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ECOS REPORT: Oil Development in northern Upper Nile, Sudan 2006
European Coalition on Oil in Sudan
May 31st, 2006
This preliminary investigation by ECOS documents the socio-economic and environmental impact of oil exploitation in the Melut Basin in Upper Nile State, Sudan, as told by inhabitants of the area and photo graphed from satellites. It focuses on the Melut and Maban Counties, Renk District, which fall into concession blocks 3 and 7, held by the Petrodar Operating Company Ltd. under a Production Sharing Agreement with the Sudanese Government.

Afghan Pipe Dreams: Will Oil and Gas Giants Build a Central Asian Pipeline? Where?
by Pratap ChatterjeeSpecial to CorpWatch
June 28th, 2002
Not everybody is convinced that Turkmenistan will be the source of a future pipeline in Central Asia. Joseph Naemi, another Iranian born businessmen who splits his time between Sydney, Australia, and Tashkent, Uzbekistan, is working on the possibility that Afghanistan's other major northern neighbor may be a better business bet

Statement from Amnesty International on Gov. Ridge's Signing of Mumia Abu-Jamal's Death Warrant
by Sam JordanAmnesty International USA
October 14th, 1999
The death warrant for the December 2nd execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal signed yesterday by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge serves no purpose other than putting Abu-Jamal on 'death watch' and causing him cruel and unnecessary suffering.

MEXICO: Girl's Murder Sad Symbol of Corporate Power, Child Labor, Female Exploitation on the Border
by Dan La BotzMexican Labor News and Analysis
March 2nd, 1999
Irma Angelica Rosales, a 13-year-old girl, was raped and murdered on February 16 in the town of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, just a cross the border from El Paso, Texas. Her very brief life and violent death symbolize everything that is wrong with the social system which U.S. multinational corporations and the U.S. and Mexican government have created on our common border.

Repression, Inc: The Assault on Human Rights
by Julie LightCorpWatch
February 4th, 1999
It has only been in recent years that transnational corporations' complicity with human rights abuse has come under more systematic scrutiny. The international press, citizens' movements and traditional human rights organizations have sounded the alarm on a series of cases. Among those we cover in this Issue are labor abuses in global sweatshops, oil and gas companies' complicity with brutal military regimes in countries such as Burma, Nigeria and Indonesia and the growing prison industry in the United States.

The Death Penalty for Corporations Comes of Age
by Russell MokhiberBusiness Ethics
November 1st, 1998
In two surprising recent cases, a law school professor and a circuit court judge seek to revoke the charters of corporate lawbreakers.

Prisons for Profit, cont.
by Eric BatesThe Nation
May 4th, 1998
Alex Friedmann doesn't look like the kind of guy who would incite a prison riot. Slight and bespectacled, Friedmann measures his words carefully and is quick to point out his own biases. So it came as a bit of a surprise a few weeks ago when Corrections Corporation of America, the largest private prison company in the world, abruptly transferred Friedmann from its medium-security lockup in Clifton, Tennessee.

US: Texas Prison Labor Union
Prison Legal News
May 1st, 1998
The Texas Prison Labor Union (TPLU) was established in 1995 by Texas prisoners and outside supporters. The state had just completed a $1.5 billion prison expansion program, and it now incarcerates close to 150,000 prisoners in a vast network of more than 100 prisons.