Coca Cola Breaks Ranks on Climate

AMSTERDAM, May 9, 2001 -- In a letter to Greenpeace yesterday, Coca Cola
Spain stated that it fully backed the European governments support for
the international climate change agreement the Kyoto Protocol, an
agreement US President Bush rejected six weeks ago today.

This action effectively set Coca Cola Spain in direct opposition to Coca
Cola US, which belongs to an Exxon (Esso) led business group the US
Council for International Business (USCIB) - that is in public support of
Bushs rejection of the international climate change agreement.

This is the first clear signal that not all American multinationals agree
with Bush, and are willing to put the clear will of their customers ahead
of any pressure from the US administration and Exxon, said Greenpeace
climate campaigner Steve Sawyer. We will continue to pressure US
companies and their subsidiaries worldwide to come clean on their stance
on the global climate agreement.

In letters to Greenpeace, many US companies claim not to take a position
on the Kyoto Protocol, but in fact reject the global climate agreement
through their membership of the USCIB, which has strongly supported the
Bush position.

Companies cannot claim on the one hand to have no position, and on the
other hide behind Exxon and the USCIB, said Sawyer. If a company doesnt
want to be associated with the destruction of the climate, the first thing
they have to do is publicly support the Kyoto protocol.

In a related development, Ford yesterday took out a full-page
advertisement in The Financial Times, claiming that it was unique for
realising that climate change is an issue that we must address. However,
it is clear that Ford opposes real action via the global climate
agreement, both in its correspondence with Greenpeace and by association
with the USCIB.

Companies, like Ford and other members of the USCIB, confirm by the
advertising and marketing dollars spent that their consumers do care about
the climate. But this is just a cynical public relations exercise until
they finally waking up to the overwhelming public and political calls for
serious action on the climate. Like Coca Cola, the first thing they must
do is dissociate themselves from the USCIB, Bush, and publicly support the
ratification of the Kyoto Protocol.

Greenpeace has now received 20 responses to its letters to the US Fortune
100 companies asking that they state their position on the Kyoto Protocol.
It is pursuing the remaining companies for a response.

This activity is part of Greenpeaces global campaign to pressure
corporate America and George W Bush to work with the rest of the world to
save the climate. The first step must be the ratification and entry into
force of the Kyoto Protocol by 2002.

For further information:

Steve Sawyer +31 653504715

Bill Hare +49 1709057015

Susan Cavanagh +31 621296910


In addition Greenpeace is encouraging people to email Ford opposing Ford's
stance on the Kyoto Protocol. Ford has invited members of the Public to
tell them what they think of its position. The URL below will take you to
the Greenpeace cybercentre for this activity.

Contact for further information.

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