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Iraq: Free-Market? Not So Fast
by Daphne EviatarNew York Times
January 10th, 2004
There is no doubt about American intentions for the Iraqi economy. As Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has said, "Market systems will be favored, not Stalinist command systems." And so the American-led coalition has fired off a series of new laws meant to transform the economy. Tariffs were suspended, a new banking code was adopted, a 15 percent cap was placed on all future taxes, and the once heavily guarded doors to foreign investment in Iraq were thrown open.

Iraq: Bechtel Wins $1.8bn Deal
by Joshua Chaffin and Guy DinmoreFinancial Times
January 7th, 2004
Bechtel, the US construction company, was awarded a contract valued at up to $1.8bn on Tuesday to repair Iraq's electricity grids, roads, ports and other infrastructure damaged by the coalition invasion and years of neglect.

Iraq: Soldiers Needed
by Al KennedyGuardian (London)
January 7th, 2004
Or are you a brave, decent individual with a trust in your country's leaders and a deep sense of duty? Obviously, you can sign up, too, but your disillusionment will cause no end of trouble. You might well suffer long-term psychological problems, send emails to Michael Moore, complain to your relatives that you're being forced into illegal acts for corporate profit, and generally reduce company morale. Your duty is to keep your head down and make sure those pipelines stay secure.

Iraq: Army Allows Halliburton to Supply Iraq Fuel Without Disclosure
by Matt KelleyAssociated Press
January 6th, 2004
The Army has allowed Halliburton to increase the supplies of fuel delivered to Iraq without giving the usual data to justify its cost, a spokesman said Tuesday. The December action by the Army Corps of Engineers does not exonerate Vice President Dick Cheney's former company in a dispute with the Pentagon over fuel prices, Army corps spokesman Ross Adkins said Tuesday.

Information Warfare or Yesterday's News?
by Pratap ChatterjeeSpecial to CorpWatch
January 6th, 2004
Science Applications International Corporation has a contract with the Pentagon to run the Iraqi Media Network's Al Iraqiya radio and television station. But Iraqis aren't tuning in.

US: Risky Business
by Naomi Klein
January 5th, 2004
This is ReBuilding Iraq 2, a gathering of 400 businesspeople itching to get a piece of the Iraqi reconstruction action. They are here to meet the people doling out the cash, in particular the $18.6 billion in contracts to be awarded in the next two months to companies from "coalition partner" countries. The people to meet are from the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), its new Program Management Office, the Army Corps of Engineers, the US Agency for International Development, Halliburton, Bechtel and members of Iraq's interim Governing Council. All these players are on the conference program, and delegates have been promised that they'll get a chance to corner them at regularly scheduled "networking breaks."

Corporateer Of The Year
Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights
December 31st, 2003
The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR) today released its top 10 list of corporateering in 2003. The ranking tracks the worst instances of big industries putting their commercial gain above the interests of individuals and society. FTCR also announced the top five counter-corporateering advances.

Iraq: Pentagon Freezes Funds Amid Corruption Probes
by Stephen J. GlainBoston Globe
December 30th, 2003
The Pentagon has frozen new funds approved for Iraqi reconstruction amid growing allegations of corruption and cronyism associated with the rebuilding process. Companies eager for a stake in the $18.6 billion in fresh postwar funds that Congress approved in November have been told not to expect requests for proposals from the Defense Department, the first step in the kind of ambitious redevelopment slated for the war-torn country.

Iraq: Attacks Force Retreat From Wide-Ranging Privatization Plans
by Rajiv ChandrasekaranWashington Post
December 28th, 2003
The United States has backed away from several of its more ambitious initiatives to transform Iraq's economy, political system and security forces as attacks on U.S. troops have escalated and the timetable for ending the civil occupation has accelerated.

Japan: Consortium To Bid For Iraq Gas Project
by Bayan Rahman and Carola HoyosFinancial Times
December 18th, 2003
A consortium led by Mitsubishi, the Japanese trading company, is preparing to bid for a gas development project in Iraq. The consortium is made up of nine Japanese trading and plant engineering companies and KBR, the engineering and construction subsidiary of Halliburton, the US energy services group formerly led by US vice-president Dick Cheney.

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