In Spain, where the company is based, it was accused of generating a ‘false drought’  by emptying the Valdecañas reservoir in Cáceres province, causing the price of electricity to spike. It also operates the Cofrentes nuclear power plant, the biggest in the country, which has been a target of protests because of the radioactive waste generated.

It is a major shareholder in the consortium that built the Belo Monte dam on the Xingu River in the Amazon rainforest in the state of Pará, that displaced an estimated 55,000 people in the region, and caused the river’s flow to drop to a quarter of its previous volume.

Iberdrola has also built major wind turbines in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, on the land of the Indigenous communities. It has also been the subject of major protests in France, Spain and the U.K. over its massive offshore wind power projects.


Electricity generation and distribution, renewable energy, natural gas production, sale and distribution, telecommunications.

Iberdrola was profiled as part of the report "Green" Multinationals Exposed: How the Energy Transition is Being Hijacked by Corporate Interests.


consumer-protection-related offenses$18,779,7009
safety-related offenses$8,881,82696
employment-related offenses$2,270,9484
miscellaneous offenses$2,226,7553
environment-related offenses$1,087,59010

(November 13, 2023) 

Number of Records
Total Penalties
US$33,246,819 (November 13, 2023)
Individual Records & Summaries
Click here for violation data on Iberdrola
Information in this section is drawn from the Violation Tracker database produced by the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First in Washington DC. It is the most comprehensive source of data on business violations of laws and regulations in the United States. For specific examples of misconduct, please click on the links.


Videos & Podcasts
Spain: Protest outside Iberdrola in solidarity with the Isthmus of Tehuantepec against megaprojects
UK: Paint thrown at Scottish Power headquarters in Glasgow following energy profits protest


Brazil: After Belo Monte
Brazil: Exclusive! Residents Denounce Leak at Belo Monte Dam
USA: Utilities: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Spain: The President announces an investigation into the judges who have an injunction to Iberdrola
USA: The CMP Corridor: Putting Profits over Maine People (Pre-recorded Webinar)
France: Fisherfolk protest against the windfarm park in the Saint-Brieuc sea
Brazil: Documentary | Belo Monte: Endless Problems
USA: Avangrid, parent company face $110M lawsuit for alleged bid rigging, racketeering
Other Key Sources



Recent & Ongoing Campaigns
United Kingdom: ‘Make The Rich Pay’ target Scottish Power over energy hikes

Matt Kerr | Morning Star Online | April 12, 2023

Campaigners fighting to cut energy bills and company profits took direct action against Scottish Power toay, defacing the firm’s training centre at Dealain House in Cumbernauld, Scotland. (There have been regular protests against Scottish Power reaping profits while the UK is facing widespread fuel poverty.) 

Brazil: After workers' protest, Legislative Chamber allows General Commission to debate Neoenergia layoffs

National Federation of Urban Workers | April 13, 2022

On the afternoon of Tuesday, April 12th, hundreds of Neoenergia workers, union representatives and parliamentarians held a demonstration in front of the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District (CLDF) against the arbitrary dismissal of 45 professionals from the company.

Spain: Environmental activists and Indigenous peoples protest Iberdrola, Naturgy and Enagas over "their complicity in human rights violations" in Mexico

Antonio Barrero | Renewable Energy Magazine | November 26, 2021

Ecologists in Action, the Multinationals Observatory in Latin America (OMAL) and the National Indigenous Congress (Mexico), organized a "Toxic Tour" through downtown Madrid to criticize several Spanish-based multinationals "for their contribution to the environmental crisis and its collusion with human rights violations" in certain projects.

United Kingdom: Paint splattered across Scottish Power building in Glasgow as activists glue hands to ground

Ruth Suter | Glasgow Times | November 11, 2021

Six campaigners, from Scientist Rebellion, say the demonstration is to highlight the firm's "greenwashing policies". Donned in lab coats, they have spray-painted messages such as “tell the truth” onto the building, risking arrest.

Mexico: Indigenous people protest against “greenwashing” in front of Iberdrola

Desinformémonos | November 5, 2021

Members of Indigenous communities in the State of Mexico and the Isthmus of Tehuantepec protested in front of the offices of Iberdrola in Mexico City on November 4 to denounce "the deceit, dispossession, destruction and contamination" caused by the company's so-called "green" energy.

Spain: Protests over Iberdrola's unloading to produce electricity "at absolutely inflated prices" gain ground

Público | August 13, 2021

Criticism of Iberdrola is intensifying for taking advantage of this situation to produce cheap energy —emptying some of the reservoirs it manages— and charging more for it, with a large profit margin as a result of the Spanish electricity market system.

Brazil: Communities Affected by the Belo Monte Dam and Norte Energia Workers Protest for Their Rights

Amazônia Notícias e Informação | August 7, 2021

A demonstration in front of the headquarters of Norte Energia, which manages the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant, brought together former workers, riverside dwellers and those affected in the urban area of Altamira, Pará this Friday.

Spain: Greenpeace expresses concern over the Government's announcement to renew the license of the Cofrentes nuclear power plant until its closure in 2030

Greenpeace | March 18, 2021

The environmental organization holds Iberdrola, the sole owner of the nuclear power plant, as responsible for diverting and slowing down the energy transition by requesting tax exemptions for its nuclear power plants.

Brazil: Protest against Norte Energia on the Transamazônica highway ends with demands sent to the Federal Prosecutor's Office

Terras Indígenas | November 11, 2020

After five days of occupation and closure of the Transamazônica highway at km 27, the demonstration by fisherfolk, riverside dwellers, farmers and Indigenous peoples against Norte Energia, responsible for diverting water from the Volta Grande do Xingu to the Belo Monte turbines, came to a close this Friday the 13th.

United States: Protesters rally against CMP transmission line

Sean Stackhouse | News Center Maine | March 30, 2019

Just one day after the Maine Public Utilities Commission staff recommended approval of the controversial Central Maine Power transmission line, protesters against the project, rallied outside of the state house in Augusta.  "Our northern woods are a precious resource and it's up to us in the state to protect that as best we can," said Emily Barney, who organized the event.

Brazil: Those Affected by the Baixo Iguaçu Dam Awarded Their First Resettlement

Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens | March 12, 2018

After five years of protests, families from the municipalities of Capanema and Realeza, Planalto, which serve the left bank of the Iguaçu River, won the right to resettlement...

Brazil: Workers paralyze Belo Monte; Indigenous peoples give ultimatum to Norte Energia

Instituto Socioambiental | November 25, 2011

Around two thousand workers have crossed their arms again since the morning of Friday (25th), at the Belo Monte construction site, the main construction site for the hydroelectric power plant in the Altamira, Pará region.

Campaign Groups



United States:



United Kingdom:


USA: Maine Tries to Take Back Its Utilities

Lee Harris | The American Prospect | September 8, 2023

A ballot initiative up in November, backed by Mainers who are fed up with that status quo, aims to take back the monopoly privileges granted to those private utilities and convert them into Pine Tree Power, a nonprofit authority that would be run by an independent board.

Iberdola to sell 13 Mexico power generation plants to government

Mexico News Daily | April 5, 2023

President López Obrador on Tuesday hailed the deal as a “new nationalization of the electricity industry,” noting that it will allow the state-owned Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), which will operate the plants, to increase its share of the electricity market from just under 40% to 55.5%. 

Brazil: After privatization, the number of complaints against the Federal District's energy distributor grows 16%

Giovana Cardoso | R7 | January 2, 2023

In 2021, Neoenergia Brasília had a performance below that established by Aneel and ended 2022 with 2,788 complaints.

Brazil: The privatization of the Brasilia Energy Company is a disaster

Rodrigo Messias & Silvia Regina Portela | Brasil de Fato | March 14, 2022

There have been constant and repeated complaints in the last year due to the deterioration in service provision and the increase in time it took to restore the system, causing losses and inconvenience to customers.

UK: How free market helped big six energy firms to rack up huge profits

James Tapper | The Guardian | March 12, 2017

So energy companies have little incentive to give the sticky 66% a good deal, which results in “excessive prices” generating about £2bn a year for the big six – British Gas, Scottish Power, EDF, SSE, Npower and E.ON – according to a landmark report by the Competition and Markets Authority last year.

Bolivia nationalizes Iberdrola electricity companies

Carlos Quiroga & Sonya Dowsett | Reuters | December 29, 2012

Bolivia nationalized two electricity distribution companies owned by Spanish utility Iberdrola IBE.MC on Saturday, the latest move by leftist President Evo Morales to assert control over the country's resources.

Major Investigations
& Lawsuits
Spain Starts Trial Into Iberdrola’s Alleged Price Manipulation

Thomas Gualtieri | Bloomberg | October 17, 2023

Prosecutors are seeking a €85 million ($89.6 million) in fines from Iberdrola Generacion SA and two years of jail time for the executives from the Madrid court. A private complaint from consumer rights group Facua seeks three years in prison and a penalty of €107.5 million.

Mexico Energy Regulator Fines Spain's Iberdrola $467 Million

Voice of America | May 28, 2022

Mexico's energy regulator fined Spanish firm Iberdrola $467 million for improperly selling electricity to third parties in violation of domestic "self-supply" laws, a document published Friday said.

Spanish Energy Company Sues Over Industrial Spying Coverage 

Graham Keeley | Voice of America | February 11, 2022

Spanish power company Iberdrola is suing the holding company of business news site El Confidencial over coverage of an industrial espionage case, a move the site's director says threatens its survival.

France: Wind turbines in the bay of Saint-Brieuc: Why Sea Shepherd and Garde les Caps are filing a complaint with the European Commission

V. Chopin | France TV Info | February 9, 2022

On Friday, January 7, a complaint had already been filed by these two entities, before the State Council "to challenge 59 exemptions for the destruction of species and protected habitats granted to the Spanish industrial giant Iberdrola", which is managing the wind farm project in the bay of Saint-Brieuc in the Côtes d'Armor.

Energy companies accused of bid rigging and racketeering in US lawsuit

Lindsay Fendt | The Guardian | December 3, 2021

A cybersecurity company filed a $110m lawsuit in New York this week, accusing the Spanish global energy company Iberdrola and its US subsidiary Avangrid of bid rigging and racketeering.

Spanish court to investigate Iberdrola CEO in alleged spying case

Isla Binnie & Emma Pinedo | Reuters | June 23, 2021

Spain's High Court on Wednesday placed Iberdrola (IBE.MC) Chief Executive Ignacio Galan under investigation as part of a probe into an alleged spying case dating back more than 15 years, a court document showed.

United States: Class action lawsuit accuses utilities Eversource, Avangrid of bilking customers out of $3.6 billion

Dana Drugmand | The Berkshire Edge | November 24, 2017

A new lawsuit brought on behalf of all electric ratepayers in New England targets two of the largest investor owned utilities (IOUs) in the region for allegedly manipulating wholesale energy markets, resulting in inflated natural gas and electricity costs and higher bills for consumers.

Brazil: Court of Audit identifies overbilling of BRL 3.2 billion in Belo Monte

Tribunal de Contas da União | November 17, 2016

The Court of Audit (TCU) has given 15 days for Norte Energia, the company responsible for the implementation of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant, and Eletrobrás, the company's main shareholder, to provide clarifications on an overbilling of R$ 3.2 billion identified in the hydroelectric construction contract.

Shell and Scottish Power guilty of energy fraud and market manipulation in the US

Alex Brummer | This is Money | April 17, 2016

Shell and Iberdrola-owned Scottish Power have been found guilty of fraud and market manipulation which led to power blackouts in the San Francisco bay area. The finding by a Federal Energy Regulation Commission (FERC) judge alleges that Shell and Iberdrola made £809million of illegal profits which may now have to be repaid to the citizens of California.

United Kingdom: ScottishPower faces investigation over £79m warranty scandal

Simon Bowers | The Guardian | July 17, 2014

The Department for Business has promised to investigate new information relating to a fresh row over £79m of outstanding cashback promises made to ScottishPower customers more than a decade ago.

Brazil: Belo Monte consortium prohibits affected people from demonstrating

Aline Dias | Justiça Global | March 21, 2013

Norte Energia, owner of the hydroelectric plant, and the Consortium Constructor of Belo Monte managed to ban the Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB) and the Xingu Lives Forever Movement (MXVPS) from protesting in the State Court of Pará. By the court decision, the movements were prohibited from taking any action that would interfere with the progress of the construction of the dam. If they disrespected the measure, the established daily fine would be R$ 50,000.

International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes rules in favor of Guatemala in the million-dollar Iberdrola lawsuit

Juan Luis García | Plaza Pública | August 20, 2012

In 2008, Iberdrola sued Guatemala for paying Q.672 million for the reduction in Value Added Distribution Tax (VAD) ordered by the government. The electricity multinational wanted its subsidiary in the country, Empresa Eléctrica de Guatemala S.A., to charge US$11.36 per kilowatt to its users, which the National Electric Energy Commission reduced to US$4.24.

Environmental Impacts
United Kingdom: Dozens of giant turbines at Scots windfarms powered by diesel generators

John Ferguson | Daily Record | February 5, 2023

Scottish Power admitted 71 of its windmills were hooked up to the fossil fuel supply after a fault developed with their power supply.

Power firm Iberdrola fined €68,000 after griffon vulture is electrocuted in Spain's Valencia

Alex Trelinski | The Olive Press | January 17, 2023

Iberdrola's power distribution division has been fined €68,667 after a griffon vulture was electrocuted on a Valencia Province power line.

Academic Washing? How Spain's Energy Sector Cleans Its Image At Universities

Dani Dominguez | World Crunch | December 20, 2021

At Comillas University, for example, the companies sponsor the Module of Energy and Innovation, financed by Iberdrola; the Module of Family and Disability and the Module of Social Impact, in which the Repsol Foundation participates, as well as the Module of Energy and Poverty, run by Naturgy and Endesa.

Iberdrola Criticised for COP26 ‘Greenwash Gimmicks’ While Expanding Gas-Fired Power

Adam Barnett & Phoebe Cooke | DeSmog | November 11, 2021

Campaigners criticised the Spanish energy giant and its subsidiary ScottishPower, an official COP26 sponsor, over their green PR at the UN climate summit.

Portugal: Environmentalists denounce radioactive water leak

TPN/Lusa | The Portugal News | September 11, 2021

The Iberian Anti-Nuclear Movement (MIA) has denounced the existence of a "highly radioactive" water leak at the Cofrentes nuclear power plant, located in the Spanish province of Valencia, but the owner says there was no environmental or safety impacts.

Spain probes Iberdrola's use of reservoir water

Isla Binnie | Reuters | August 19, 2021

Spain is examining the use of reservoir water by power utility Iberdrola (IBE.MC), an energy and environment ministry official said on Thursday, adding a recent rapid draw-down from a lake in the west of the country exceeded "common sense" limits.

Brazil: Federal Prosecutor's Office files complaint against Norte Energia over the death of almost 30 tons of fish in Belo Monte

Ministério Público Federal | August 6, 2021

The Federal Prosecutor's Office alleges that Norte Energia acted with malicious intent by provoking the death of almost 30 tons of fish between 2015 and 2019, without taking the measures required by Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) to mitigate the serious damage to the fish fauna of the Xingu River.

France: Iberdrola halts work at Saint-Brieuc due to ‘oil leak’

Pamela Largue | Power Engineering International | June 22, 2021

Van Oord’s jack-up Aeolus has left the bay of Saint-Brieuc and is en-route to her home port in Vlissingen, the Netherlands after the installation of foundations at the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm was halted due to a leak of hydraulic fluid in the drilling equipment.

Mexico: The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) warns that Iberdrola is causing damage to fauna and flora with its Wind Farm in Chapulco

Yadira Llaven Anzures | La Jornada de Oriente | May 9, 2019

The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), through the Environmental Impact Statement (MIA), determined that the multinational company Iberdrola is causing damage to the endemic fauna and flora in the communities of San Pedro Chapulco and Azumbilla, for the installation of the "Renewable Energy Industrial Wind Farm" PIER IV SA de CV.

Brazil: Norte Energia fined for polluting the Xingu River

Organics News Brasil | July 21, 2018

The assessment was made after tests carried out in the water indicated the presence of waste eight to 16 times the amount allowed at the Altamira Sewage Treatment Plant, built by the company.

United States: Nonprofit opposes wind farm

Marcus Wolf | NNY360 | August 15, 2017

Audubon New York declared its opposition to Avangrid Renewables’s proposed Horse Creek Wind Farm earlier this month because of the potential threats it claims the project has to several bird species and their habitats within an important bird area in Northern Jefferson County.

Australia: Lawyers mount class action over Currandooley fire

Louise Thrower | Goulburn Post | May 4, 2017

The firm’s class action principal, Brendan Pendergast, said the action alleged that Infigen Energy “was aware of the risk that a bird strike to its high voltage power line could cause a fire.” Further, it was aware of previous similar incidents but “failed to take appropriate steps to address the risk until after the fire.”

Employment Practices
& Relations
Brazil: Union criticizes dismissal of 66 Neoenergia Brasília employees

Heloísa Viana | Brasil de Fato | April 3, 2023

João Carlos Dias, director of the Union of Urban Workers in the Federal District (STIU-DF), stated that there are no reasons for these layoffs and that the company has been making more and more profits.

United Kingdom: UK energy firms forcibly installed 94,000 prepayment meters last year

Jasper Jolly | The Guardian | March 28, 2023

Scottish Power was “the worst offender when taking into account their customer base” with 24,300 installations, the government said. That represented more than 500 installations per 100,000 meter points.

United Kingdom: British Gas, Scottish Power, SSE and Ovo named and shamed as energy vouchers fail to to arrive

Catherine Furze | Chronicle Live | December 17, 2022

One in five of the UK's poorest families are left shivering as they wait for their rebate payments to top up their meters.

Brazil: Federal Prosecutor's Office hearings show extinction of fishing in the Xingu River due to the Belo Monte dam

Ministério Público Federal | August 18, 2022

Once accustomed to the abundance of fish in one of the largest rivers in the Amazon, fisherfolk in the middle Xingu region, in Pará, have been experiencing difficulties in supporting their families since work on the hydroelectric dam, which has been accompanied by explosions in the river and the subsequent death of fish, began.

Brazil: Neoenergia: profit for the Spaniards, layoffs and bad services for the people of the Federal District

Chico Vigilante | Brasil 247 | April 11, 2022

Neoenergia, the company that acquired the Brasilia Energy Company (CEB) after the governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha, privatized it in 2021, demonstrated its total lack of commitment to employees and society this Monday by announcing layoffs of 120 workers, out of a total of 600...

United Kingdom: Scottish Power probe into claims of 'aggressive' energy debt tactics

Connor Gillies | BBC | December 18, 2021

A whistleblower claims call handlers working on behalf of Scottish Power are told to threaten customers with debt enforcement - even over mistaken bills.

Mexico: Iberdrola is using a territorial conflict to stop the anti-wind park movement

La Jornada del Oriente | May 13, 2018

A group of communal land shareholder from San Pedro Chapulco, Azumbilla and Puente Colorado criticized Iberdrola for using a territorial conflict that dates back to 1936 to generate division between communities and stop the social movement that is fighting the installation of a wind farm next to the Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Biosphere Reserve.

United Kingdom: ScottishPower agrees to pay consumers £8.5m following Ofgem sales investigation

Ofgem | October 22, 2013

Ofgem’s investigation found that ScottishPower breached its marketing licence conditions, and the company has agreed to pay an £8.5 million package that will directly benefit vulnerable consumers and compensate consumers that were misled.

USA: Iberdrola's Safety Record in Question

Miriam Raftery | East County Magazine | September 12, 2012

But a look at the history of turbine collapses, serious injury, fires, safety violations and at least one death linked to Iberdrola facilities raise serious concerns about the company’s track record.


Corporate Headquarters
Cardenal Gardoqui, 8, Bilbao U3 48008, Spain
Most Recent Gross Revenue
€53.949 billion (US$57.034 billion) (2022) | source
Most Recent Net Revenue
€4.339 billion (US$4.588 billion) (2022) | source
Stock Exchange Tickers
  • Scottish Power
  • Avangrid
  • Neoenergia
  • & MORE

Major Funders
Italy: Iberdrola receives €150 million EIB loan for renewable energy plants

European Investment Bank | February 13, 2023

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Iberdrola have signed a new agreement to accelerate the energy transition in Italy by developing new renewable energy plants.

Major Shareholders

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Political Influence

Open Secrets - Tracks corporate lobbying of US politicians.

Open Secrets Logo

OpenSecrets.org Profile of Iberdrola


United States: Avangrid Behind Political Campaign Against CT Utility Regulator

Itai Vardi | Energy & Policy Institute | August 23, 2023

Connecticut utility United Illuminating, a subsidiary of Avangrid, is behind a political campaign targeting a draft decision by state regulators rejecting its requested rate hike. UI has mobilized its own employees to protest and write comments against the state’s Public Utility Regulatory Commission (PURA).

United States: Energy Giants Spending Millions to Block This State's Effort to Create Consumer-Owned Utility

Jon Lamson | Common Dreams | August 24, 2022

Avangrid has already spent millions on a campaign opposing a potential 2023 ballot measure, which would propose a buyout of the state's two investor-owned utility companies, CMP and Versant (the state already has nine small-scale cooperatives and municipal-owned utilities).

Mexico: Iberdrola was abusive and advantageous for hiring Calderón and Kessel according to Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Nancy Flores | Contra Línea | October 6, 2021

Iberdrola's dominance in the Mexican electricity market derives from abusive, advantageous behavior, with the use of privileged information that it obtained when hiring former President Felipe Calderón and his former Secretary of Energy, Georgina Kessel Martínez, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said this morning.

United Kingdom: #StopFundingTheTories: Here are 36 companies you’ll want to avoid if you don’t want to unwittingly fund the Tories

Andrea Needham | Evolve Politics | February 12, 2018

Scottish Power. Have donated £48k since 2010. They’ve also given considerable amounts to Scottish Labour although the last donation was in 2016.

Brazil: Belo Monte workers call out bribery by the company Iberdrola

Instituto Humanitas Unisinos | July 22, 2014

The construction of the Belo Monte dam is ongoing in Brazil, and peasants have reported death threats and bribes to city halls and leaders of villages close to the worksite.

Import & Export Data

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Subsidy Tracker
Subsidy Tracker
Subsidy Tracker is a project of Good Jobs First in Washington DC. It is the most comprehensive source of data on state and federal subsidies in the United States. For more details, click on the links.
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Tax Havens
& Evasion
United Kingdom: Scottish Power loses mis-selling tax bid

David Byers | The Times | February 10, 2022

Scottish Power has lost its attempt to have corporation tax written off from the sums it was ordered to pay out to vulnerable customers and charities in 2013, after a judge dismissed its case in a first-tier tax tribunal judgment seen by The Times.

Global corporation tax reform: what are the key issues in G7 negotiations?

Richard Partington | The Guardian | June 3, 2021

Analysis by the EU Tax Observatory indicates companies that would be forced to pay more tax would include the oil giants BP, Shell, Iberdrola and Repsol, the mining firm Anglo American, telecoms firm BT, and banks such as HSBC, Barclays and Santander.

Spanish companies increase their presence in tax havens

Oxfam | Sur in English | March 16, 2015

On this basis, Oxfam stipulates that the US state of Delaware, the British Channel Islands, Panama and Luxembourg, among others, are tax havens. Delaware is the territory with the most subsidiaries of Spanish companies: 350 of the total 810. Santander has 62 there, while 58 belong to Iberdrola and 55 to ACS.

Major Projects
United Kingdom: Charities slam ScottishPower’s prepayment meters policy

Dimitris Mavrokefalidis | Energy Live News | October 26, 2023

Fiona Waters, a spokesperson for Warm This Winter, said: “It’s concerning that ScottishPower has been granted warrants to install prepayment meters in over a hundred homes, leaving vulnerable individuals with minimal credit, while its parent company is reporting substantial profits.”

United States: Avangrid opponents say a merger with PNM will lead to higher rates, worse customer service

Hannah Grover | New Mexico Political Report | September 8, 2023

A group opposed to a proposed merger between utility giant Avangrid and the Public Service Company of New Mexico released a report on Thursday alleging that Avangrid has a history of poor customer service, including errors in billing, and high rates.

Portugal: ProTEJO wants government opposition to the Iberdrola plant at the Alcântara dam

Esquerda.net | December 13, 2022

Environmentalists want to assess the cross-border impact of the project for an Iberdrola power plant at the Alcãntara dam, in Cáceres, which will pump water upstream, restricting the flow that reaches Portugal.

Spanish court orders Iberdrola to dismantle 60% of 500 MW operational PV plant

Luisa Cabello | PV Magazine | June 17, 2022

A Spanish court has ruled that Spain’s largest operational PV project – the 500 MW Nuñez de Balboa solar plant – occupies a piece of land that was illegally expropriated. Project owner Iberdrola must now shut down a large portion of the installation.

Mexico: Energy Regulatory Commission Rejects Yet More Iberdrola Permits

Conal Quinn | Mexico Business News | May 17, 2022

The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) has denied permits to Iberdrola to modify at least four permits, leaving some of the Spanish service provider’s plants in a precarious situation as active contracts are due to expire.

Iberdrola puts its stake in the second largest hydroelectric plant in Brazil up for sale

Alba Pérez | El Economista | February 19, 2022

Neoenergia, the Brazilian subsidiary of Iberdrola, has put up for sale its 10% stake in the company Norte Energia, which operates the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant, the second largest in Brazil...

Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources Suspends Licensing for the São Luiz do Tapajós Hydroelectric Plant

Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens | April 21, 2016

The environmental agency's decision was taken on the same day that National Indigenous Foundation (Funai) approved the studies for the demarcation of the Sawré Maybú indigenous land, of the Munduruku people. The dam would flood part of the Indigenous territory and cause the removal of the Indigenous people, which is prohibited by the Constitution.


United States: One company could sink Massachusetts’ climate goals

Benjamin Storrow | E&E News | January 25, 2023

Avangrid Inc. has won three of the five long-term power contracts awarded by Massachusetts since 2017. Since then, two of the company’s projects have floundered: a major offshore wind farm and a transmission line for hydropower.

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