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USA: Nukes Vulnerable to Attack
by Cat LazaroffEnvironmental News Service
September 25th, 2001
The nation's 103 nuclear power reactors are vulnerableto attack by terrorists, two watchdog groups warned today. The groups charge that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and other government entities have failed to impose the security measures needed to prevent a successful attack and avert a potential catastrophe.

EU: Asbestos Related Cancers on the Rise
Environment News Service
September 24th, 2001
BERLIN, Germany -- Industrialized as well as developing countries are under threat of asbestos exposure in the workplace, said researchers at the 11th Annual Congress of the European Respiratory Society today in Berlin. The scientists called the pulmonary effects of asbestos exposure a ''time bomb in the lungs.''

USA: Bank Laws Fund Terrorists
by Lucy KomisarPacific News Service
September 21st, 2001
NEW YORK -- The global money-laundering system used by terrorists has also served the U.S. government and banks for years, creating wealth and occasionally supporting U.S. political interests abroad. Changing U.S. bank secrecy laws to pierce that laundering system is as essential to stopping terrorism as military force and diplomatic moves.

USA: Lee is Lone Voice Against Violence
by Ben FentonThe Daily Telegraph (UK)
September 18th, 2001
The only member of Congress to vote against a resolution giving President Bush a free hand in retaliating against terrorism represents a constituency that has become a byword for liberalism.

USA: Anti-Arab Backlash Grows
by Lee
September 17th, 2001
In America's zeal to find and punish those responsible for the terrorist attacks of september 11, the focus on Arab and Muslim suspects may be causing a wave of jingoism and scapegoating. Threats and hate speech have been directed against Arab Americans, transmitted in anonymous phone calls, email messages and websites.

Food First ''Compassion Alert''
Food First/The Institute for Food and Development Policy
September 14th, 2001
Food First/The Institute for Food and Development Policy stands with the international community as we mourn a tragedy of unprecedented depth. We are devastated and horrified at the insanity and carnage.

Pakistan: U.S. Could Spark Rebellion
by Muddassir RizviPacific News Service
September 14th, 2001
The military government in Pakistan is caught in a catch-22. The Bush administration expects Pakistan to cooperate fully in tracking down the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, whom it believes are hiding in Afghanistan. But right-wing religious parties warn of a severe backlash at home if Islamabad allows the use of the country's territory for any aggression against the Taliban administration.

USA: Creosote Contaminates Community for Generations
by Marie MarziEnvironmental News Service
September 5th, 2001
A small neighborhood in Bossier City, Louisiana has some of the highest levels of chemical contamination, cancers and birth defects ever documented in the United States, according to National Institutes of Health (NIH)scientists.

Brazil: Rural Activists Killed in New Wave of Violence
by Mario OsavaInter Press Service
September 3rd, 2001
Freitas da Silva's murder is part of a new wave of violence against a backdrop of conflicts over the expansion of soy bean farming and the transportation of the product in large boats along the Araguaia and Tocantins rivers that cut across central Brazil and run into the Atlantic Ocean in the northern part of Par.

Protest Morgan Stanley's Destructive Financing!
International Rivers Network and Students for a Free Tibet
August 30th, 2001
Boycott Morgan Stanleys Discover credit card and brokerage services until it takes steps to implement environmental and social criteria that will guide its financing decisions. Demand the bank stop financing destructive projects and human rights violations.

Cautious Optimism by Supporters of Haitian Workers
Haiti Support Group
August 30th, 2001
The British non-governmental organisation, the Haiti Support Group, hails the recent successes of unionised Haitian workers, but expresses its concern about continuing anti-union practices and the failure to resolve long-running disputes at the Cointreau/Guacimal company.

USA: Labor Unions Gain Sympathy Says Poll
by Will LesterAssociated Press
August 29th, 2001
Americans' sympathy in labor disputes has tilted toward unions over companies in the past couple of years, says an Associated Press poll taken at a time of job layoffs and economic uncertainty.

USA: Waste Dump is Monument for a Day
Associated Press
August 29th, 2001
FRESNO, California - For a fleeting moment, the city's former dump -- 79 million cubic yards of rotting garbage so foul it's a Superfund site -- was a national historic landmark.

Save Democracy Now! Updated Alert
Juan Gonzalez, Pacifica Campaign
August 21st, 2001
The crisis with Pacifica's flagship national news show, Democracy Now!, has gotten worse. Pacifica management has now suspended Amy Goodman without pay.

USA: Bush May Undercut Hazardous Waste Treaty
by Danielle KnightInter Press Service
August 16th, 2001
The U.S. government is considering walking away from enhanced commitments to halt the dumping of hazardous waste in developing countries, causing alarm among environmentalists.

Mexico: Banks Bombed to Protest Taxpayer Bail Out
Associated Press
August 14th, 2001
A small leftist group said it planted explosive devices at five Mexico City branches of a bank bought last week by Citigroup, a deal that angered taxpayers who had bailed out the Mexican bank only to see it sold to foreigners at a huge profit.

Gwich'in Nation Calls for Urgent Action on Arctic Refuge
Gwich'in Nation
August 10th, 2001
The fate of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the fate of the Gwich'in Nation. If the Arctic Refuge is sacrificed to meet the high energy consumption needs of the US, the Gwich'in will not be able to continue our ancestral way of life and pass it on to our future generations as we have since time immemorial.

Congressional Reps Endorse Fair Trade Coffee
U.S. House of Representatives
August 8th, 2001
Over 60 Members of Congress are urging Starbucks and the company that manages food services for the U.S. House of Representatives, the Supreme Court and other institutions in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia to only sell what is known as "fair trade certified" coffee, a Starbucks blend that gives a real return to the farmers who grow it while preserving the flavor and results coffee drinkers have come to expect from the popular brand name drink.

Indonesia: US Biggest Importer of Illegal Timber
U.S. Newswire
August 6th, 2001
An international ban on the export of a rare tree species comes into effect today to help save Indonesia's rapidly disappearing orangutans. The government of Indonesia banned both the export and domestic trade in ramin (Gonystylus bancanus) due to continued illegal logging of this rare and valuable tree species within several of Indonesia's Orangutan National Parks.

USA: Officials Ignore Working Poor
by Barbara EhrenreichLos Angeles Times
August 5th, 2001
Almost everyone--94% of Americans, according to a 2000 poll conducted by Jobs for the Future, a Boston-based employment research firm--agrees that 'people who work full-time should be able to earn enough to keep their families out of poverty.' When that straightforward proposition no longer holds, then the social contract, at least as I always understood it, is no longer in force. And it is hard to imagine a more serious abrogation of ''America's core moral values'' than that.

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