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USA: Bush May Undercut Hazardous Waste Treaty
by Danielle KnightInter Press Service
August 16th, 2001
The U.S. government is considering walking away from enhanced commitments to halt the dumping of hazardous waste in developing countries, causing alarm among environmentalists.

Mexico: Banks Bombed to Protest Taxpayer Bail Out
Associated Press
August 14th, 2001
A small leftist group said it planted explosive devices at five Mexico City branches of a bank bought last week by Citigroup, a deal that angered taxpayers who had bailed out the Mexican bank only to see it sold to foreigners at a huge profit.

Gwich'in Nation Calls for Urgent Action on Arctic Refuge
Gwich'in Nation
August 10th, 2001
The fate of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the fate of the Gwich'in Nation. If the Arctic Refuge is sacrificed to meet the high energy consumption needs of the US, the Gwich'in will not be able to continue our ancestral way of life and pass it on to our future generations as we have since time immemorial.

Congressional Reps Endorse Fair Trade Coffee
U.S. House of Representatives
August 8th, 2001
Over 60 Members of Congress are urging Starbucks and the company that manages food services for the U.S. House of Representatives, the Supreme Court and other institutions in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia to only sell what is known as "fair trade certified" coffee, a Starbucks blend that gives a real return to the farmers who grow it while preserving the flavor and results coffee drinkers have come to expect from the popular brand name drink.

Indonesia: US Biggest Importer of Illegal Timber
U.S. Newswire
August 6th, 2001
An international ban on the export of a rare tree species comes into effect today to help save Indonesia's rapidly disappearing orangutans. The government of Indonesia banned both the export and domestic trade in ramin (Gonystylus bancanus) due to continued illegal logging of this rare and valuable tree species within several of Indonesia's Orangutan National Parks.

USA: Officials Ignore Working Poor
by Barbara EhrenreichLos Angeles Times
August 5th, 2001
Almost everyone--94% of Americans, according to a 2000 poll conducted by Jobs for the Future, a Boston-based employment research firm--agrees that 'people who work full-time should be able to earn enough to keep their families out of poverty.' When that straightforward proposition no longer holds, then the social contract, at least as I always understood it, is no longer in force. And it is hard to imagine a more serious abrogation of ''America's core moral values'' than that.

Canada: World Inc. Under Siege
by Vinay MenonThe Toronto Star
July 29th, 2001
This is the anti-globalization movement. Sprawling, disparate, powerful. A political force unto itself that, given its international scope and staggering number of participants, is unprecedented in history.

USA: Boise Cascade Attacks Environmental Group
by Molly IvinsCreators' Syndicate
July 28th, 2001
Now here's an interesting development: The Boise Cascade Corp. is targeting Rainforest Action Network (RAN), the environmental group that has gotten Home Depot, Lowe's and other major companies to stop buying wood from the remaining old-growth forests. Since the RAN folks have been targeting Boise Cascade to get the company to stop logging in old-growth forests, this may seem to be a case of turnabout-is-fair-play. Actually, it's another corporate campaign -- like SLAPP suits (strategic lawsuits against public participation) -- designed to silence critics of corporate practice. Boise Cascade is working with two industry-supported front groups, trying to get the IRS to cancel Rainforest's tax-exempt status and to pressure its funders to cut off the group's money.

USA: Coca-Cola Sued Over Death Squad Claims
July 20th, 2001
Trade union leaders in the United States have said they are suing the soft-drinks company Coca-Cola for allegedly hiring right-wing death squads to terrorise workers at its Colombian bottling plant.

Mexico: Citigroup's Ally May be a Money Launderer
by Cynthia CottsVillage Voice
July 3rd, 2001
Last month, when Citigroup bought Banamex, the second largest bank in Mexico, the deal was praised as good for the Mexican people and good for the banks. Citigroup vice chairman Robert Rubin told the press that the deal was the result of an overture from Banamex chairman Roberto Hernandez Ramirez, who is worth $1.3 billion and has been promised a seat on the Citigroup board.

USA: Best Resources for Corporate Social Responsibility
Business Ethics
July 1st, 2001
Here is a selection of the best of the best sites in corporate social responsibility from Business Ethics, Summer 2001.

Italy: Body Bags Stockpiled for G-8 Summit
BBC News Online
June 21st, 2001
Italian authorities have ordered 200 body bags as they step up preparations for a violent confrontation at next month's G8 summit in Genoa, say Italian media reports.

USA: Wal-Mart Accused of Sex Discrimination
by David KravetsAssociated Press
June 19th, 2001
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. was accused Tuesday of rampant discrimination against female workers in a federal lawsuit against the nation's largest private employer.

USA: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town
by Tamara StrausAlterNet
May 24th, 2001
The largest retailer in the world has 3,000 stores in the U.S. as well as chains in Britain, Germany, China, Korea, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. It opens a megastore every two days. It is the U.S.'s largest private employer, with 925,000 people on the payroll, and the second largest employer in general after the Federal government. The company also boasts the largest computer, surpassing the Pentagon's, and the world's largest fleet of trucks. Wal-Mart might as well appear in the dictionary under the word huge. I know the above statistics because I just watched ''Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town,'' a documentary film by Micha Peled that will air on PBS in early June. ''Store Wars'' is not exactly a critique of Wal-Mart's business practices, but it is hard to come away with a favorable view of the company.

USA: Capturing the Power of Immigrants' Capital
by Gumisai MutumeInter Press Service
May 20th, 2001
Hernandez and millions of other migrants from Latin America and the Caribbean represent an increasingly important source of financial assistance to their countries. They transferred some 20 billion dollars to the region last year, according to the Inter- American Development Bank (IDB). What Hernandez may not know is that a sizeable chunk of the money she has sent over the years never made it to her mother, who lives on the outskirts of the northern Mexican city of Chihuahua.

Nominations Open for International Green Pen Awards
Asia-Pacific Forum of Environmental Journalists
May 10th, 2001
The International Green Pen Award is presented each year at the APFEJ Annual World Congress for environmental journalists who have made a significant contribution in promoting environmental journalism.

India: Plastic Waste Plagues Tourist Destination
by Frederick NoronhaEnvironment News Service
May 9th, 2001
Campaigners who waged a pitched battle against proliferating plastics in India's tourist state of Goa have been left holding the plastic bag. The campaigners must now deal with tons of plastic that no one wants. They pin their hopes on changes in the law that could help tackle the problem of plastic litter.

Italy: Poor Countries Are North's Radioactive Dump
by Jorge PiaInter Press Service
May 7th, 2001
The developing South has become the dump for hundreds of thousands of tonnes of radioactive waste from the world's rich countries, a colossal business which is linked to money laundering and gunrunning, say lawmakers and activists in Italy.

USA: Harvard Living Wage Protest Continues
Associated Press
April 25th, 2001
More than three dozen students have occupied the office of university president Neil Rudenstine since April 18. They are demanding ''a living wage'' for Harvard's custodians, cooks and other blue-collar workers.

Store Wars
Micha X. Peled
April 5th, 2001
STORE WARS, written, produced and directed by Micha Peled, follows the one-year conflict that polarizes Ashland, Virginia, population 7200, when Wal-Mart decides it wants to build a megastore on the edge of town. The ensuing debate pits neighbor against neighbor in a battle as protracted and bitter as those fought in the Old West between ranchers and farmers over land-use issues.

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