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Alliance for a Corporate-Free UN

CorpWatch was part of an international coalition of organizations exposing the poor human rights and environmental records of companies forming partnerships with the UN. CorpWatch was the Secretariat of this coalition, known as the Alliance for a Corporate-Free UN.

UN: Global Compact with Business 'Lacks Teeth' - NGOs
by Gustavo CapdevilaInter Press News Service (IPS)
July 6th, 2007
The U.N.'s Global Compact with international big business "at the moment is so voluntary that it really is a happy-go-lucky club," says Ramesh Singh, chief executive of ActionAid, a non-governmental organisation. The controversy has come to a boiling point because of the Global Compact Leaders' Summit being held in Geneva on Thursday and Friday, at which over 1,000 representatives of multinational companies are taking part, in addition to well-known civil society figures like Irene Khan, the secretary general of AI; Mary Robinson, president of the Ethical Globalisation Initiative; Guy Ryder, general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation; and Jeremy Hobbs, executive director of Oxfam International.

UN: More Firms Join UN Push To Be Good Corporate Citizens
by Alexandra MacRae Christian Science Monitor
July 28th, 2004

U.N. Alliance for a Corporate-Free U.N.
EarthRights International
January 16th, 2004
We are writing today to call on you to end your agencys participation in the Global Compact. We believe that the Global Compact, though started with good intentions by Secretary General Kofi Annan, is counterproductive. The Global Compact allows the name and reputation of the UN to be abused by corporations whose practices are in contradiction with the values of the UN. Partnerships with these corporations damage the integrity and mission of your agency and of the United Nations.

UN: Proposal for Private Soldiers Gathers Steam
by Stephen FidlerFinancial Times
November 5th, 2003
As the United Nations launches a high-level review to address how it can better keep the peace in the 21st century, a new initiative has emerged that proposes fielding forces of private soldiers to prevent conflicts in Africa and elsewhere from spiralling out of control.

UN: Water Deemed As Public Good, Human Right
by Gustavo CapdevilaInterPress Service
November 27th, 2002
The United Nations Committee on Economic, Cultural and Social Rights issued a statement Wednesday declaring access to water a human right and stating that water is a social and cultural good, not merely an economic commodity.

Tell UNICEF Not to Turn World Children's Day into World McDonald's Day!
International Baby Food Action Network, EarthRights International, CorpWatch
November 20th, 2002
Unicef and McDonald's have agreed ''to team up to raise money on behalf of the world's children.'' This perilous partnership is to be launched on November 20, 2002 -- a day that used to be known in Unicef circles as the anniversary of the 1989 adoption of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Unicef now calls November 20th ''McDonald's World Children's Day.''

South Africa: Earth Summit Plan of Action Adopted
Environment News Service
September 4th, 2002
Negotiators for 191 countries attending the World Summit on Sustainable Development have agreed upon a Plan of Action to alleviate poverty and conserve the Earth's natural resources. Summit delegates are expected to adopt the action plan, with a political declaration, at the conclusion of the summit on Wednesday.

Sustainable Development: R.I.P.
by Kenny BrunoCorpWatch
September 4th, 2002
As the Earth Summit closes in Johannesburg, we present this requiem for sustainable development. However, resistance to the big business agenda is alive and well in the streets.

Bayer Responsible in Pesticide Deaths of 24 Children in Peru
Pesticide Action Network Latin America and Red de Accion en Alternativas al uso de Agroqumicos
August 30th, 2002
Following a nine-month investigation, a Peruvian Congressional Subcommittee has issued its final report on the poisoning deaths by the organophosphate pesticide methyl parathion of 24 children in the remote village of Tauccamarca in October 1999. The Subcommittee concluded that there is significant evidence of administrative and criminal responsibility on the part of Ministry of Agriculture, and of criminal responsibility on the part of the agrochemical company Bayer. Headquartered in Germany, Bayer has been a principle Peruvian importer and distributor of both methyl and ethyl parathion. The report recommends that the government and Bayer indemnify the families of the dead children.

South Africa: U.S., Saudis Oppose Summit Plan on Energy
Washington Post
August 28th, 2002
The United States, Saudi Arabia and other wealthy nations reportedly worked today to water down proposals at a U.N. summit to rapidly expand the use of clean, renewable energy technologies.

Bhopal Survivors Protest Dow's Presence at the World Summit on Sustainable Development
International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal
August 28th, 2002
Representatives of the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal are opposed to the participation of US multinational Dow Chemical Company at the WSSD and condemned the company's attempts to ''greenwash the worst corporate crime in history.'' They also had harsh words for the UN for its failure to provide any support to the victims of the world's worst industrial disaster.

South Africa: Bhopal Tragedy Lives on at Earth Summit
by Maria AbrahamReuters
August 27th, 2002
BOMBAY -- An exhibition of black-and-white photographs capturing the suffering of victims of the world's worst industrial accident is set to open in Johannesburg on Tuesday to coincide with the Earth Summit.

New from Food First Books and CorpWatch: Earth
by CorpWatch
August 27th, 2002
An energy company plants trees and donates electric cars to advertise its environmental commitment while polluting the air with coal-fired power plants for three-quarters of its energy. Hypocrisy? No, business as usual for many corporations, according to, the latest from Food First Books and CorpWatch, published to coincide with the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg.

USA: Holcim -- Global Greenwasher
by Lucy KomisarPacific News Service
August 26th, 2002
Along with environmentalists and community activists, big business has descended upon Johannesburg, South Africa, to tout its own "green" growth strategies in the summit on Earth-friendly development. But if the environmental record of one key corporate player is any indication, the overtures are pure "greenwash."

What A Difference A Decade Makes
by Kenny BrunoCorpWatch
August 26th, 2002
Harsh Police Action, a discussion paper pushing a free trade agenda and a diverse People's Forum are all in the spotlight as the Earth Summit opens.

South Africa: Business Role is Greeted with Some Suspicion
by Vanessa HoulderFinancial Times
August 23rd, 2002
Battle lines are being drawn up as delegates gather for the summit. For some governments, it is an opportunity to promote the role of business in sustainable development. But many campaigners have the opposite goal: to stem the tide of corporate influence over social and environmental policy.

Greenwash Academy Awards Announced at Earth Summit
by CorpWatch
August 23rd, 2002
Oil majors Shell, BP and ExxonMobil dominated todays World Summit Greenwash Academy Awards, beating Biotech giants Monsanto, Novartis and Aventis in a glittering award ceremony in Johannesburg. Local South African underdog Sasol edged out Eskom for Best Picture.

South Africa: Working the Web--Johannesburg Summit
by Felicity CarusThe Guardian
August 22nd, 2002
108 heads of state from 172 countries were busy saving the planet at the earth summit Rio. It is difficult to say how the earth summit has improved the environment and helped those most in need. But it is much easier to say that in 1992, the web was a toddler in contrast to the speeding giant of mass communications it now is, giving a voice to all who can get online.

Earth Summit Day of Action on Bhopal!
CorpWatch India
August 22nd, 2002
The U.S. multinational Dow Chemical Company -- the new owner of Union Carbide of Bhopal notoriety -- is in Johannesburg to talk sustainable development. Also, in Johannesburg are representatives and supporters of the victims of Union Carbide's gas disaster in Bhopal. Since July 17, 2002, survivors of the world's worst industrial disaster and their supporters have been on a worldwide relay hunger strike. More than 700 people have fasted till date to protest against Dow-Carbide's refusal to acknowledge the pending liabilities in Bhopal, and against the Indian Government's betrayal of the victims merely to protect the interests of the U.S. multinational.

Oil Majors, Biotech Giants Lead Greenwash Academy Award Nominees
by CorpWatch
August 21st, 2002
On the eve of the 2002 World Summit Greenwash Academy Awards, carbon kingpins Shell, BP and ChevronTexaco, along with leading purveyors of Frankenfoods, Monsanto, Novartis and Aventis are vying for some of the glittering event's most prestigious awards. Local favorites Eskom and Sasol should not be counted out, however, according to insiders from the Academy.

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