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GHANA: Government Urged to Streamline Private Security Organizations
The GhanaHomePage
May 7th, 2005
Nana Adu Agyemang IV, Vice President of the Association of Private Security of Ghana (APSOG) on Friday, called on the government to streamline the activities of private security companies since some of them pose a threat to national security.

U.S.A.: Custer Battles Drops Plans for Training Center
by John ChappellThe Pilot
May 6th, 2005
The company’s plans for a state-of-the-art security training center in North Carolina have gone awry as it is caught in a swarming cloud of suspicion, lawsuits and accusations alleging fraud, kidnapping and more.

U.S.: Volcker Asks U.S. Congress to Drop Subpoena of Iraq Prober
by Bill Varner and Demian McLeanBloomberg
May 6th, 2005
The chairman of the U.S. House Committee on International Relations subpoenaed records last week and is pursuing his own probe of the UN program. ``My committee has an obligation to continue its inquiry,'' said the chairman.

SOUTH AFRICA: Private security, a disturbing peace of mind (Part II)
by Ellen HollemansMail & Guardian
May 5th, 2005
South Africans seem to be relying more and more on private security. The army of armed and unarmed security guards is growing and seems to be filling in the gaps left by the overstretched police force.

SOUTH AFRICA: Private security, a disturbing peace of mind (Part I)
by Ellen HollemansMail & Guardian Online
May 5th, 2005
They are everywhere -- ferrying money to businesses in military-style vehicles, guarding gated communities or sitting on three-legged chairs watching over suburban streets. "Private security is growing and has gone through a silent revolution. All over the world, the industry has boomed," says the chain-smoking Jenny Irish-Qhobosheane, a private security researcher.

IRAQ: Halliburton Employee Says Co-Workers Gang-Beat him at Baghdad Airport
by Amy Goodman Democracy Now!
March 30th, 2005
Ronald Chavez reported to higher authority within the Halliburton chain of command the vulnerabilities at Baghdad Airport regarding to terrorist attacks, according to his father, Eli Chavez. Ronald further stated that higher authority was upset at his recommendations, his father said.

US: Titan to Pay Fine and Plead Guilty in Bribery Probe
by Jonathon Karp and Andy PasztorWall Street Journal
January 20th, 2005
Defense contractor Titan corporation tentatively agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges and pay less than $30 million to end investigations by the Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission. As part of the settlement, Titan will admit that payments by its overseas consultants violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

IRAQ: UN to use Iraq Oil-for-Food Program funds for investigation
Wall Street Journal,
October 20th, 2004

USA: General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman Get Big Breaks in New Corporate Tax Bill
by Edmund L. AndrewsNew York Times
October 19th, 2004

AFGHANISTAN: Dyncorp Guards Chastised by U.S. State Department
BBC News
October 14th, 2004
The U.S. State Department has rebuked a private security firm, Dyncorp, over the "aggressive behavior" of guards hired to protect Afghan leader Hamid Karzai.

US: Lockheed, BAE protest Boeing pacts
by Jonathan Karp and Andy PasztorWall Street Journal
October 13th, 2004

IRAQ: Oil-for-Food probe hits U.S. Oil Companies
by By Jess Bravin in New York, John D. Mckinnnon in Washington and Russel Gold DallasWall Street Journal
October 13th, 2004

IRAQ: Administration Chooses Anti-Feminist Group to Train Iraqi Women
by Jim LobeOneWorld US
October 5th, 2004

NIGERIA: How Cheney's Firm Routed $132m to Nigeria via Tottenham Lawyer
by Solomon Hughes and Jason
October 5th, 2004

IRAQ: U.S. Plans to Divert Reconstruction Funds to 'Security'
by Jonathan WeismanWashington Post
September 15th, 2004

USA: Halliburton Settles with SEC
by Jason LeopoldAlternet
September 7th, 2004

IRAQ:US army to axe Halliburton deal
BBC news
September 7th, 2004

US: Conflict of interest may hurt nuke security: Critics charge testing of security at power plants is fatally flawed
by Lisa MyersMSNBC
September 4th, 2004
Since drawings of U.S. nuclear power plants were found in al-Qaida caves in Afghanistan, the nuclear power industry says it has spent $1 billion beefing up security. That includes more frequent and more realistic mock-terrorist attacks to test the ability of plant guards.

AFGHANISTAN: Kabul tense after bombing of Dyncorps kills at least nine
by AFPAgence France Press
August 30th, 2004

IRAQ: Labor Upsurge Wins Support from U.S. Unions
by David BaconFor permission to reproduce, write
August 18th, 2004

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