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INDIA: Fighting Big Pharma in Little Digwal
by Stan CoxCounterpunch
February 15th, 2005
In this 50-mile-long stretch of rural India west of Hyderabad, the country's fifth largest city, almost 40 percent of the country's bulk pharmaceuticals are produced (a large proportion of them for export). The progress the the people of Digwal have made in protecting themselves against the industry's wastes puts them in a league of their own.

US: Tauzin Raised Six-Figure Sum From Drug Makers
by Steven WeissCenter for Responsive Politics
December 15th, 2004
The New Head of PhRMA Enjoyed the Financial Support of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers While in Congress

USA: Drug Companies Pushing ADHD Drugs for Children
by Kelly HearnAlternet
November 29th, 2004
As public scrutiny of drug companies grows, so do questions about what critics say is a vast over-prescribing of MPH, especially as more adults are taking other MPH-based medicines such as Concerta. Many in and outside the scientific community suspect the dubious marketing tactics of big drug money have fueled the spiraled use of MPH.

US: Merck Steps Up Public Relations Campaign After Recall
by Theresa AgovinoAssociated Press
November 22nd, 2004
Merck & Co.'s campaign to defend itself in the wake of the recall of the pain reliever Vioxx intensified as it placed a package of three full-page ads in seven prominent newspapers beginning last Friday.

EUROPE: EU names biggest polluters in Europe
by Rikki Stancich
October 13th, 2004

US: Questions on the $3.8 Billion Drug Ad Business
by Stuart Elliot and Nat IvesNew York Times
October 13th, 2004
Drug advertising can not only misleading, but harmful to your health.

AUSTRALIA: Bullying big pharma puts pressure on Australians
by Tony WalkerAustralian Financial Review, 8/13/2004

US: How Schering Manipulated Drug Prices And Medicaid
New York Times
July 31st, 2004
$345.5 million settlement by Schering-Plough to resolve a government Medicaid investigation provides a detailed glimpse into how drug companies can manipulate prices to overcharge state and federal programs.

USA: Looking To Canada, Not Candidates, For Prescription Drugs
by Terry M. Neal and Christina Pino-MarinaWashington Post
July 21st, 2004

USA: Drugmakers Prefer Silence On Test Data
by Shankar VedantamWashington Post
July 6th, 2004

US: As Doctors Write Prescriptions, Drug Companies Write Checks
by Gardiner Harris New York Times
June 27th, 2004
A broad government crackdown on the drug industry's marketing tactics.

UK: Pharmaceutical Firms May Be US Cash Cow
The Guardian
January 8th, 2004
GlaxoSmithKline still arguing with the American tax authorities about its liability for the years 1989 to 1996.

USA: Cynical Politics and the Global HIV/AIDS Emergency
by Bill Fletcher News
August 6th, 2003
National Public Radio (NPR) recently reported on the dramatic increase of HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean. This story reminds one that fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS is directly related to overcoming poverty and challenging globalization. It also reminds one that cynical politics are afoot on the part of those in power more concerned with corporate profits than with the misery of millions.

USA: Drug Patents Draw Scrutiny as Bush Goes to Africa
by Michael SchroederThe Wall Street Journal
July 9th, 2003
In a five-Nation African tour this week, President Bush is trumpeting his $15 billion program to fight the continent's AIDS epidemic. But that program's gains could be undercut by a separate U.S. effort to impose strict drug-patent protections that make AIDS drugs more expensive and harder to obtain. The Commerce Department is helping shape patent laws in developing countries such as Nigeria -- where Mr. Bush will visit Saturday -- that go beyond global standards in protecting drug makers. The U.S. Trade Representative's office is seeking similarly strict protections in developing nations world-wide.

USA: Bush Delivers Emergency AIDS Relief to Republican Allies
by John TarletonIndy Media Center
July 3rd, 2003
George W. Bush signed a five-year, $15 billion global AIDS relief bill to much fanfare last week in advance of the G8 Summit in Evian, France. Besides giving Bush a PR boost, the measure may turn out to be of more help to U.S. pharmaceutical companies, faith-based religious groups and the biotech industry than to the citizens of 14 African and Caribbean countries covered by the initiative.

South Africa: Indigenous Group Wins Rights to its Healing Herbs
by Mercedes SayaguesInter Press Service
March 28th, 2003
ANDRIESVALE, South Africa, Mar. 28 (IPS) -- In a victory for indigenous groups, a landmark profit-sharing agreement has been signed providing credit and compensation to one of South Africa's oldest groups with extensive traditional knowledge of healing plants and herbs.

USA: Pharmaceutical Company Whistle-Blower Tells of 'Illegal' Tactics
by Liz KowalczykBoston Globe
March 12th, 2003
David Franklin, the drug company whistle-blower who has sparked federal and state investigations into the marketing of the top-selling drug Neurontin, said yesterday that he and his former colleagues engaged in a series of inappropriate tactics, including misleading doctors to persuade them to prescribe the drug for unapproved uses.

USA: Bush Blocks Cheap Drugs for World's Poor
by Charlotte DennyGuardian/UK
February 19th, 2003
George Bush's close links with the drugs industry were last night blamed for the failure of talks in Geneva aimed at securing access to cheap medicines for developing countries.

Brazil: Hopes Lift at WTO Drugs Talks
by Bayan RahmanFinancial Times
February 17th, 2003
Brazilian proposal at the weekend has raised hopes of a breakthrough in the World Trade Organisation's deadlocked talks on poor ountries' access to essential medicines.

USA: Drug Industry Poised to Reap Political Dividends
by Vicki KemperLos Angeles Times
November 8th, 2002
Few industries campaigned harder than pharmaceutical manufacturers to elect Republicans to the new Congress, and few industries are better positioned to reap the rewards of the election returns, analysts said Thursday.

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