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SWITZERLAND: UN Chief Warns Business
by Orla RyanBBC News Online
January 28th, 2001
United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan has called on business to work harder on environmental and social issues.

Groups in Porto Alegre Want Global Compact Put on Ice
by CorpWatch
January 28th, 2001
PORTO ALEGRE -- With UN Secretary General Kofi Annan preparing to renew his call for a 'Global Compact' between the UN and big business at the World Economic Forum in Davos, a global alliance of human rights and environmental organizations is calling for a suspension of this messy entaglement between the UN and big business.

The Global Compact: What It Is -- and Isn't
UN Global Compact Office
January 17th, 2001
United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan first proposed the Global Compact in an address to the World Economic Forum on 31 January 1999. He challenged world business leaders to help build the social and environmental pillars required to sustain the new global economy and make globalization work for all the world's people.

UN-Business Partnerships: Whose Agenda Counts?
by Peter UttingUnited Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD)
December 8th, 2000
This paper, ''Partnerships for Development or Privatization of the Multilateral System?'' was presented at a seminar organised by the North-South Coalition in Oslo, Norway.

UN: G-77 Calls for Rules of Engagement for Corporate Partnerships
Panafrican News Agency
September 16th, 2000
In the second year of UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan's policy of UN engagement with the private sector, the Group of 77 Friday called for appropriate rules to guide such an engagement.

UN: Protests at the Millennium Summit
by Jacki LydenNational Public Radio
September 9th, 2000
Improving health care and education, and ending poverty were some of the resolutions world leaders agreed upon at the United Nations Millennium Summit this week in New York. Participants also pledged to strengthen the UN's role in preventing international conflict.

UN: Don't Bother Looking to the World Body for Help
by Naomi KleinToronto Globe & Mail
September 6th, 2000
This meeting is hosted by the United Nations, which, by its mandate, places human and ecological needs ahead of the voracious demands of the market. Imperfect as the UN system may be, it is generally viewed by critics of globalization as a ray of moral hope on the international stage.

USA: Alternative Summit Meetings Examine Globalization
by Grant McCoolReuters
September 5th, 2000
Activists, businessmen and government leaders met on Tuesday in the shadow of the U.N. Millennium Summit, agonizing over the future of economic globalization following the disruption of the WTO in Seattle and how to narrow the widening gap between rich and poor.

UN: Globalization Tops Agenda for World Leaders at Millenium Summit
by Barbara CrossetteNew York Times
September 3rd, 2000
The stormy battle over globalization that brought protests to the streets of Seattle and Washington moves this week to the heart of the world's only truly global organization, the United Nations.

Tangled Up In Blue
by Kenny Bruno and Joshua KarlinerCorpWatch
September 1st, 2000
This report argues that corporate influence at the UN is already too great, and that new partnerships are leading down a slippery slope toward the partial privatization and commercialization of the UN system itself.

Partial List of UN - Corporate Partnerships
September 1st, 2000
Here is a list of some of the partnerships between the United Nations and corporations.

Other Partnerships
September 1st, 2000
Partnership programs are proliferating in the UN system, often before guidelines can be put in place, and before the implications of the partnerships are understood.

The Global Compact Corporate Partners
September 1st, 2000
Here is a partial list of some of the 50 Global Compact partners with the most egregious human rights and environmental records.

UN: Making Peace with Power
by George MonbiotThe Guardian
August 31st, 2000
The United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations, which tried to help weak nations to protect themselves from predatory companies, had recommended that businesses should be internationally regulated. The UN refused to circulate its suggestions.

Globalization Debate Comes to NY, Opponents Hold Teach-In
by CorpWatch
August 16th, 2000
NEW YORK -- Motivated by a growing concern that the United Nations is in danger of becoming an engine for corporate globalization, leading opponents of globalization will hold a Teach-In in New York coinciding with the United Nation's Millennium Summit.

The United Nations Sits in Suspicious Company
by Joshua Karliner and Kenny BrunoInternational Herald Tribune
August 10th, 2000
At the UN meeting, the leaders of corporations well known for running sweatshops, engendering environmental disaster and colluding in human rights violations sat at the table with Mr. Annan. They agreed to adhere to and publicly promote the Global Compact's nine core principles of universally accepted labor, environmental and human rights values.

U.N. Signs Up with Big Business to Promote Values
by Richard RothCNN
July 27th, 2000
The corporations, which were welcomed to U.N. Headquarters Wednesday by Secretary-General Kofi Annan, are paying big money to be able to say they are supporting the missions of the U.N.

UN: Annan Says Only Open Markets Can Ease World Poverty
July 26th, 2000
Open markets offer the only realistic hope for lifting billions of people in developing countries out of poverty while maintaining prosperity in the industrial world, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Wednesday.

UN: Multinationals Sign Pact on Rights and Environment
by Joseph KahnNew York Times
July 26th, 2000
Some 50 multinationals joined 12 labor associations and watchdog groups to sign a ''global compact'' that commits them to support human rights, eliminate child labor, allow free trade unions and refrain from polluting the environment wherever they do business.

List of Corporations and Organizations Supporting the Global Compact
UN Headquarters
July 26th, 2000
Here is a list of corporations, organizations and business associations supporting the Global Compact.

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