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Occidental Petroleum to Leave U'wa Land!
Rainforest Action Network
May 9th, 2002
LOS ANGELES (May 6, 2002) -- At its annual shareholder meeting today, Occidental Petroleum (NYSE:OXY) announced its plans to return to the Colombian government its controversial Siriri oil block (formally Samore), located on the traditional territory of the U'wa people. This follows a nearly decade-long peaceful campaign by the U'wa to halt the oil project.

Nigeria: Youth Protestors Take Over Chevron Oil Rig, Leave Peacefully
Associated Press
April 25th, 2002
LAGOS, Nigeria -- Youths who seized an oil rig off southern Nigeria released their last 43 hostages and left the rig peacefully Thursday, after the oil company agreed to discuss their demands, officials said.

US: Against All Odds, Goldman Prize Winners Protect the Earth
Environment News Service
April 23rd, 2002
Three North American tribal leaders who have defended the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil drilling, share the North American Goldman Environmental Prize this year.

USA: Environmental Groups Look Ahead After Vote Against Oil Drilling in Arctic Reserve
by Beth BolithoOneWorld US
April 22nd, 2002
Following a vote in the United States Senate last week to block changes to a bill which would have allowed oil exploration and development of a fragile wildlife habitat in the Arctic, activists are now planning their next steps to ensure that the area remains protected from future environmental threats.

Oppose the Senate Energy Bill
Public Citizen
April 11th, 2002
A letter from activists opposing the Senate Energy Bill. It addresses the massive changes to S. 517 of the Energy Policy Act of 2002.

USA: Government OKs Drilling in Alaska Oil Reserve
April 11th, 2002
WASHINGTON -- The Interior Department on Thursday approved final rules to allow energy companies to share the costs and revenues from drilling for oil and natural gas on leased tracts in Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve.

Can't Change the Science? ExxonMobil Tries to Change the Scientists
Stop Esso (UK)
April 5th, 2002
Despite ten years of effort, Esso/ExxonMobil hasn't been able to stop the world's climate scientists saying that global warming is here and is caused by burning oil, coal and gas. So what does Esso do next? It tries to change the scientists.

Climate Justice Now!
March 28th, 2002
Join together with activists and indigenous peoples from around the world for a festival of resistance in the streets to protest the destructive actions of ExxonMobil at their Annual Shareholder Meeting. Large puppets, banners, street theater, and drums will be used to bring attention to the proceedings inside. Join us in Dallas!

USA: Few Electric Companies Produce Majority of Polluting Emissions
by Cat LazaroffEnvironment News Service
March 21st, 2002
WASHINGTON, DC -- Just 20 electric utilities in the United States are responsible for half the carbon dioxide, mercury, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide pollution emitted by the 100 largest power generating companies in the nation, a new report finds. The study by a coalition of environmental and public interest groups found that between four and six companies account for 25 percent of the emissions of each pollutant.

EU: Activists Cheer Kyoto Ratification
by Greta HopkinsInter Press Service
March 4th, 2002
BRUSSELS -- Environmentalists have greeted the European Union' s decision to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on climate change with relief and applause.

Environmentalists Protest Big Oil Near Capitol
February 27th, 2002
Greenpeace activists waded into the middle of the national energy policy debate with a peaceful protest in front of the Capitol today. The group erected three mock Exxon oil rigs in the Capitol Reflecting Pool with banners reading, 'Don't RIG Our Energy Future' and 'Stop Global Warming: Clean Energy Now!'

US: General Motors Protests Proposed Fuel Standards
Associated Press
February 25th, 2002
Fearing that increased fuel economy standards will doom the pickup trucks they produce, hundreds of General Motors Corp. workers chanted "Save our trucks, save our jobs," during a meeting Monday with union, company and political leaders.

USA: Bush Advisers Unveil Alternative to Global Warming Accord
Associated Press
February 13th, 2002
The Bush administration has drawn up an alternative to the Kyoto global warming pact, which 178 other countries accepted last year but the White House rejected, warning it would damage the U.S. economy.

Germany: Ecotax Exemptions Approved
Environment News Service
February 13th, 2002
The European Commission today approved a German request for several sectors to be exempted from its national energy tax program, ending long running negotiations between EU Competition Commissioner Mario Monti and Germany's Finance Minister Hans Eichel.

Leading Environmental Justice and Religious Organizations Call for Action
Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative (EJCC)
February 1st, 2002
Twenty-seven U.S. environmental justice, climate justice, religious, policy, and advocacy groups announced their unification today in a call for action from the Bush Administration and Congress on climate change. The groups will be meeting in New York City this week and have linked much of their efforts to issues related to the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD).

UK: Chumbawamba's Tune Turns the Tables on US Car Giant
by David RowanLondon Observer
January 27th, 2002
Chumbawamba sold use of song "Pass It Along" to General Motors, but behind the scenes, Chumbawamba were negotiating with anti-corporate activists to see if they would take the fee and put it to use.

Climate Change and Environmental Racism
by CorpWatch
November 6th, 2001
MARRAKECH -- The lack of transparency and public participation in the climate negotiations will further worsen conditions for Indigenous Peoples, people of color and workers in the US and US-Mexico border. Speakers from Indigenous Environmental Network, Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice, CorpWatch and Redefining Progress held a briefing on Tuesday in Marrakech, bringing issues of racial justice and worker's rights to the center of the climate change negotiations.

Climate Justice or Corporate Agenda?
by CorpWatch
November 5th, 2001
MARRAKECH, Morocco -- ''The Kyoto Protocol is being taken over by false promises. By succumbing to the corporate agenda it is failing to achieve climate justice,'' says Amit Srivastava of CorpWatch.

Morocco: Buying Clean Air?
by Gilles TreqeusserReuters
November 4th, 2001
Critics of U.N.-organized climate change talks rhetorically asked the question at a news conference Monday to charge that experts meeting in Marrakesh were far removed from real issues that affect the lives of ordinary people throughout the world.

World: Climate Talks Open in Morocco
Environment News Service
October 29th, 2001
MARRAKECH, Morocco -- Climate talks have resumed to finalize the procedures and institutions that will make the Kyoto Protocol fully operational. The world's governments are meeting here from today through November 9 to work out exactly how to reduce the emissions of six greenhouse gases that are linked to global warming.

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