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Baltimore Sun: Broadsides fired at Navy's ship-scrapping program; Critics object to plan to sell warships abroad
by Gary Cohn and Will EnglundThe Baltimore Sun
December 19th, 1997
CorpWatch (formerly Transnational Resource and Action Center) is quoted in an article about the dumping of U.S. Navy ships, laden with hazardous materials, to Third World scrapyards.

New York Times: Nike Shoe Plant in Vietnam Is Called Unsafe for Workers
by Steven GreenhouseThe New York Times
November 8th, 1997
This front page New York Time's article features a leaked document, obtained by CorpWatch (formerly TRAC), as the basis of an exposé on the conditions in a Nike factory overseas.

The Nation: Eco-Efficiency: The Business Link to Sustainable Development
by Gina NeffThe Nation
November 3rd, 1997
In a response to the free market rhetoric of chemical manufacturing CEO's, touting Corporate self-regulation, CorpWatch's Josh Karliner explains "greenwashing," the PR tactic of making a corporate image environmentally friendly.

Jordan Times: One of the reasons for the war
by Michael JansenThe Jordan Times
The Jordan Times releases an editorial that is based primarily on the research of Iraq, Inc.

Metro (Belgium): Hebzucht Amerikaans bedrijfsleven vormt tijdbom onder heropbouw Irak
Pratap's Chatterjee gets interviewed by Belgium's Metro newspaper about his book, Iraq, Inc.

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