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BURKINA FASO: For Workers, Privatisation Has Little Appeal
by Tiego TiemtoreInter Press Service News Agency
March 7th, 2005
More than a decade ago, Burkina Faso embarked on privatisation of the country’s state-owned companies. This process does not appear to have won the confidence of government employees, however – and with another group of public enterprises coming up for sale, their concerns have sharpened.

BOLIVIA: Not A Drop To Drink
by  Kelly HearnThe American Prospect
February 25th, 2005
In parched Latin American countries, the battle over water is ready to explode.

MALAYSIA: Nation Tightens Water Concessions
by John BurtonFinancial Times
December 2nd, 2004
Malaysia's tough new conditions on the privatisation of water utility assets reflects efforts to make more transparent the sale of state assets to reduce alleged cronyism and corruption.

USA: Collapse of 60 Charter Schools Leaves Californians Scrambling
by Sam DillonThe New York Times Company
September 20th, 2004
It had been a month since one of the nation's largest charter school operators collapsed, leaving 6,000 students with no school to attend this fall.

US: Mayor Announces Privatization of Chicago Schools
by Brett SchaefferAlterNet
August 11th, 2004
The latest - and most dramatic - example of the continued privatization of the nation's urban public school districts came in June from the mouth of Chicago's Mayor Richard M. Daley.

US: Education Department Favoring Privatization
by Michael DobbsSan Francisco Chronicle
January 3rd, 2004
People for the American Way, a liberal advocacy group, recently released a report depicting "a network of right-wing foundations" that have received more than $77 million in U.S. Department of Education funds to promote their "school privatization" agenda.

US: Profiting from Incarceration
by Jenni GainsboroughAlterNet
December 15th, 2003
Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the nation's largest operator of prisons for profit, is celebrating its 20th anniversary throughout this year "at both the company's corporate Nashville office and at all of the more than 60 prisons, jails and detention centers under CCA ownership and/or management."

CHINA: Provinces Press on with Privatisation
by James KyngeFinancial Times
November 6th, 2003
The provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan are planning to put up roughly 1,000 local state-owned enterprises as candidates for acquisition or merger with foreign or private Chinese companies starting next year, senior provincial officials told the Financial Times.

US: The Dangers of Privatization
by Julian BorgerThe Guardian
August 20th, 2003
The electrical forensics are still under way, but the big picture emerging from last week's unprecedented blackout is already clear: it was nature's warning against Washington's worship at the altar of privatisation.

US: FCC Rule Fight Continues in Congress
by Frank AhrensWashington Post Staff Writer
June 4th, 2003
Several lawmakers and advocacy groups vowed yesterday to fight in the courts and on Capitol Hill to overturn the Federal Communications Commission's new media ownership rules, saying they give big newspapers and broadcasters too much influence over public opinion and hurt smaller media companies.

US: FCC Chairman Refuses to Delay Vote
Associated Press
May 16th, 2003
Michael K. Powell, the Federal Communications Commission chairman, rejected today a request from two commissioners to delay a decision on overhauling rules governing ownership of newspapers and TV and radio stations.

US: FCC Close to Easing Media Caps
by Dan FostSan Francisco Chronicle
May 12th, 2003
The Federal Communications Commission is moving closer to easing its media ownership caps, including regulations that now limit how many television stations a network may own, or whether a company can own a newspaper and a television station in the same city.

IRAQ: Privatization in Disguise
by Naomi KleinThe Nation
April 18th, 2003
On April 6, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz spelled it out: There will be no role for the United Nations in setting up an interim government in Iraq. The US-run regime will last at least six months, "probably...longer than that."

WORLD: Water Privatization Under Fire
Inter Press News Service
March 10th, 2003
Privatization of water services has had negative consequences in many countries, says the environmental network Friends of the Earth International, which urges global resistance to the commercialization of this essential resource.

JAPAN: 10,000 at Water Forum to Seek Action, Not Talk
by Sanjay SuriInter Press News Service
March 10th, 2003
More than 10,000 delegates who will attend the Third World Water Forum in Kyoto next week will be under pressure to step up water flows, rather than just talk about it.

WORLD: The Planet is Running Out of Fresh Water
by Maude BarlowThe Guardian
February 26th, 2003
The private sector was the first to notice: the planet is running out of fresh water at such a rate that soon it will be the most valuable commodity on earth.

BOLIVIA: Citizens, Media Excluded from Bechtel Trial by World Bank Tribunal
WTO Info
February 25th, 2003
Citizens excluded from $25 million suit against Bolivia for company's failed water privatization scheme Washington, DC- The Bechtel Corporation was handed a powerful victory last week, when a secretive trade court announced that it would not allow the public or media to participate in or even witness proceedings in which Bechtel is suing the people of Bolivia for $25 million.

BRAZIL: Vivendi Moves to Keep Water Company
by Raymond ColittFinancial Times
February 18th, 2003
Vivendi Environnement will today launch last-ditch negotiations to recover control of a Brazilian water company after a state government said it would take over management from the French utility.

US: Water Industry's Cash to Political Campaigns Helps Fuel Effort to Privatize
February 12th, 2003
Most of that came from a core group of seven of the nation's largest water companies and the industry association that represents them, said the article.

US: Privatized Water Deal Collapses in Atlanta
by Douglas JehlNew York Times
February 10th, 2003
Privatization has hit the water sector, which has remained mostly the bastion of public utilities. Over the last five years, hundreds of American communities, including Indianapolis, Milwaukee and Gary, Ind., have hired private companies to manage their waterworks, serving about one in 20 Americans.

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