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US: FCC to review payola settlement
by Brooks BoliekThe Hollywood Reporter
August 9th, 2005
The FCC's chairman on Monday ordered the commission's enforcement bureau to review the settlement New York reached with Sony BMG to end the state's investigation into payola allegations.

US: Sony Agrees to Halt Gifts for Airtime
by Jennifer BayotThe New York Times
July 25th, 2005
Sony BMG Music Entertainment, one of the world's largest record companies, agreed today to stop providing lavish gifts, free trips and other giveaways in exchange for airtime for its artists on radio stations, under the terms of a settlement with the New York attorney general's office.

US: File-sharing Suffers Major Defeat
by BBCBBC News
June 27th, 2005
The US Supreme Court has ruled that file-sharing companies are to blame for what users do with their software.

US: Reality Show Writers Want to Unionize
by Richard VerrierOrlando Sentinel
June 22nd, 2005
The guild representing Hollywood writers has disclosed that more than 75 percent of the scribes on TV reality shows have signed cards asking to be represented by the union.

US: The New Blacklist
by Doug IrelandLA Weekly
June 13th, 2005
The Christian right has launched a series of boycotts and pressure campaigns aimed at corporate America -- and at its sponsorship of entertainment, programs and activities they don't like.

US: Congress to Force Agencies to Identify Fake News
May 3rd, 2005

US: Enron Movie 'Ultimate Morality Tale'
by Mark LeibovichWashington Post
April 29th, 2005
Alex Gibney --the director of the new film, "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room" -- makes the people the story.

US: When Media Dogs Don't Bark
by Norman SolomonAlterNet
April 18th, 2005
The recent decision by General Motors to pull its advertising from the Los Angeles Times has not gone over very well.

US: Small Cinemas Screened Out of Major Releases
by Seema MehtaL.A. Times
April 18th, 2005
As a common practice, the big studios give dibs on potential blockbusters to the giant chains. The state of California is investigating.

US: Video Games Add Advertisements
by Matt RichtelNew York Times
April 11th, 2005
Until now, ads have appeared occasionally and haphazardly in video games. But a new advertising agency hopes to bring a more aggressive marketing approach to interactive media. The aim is to put up billboards and make product placements for mainstream advertisers in the cyberworlds of sports, shooting and strategy games.

Book Review: Thrilling Chronicle of Cons, Fools and a Business World Gone Mad
by Larry WilliamsThe Baltimore Sun
March 20th, 2005
A half-dozen books have been published about Enron's collapse, but Conspiracy of Fools, Kurt Eichenwald's richly detailed narrative, is likely to be a landmark record - not just of what went wrong at Enron, but of how American business went crazy during the 1990s, when it seemed that everyone had a shot at becoming a billionaire in the New Economy.

US: Pepsi Puts a Lid on Kids' Ads
by  Andrew Ward and Jeremy GrantThe Australian
March 1st, 2005
PepsiCo, one of the world's largest soft-drink makers, has introduced voluntary restrictions on its advertising to children, in response to rising levels of obesity in the US and western Europe.

US: Nation Accused of Plan to Muzzle Al-Jazeera Through Privatization
by Rupert Cornwell The Independent Online
February 13th, 2005
America and its key ally Saudi Arabia are being accused of quietly seeking to muzzle al-Jazeera, the Arab satellite news station that has often incurred Washington's ire for its coverage of Iraq and President George Bush's "war on terror".

US: Once-Conservative Cable Company Profits off Porn
by Sallie HofmeisterLos Angeles Times
February 2nd, 2005
Today, analysts say, adult programming gives cable and satellite distributors their highest profit margins.

US: Marketing Under the Radar
by Deborah BranscumCMO
December 22nd, 2004
Stealth. Guerilla. Undercover. Whatever itís called, covert marketing woos ad-weary consumers by pretending to be something itís not. But is it the real deal for marketers?

UK: New Taskforce to Tackle 'Attacks' on Corporate Business
by Mark TranGuardian
July 6th, 2004
A leading business group today announced the creation of a taskforce designed to help companies respond to what it described as growing attacks on corporate behaviour.

US: Reuters Outsourcing Journalists
by Jacques SteinbergNew York Times
February 9th, 2004
Outsourcing has become all the rage in recent years, and India has become a favorite destination for Western companies that want to send jobs to cheaper markets. Companies as different as Delta Air Lines and Dell Computer have hired workers or subcontractors to perform customer service, data entry or other computer-related jobs once done in the United States. Now, Reuters is going a step further. It told its editorial employees in an electronic posting late last week that it planned to hire six journalists in Bangalore, India, to do basic financial reporting on 3,000 small to medium-size American companies.

MEXICO: Film Studio Sell-Off
by Jo TuckmanGuardian (London)
November 14th, 2003
Mexico's cultural elite is on the warpath, determined to stop a sell-off of state cultural institutions that will, they say, remove the last barriers to American cultural domination.

UK: Brussels Concerned by BSkyB Monopoly
by Daniel Dombey and Matthew GarrahanFinancial Times
October 1st, 2003
Mario Monti, Europe's competition Commissioner, on Wednesday turned his sights on British Sky Broadcasting, when he revealed plans to put forward a fresh set of objections to the satellite broadcaster's 1.02bn contract with English football's Premier League.

US: Recording Industry Targets 12 Year Old for File Sharing
by Frank AhrensWashington Post
September 10th, 2003
The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the music industry's trade group, is targeting what it calls "major offenders" of peer-to-peer digital song sharing, which it considers to be a violation of copyright law. Federal law allows penalties of up to $150,000 per copyrighted work, or, in other words, per song.

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