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USA: Fronting for Big Coal
by Russell Mokhiber and Robert WeissmanFocus on the Corporation
July 11th, 2000
So, we're sitting in our office, and under the door comes a note advising us that there will be a press conference the next day where African-American and Hispanic groups will release a report showing how minority populations will suffer most if the United Nations Global Warming Treaty (Kyoto agreement) passes the U.S. Senate.

Deporting Free Speech
by Amit SrivastavaCorpWatch
June 16th, 2000
Last week I tried to visit Canada. Flying in from the San Francisco area where I live, I was on my way to give a speech about human rights and the environment in Calgary. I didn't get past the immigration desk.

Canada: BP Amoco Challenged to Get Out of Tibet
Students for a Free Tibet, U.S. Tibet Committee, The Milarepa Fund and Canada Tibet Committee
June 13th, 2000
CALGARY -- Challenging BP Amoco's reputation as a responsible oil company, activists today directly confronted Sir John Browne over his company's investments in Chinese occupied Tibet. Browne, the Group Chief Executive of BP Amoco was delivering the keynote address at the World Petroleum Congress in Calgary, Alberta.

Canada Detains and Deports Oil Congress Activists
by CorpWatch
June 9th, 2000
SAN FRANCISCO -- Bay Area activists set to speak at a teach-in on the human rights and environmental impacts of the oil industry have returned to the United States after having been arrested, detained, and denied entry by Canadian immigration officials at Calgary International Airport.

USA: ExxonMobil Shareholders Use Stock to Push Change
by Jonathan FoxDallas Observer
June 8th, 2000
As with other behemoth multinational companies, Irving-based ExxonMobil's annual meeting is strictly a formality. Most of the crowd that packed the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in downtown Dallas to vote on shareholder resolutions last week were retirees who own relatively small amounts of company stock.

Rx for a Planetary Fever
by Ross GelbspanThe American Prospect
May 8th, 2000
As the earth's temperature rises faster than at anytime in the last 10,000 years, the efforts of the world's policy makers to deal with global warming are withering into paralysis.

Mount Tamalpais Declaration on Climate and Forests
May 1st, 2000
We, the undersigned non-governmental organizations, wish to express extreme concern about the role envisaged for tree plantations in helping industrialized countries meet their commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol of the Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Earth Day 2000 Greenwash Sweepstakes: Royal Dutch Shell
by Kenny BrunoSpecial to CorpWatch
April 22nd, 2000
Let's give credit where credit is due: When it comes to greenwash, Shell is simply superb.

USA: Earth Day 2000 Targets Global Warming, Clean Energy
Inter Press Service
April 20th, 2000
In Earth Day 2000 celebrations around the globe, environmentalists plan to highlight the culprits of global warming and the solutions: renewable energy, including wind and solar.

USA: Occidental Chairman Sues Protestors for Harassment
by Timna TannersReuters
April 4th, 2000
The chairman of Occidental Petroleum is staging his own protest against the human rights groups who picket his home and office --he is suing them for harassment and wants a court to grant him damages.

Climate Change and Global Equity
by Anju SharmaCentre for Science and Environment
March 31st, 2000
Most Northern groups that dominate the civil society opinion-making process within the climate convention have consistently ignored Southern demands for equity.

USA: General Motors Quits Global Warming Lobby Group
by David GoodmanAssociated Press
March 15th, 2000
Environmentalists are claiming victory following General Motors Corp.'s decision to quit a lobbying group that has led the opposition to a 1997 global warming treaty reached in Kyoto, Japan.

JAPAN: People Power Overcomes Nuclear Power
by Jonathan WattsThe Guardian (UK)
February 23rd, 2000
Japan's nuclear power industry suffered a historic defeat yesterday when one of the country's biggest utilities was forced to scrap plans for a power plant that it has been trying to build for 37 years.

USA: People of Color Battle Toxics in Communities
by Cat LazaroffEnvironment News Service
February 11th, 2000
Ten African American children are visiting Washington, D.C. this week, but they did not come to see the usual tourist attractions. They are here to illustrate the dangerous legacy of hazardous wastes, contaminated manufacturing sites, and polluting industries, placed predominantly in poor, non-White communities.

World: Who is Paying the Cost of Our Fuel Bills?
by George MonbiotThe Guardian Weekly
February 10th, 2000
The effects of global warming are cruelly ironic: the impact of fossil-fuel consumption will be most severe in regions where the least fuel has been consumed. Sub-Saharan Africa is becoming drier: in East Africa droughts of the kind that used to strike every 40 years are arriving every four or five.

Greenhouse Gangsters vs. Climate Justice
by Kenny Bruno, Joshua Karliner & China BrotskyCorpWatch
November 1st, 1999
This report documents how the companies not only contribute to global warming but also use their enormous power to DENY the problem, DELAY solutions, DIVIDE their opposition, DUMP their problems in the developing world, and DUPE the public into believing the problem is solved.

What is Climate Justice?
November 1st, 1999
Climate Justice means holding fossil fuel corporations accountable for the central role they play in contributing to global warming.

Shintech Environmental Racism
Lousiana Environmental Action Network and Greenpeace USA
September 1st, 1999
In September 1998, the environmental justice movement in the US had a very important victory against a major corporation, Shintech, a subsidiary of Shin-etsu Chemical of Japan.

Smoke and Mirrors
by Michael BelliveauCorpWatch
October 1st, 1998
Almost a year after governments agreed to the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, a growing number of environmentalists are sounding the alarm on the Treaty's call for a system of global emissions trading.

SouthWest Organizing Project (SWOP): Organization and Campaign Information
SouthWest Organizing Project (SWOP)
February 10th, 1997
The SouthWest Organizing Project (SWOP) is a sixteen year old multi-racial, statewide grassroots membership organization in New Mexico. SWOP's mission is to empower the disenfranchised in the Southwest to realize racial and gender equality, and social and economic justice. Our work focuses on increasing citizen participation and building leadership skills in low-income communities composed predominantly of people of color, so that we may play greater roles in public and corporate decision making which affects our lives and determines our future.

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