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G8: Thousands Form Human Chain Around US Airbase in Japan
July 20th, 2000
OKINAWA, Japan -- More than 27,000 people linked hands under the bright skies of Japan's Okinawa island on Thursday in a dramatic protest against U.S. forces there.

USA: A Civics Lesson for Big Tobacco
by Russell Mokhiber and Robert WeissmanFocus on the Corporation
July 18th, 2000
The $145 billion punitive damage award against the tobacco industry in the Engle case in Florida should be celebrated as evidence of a civil justice system that works, proof of the value of juries and a major public health achievement.

EU: Ban on Controversial Pesticide Recommended
Environment News Service
July 18th, 2000
The controversial insecticide lindane could be subject to a partial ban by the Europe Union's 15 member countries within 18 months.

EU: Commission Bows to US Pressure on GMOs
Environment News Service
July 13th, 2000
The European Union is trying to regain the public's confidence in genetically modified organisms (GMOs) by strengthening the laws that govern their release onto the market.

South Africa: IMF Can Only Bring Misery
by Trevor Ngwane and George DorThe Sowetan
July 12th, 2000
Last Friday, Horst Koehler, newly-appointed head of the International Monetary Fund, received a hostile response from the anti-privatisation forum, Jubilee 2000, the campaign against neoliberalism and the South African Communist Party.

USA: Fronting for Big Coal
by Russell Mokhiber and Robert WeissmanFocus on the Corporation
July 11th, 2000
So, we're sitting in our office, and under the door comes a note advising us that there will be a press conference the next day where African-American and Hispanic groups will release a report showing how minority populations will suffer most if the United Nations Global Warming Treaty (Kyoto agreement) passes the U.S. Senate.

Philippines: 100 Bodies Found in Garbage Slide
Environment New Service
July 11th, 2000
MANILA, Philippines -- Philippine search and rescue workers have recovered 100 bodies from the Payatas garbage dump after torrential rains brought down the mountain of garbage in the northern Manila suburb of Quezon city.

USA: Army of Protestors Prepare to Greet GOP
by Thomas GinsbergPhiladelphia Inquirer
July 9th, 2000
Three weeks before Republicans hold their national convention, it appears the number of protesters gathering in Philadelphia could rival the 30,000 delegates and party members attending the convention itself.

US: Info-Cleansing on the Web
by Marcia StepanekBusiness Week Online
July 7th, 2000
Beware the public relations person with a modem. Now corporate spinmeisters, too, can go online to track customers -- especially the disgruntled ones who vent their spleen in cyberspace.

Mexico: Victory For Democracy or Neoliberalism?
by Dan La BotzMexican Labor News and Analysis
July 7th, 2000
Vicente Fox Quesada, the former Coca Cola executive, rancher and businessman from the conservative National Action Party (PAN) won Mexico's presidential election on July 2 ending 71 years of rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

Pakistan: Corporate Farms Worry Food Activists
by Muddassir RizviInter Press Service
July 7th, 2000
ISLAMABAD -- The Pakistani government is inviting foreign business into the country's farms, giving rise to fears that this will finish off millions of small tillers and reduce national food supply.

USA: World Bank Out of Chinese Resettlement Project
by Gumisai MutumeInter Press Service
July 7th, 2000
WASHINGTON -- The World Bank has caved in to pressure from one of the biggest anti-World Bank campaigns by non-governmental organisations forcing China to use its own funds to resettle farmers on Tibetan territory.

Mexico: President Elect Brings Business Approach to Governing
by Diego CevallosInter Press Service
July 4th, 2000
MEXICO CITY -- Mexico's president-elect Vicente Fox said Tuesday that the change of government would be smooth and crisis-free, and that his absolute top priority would be the fight against poverty.

Brazil: Activists Outraged by Decision on GM Crops
by Mario OsavaInter Press Service
July 4th, 2000
RIO DE JANEIRO -- The Brazilian Consumers Defence Institute (IDEC) asked the courts to issue arrest warrants for the members of a government scientific commission that gave the go-ahead to imports of transgenic corn, on the argument that the decision was released in violation of the law.

Ecuador: Janitors Write Demands in Blood
Associated Press
July 4th, 2000
QUITO, Ecuador -- A group of striking public hospital janitors used their own blood Tuesday, drawn with hypodermic needles, to write out their demands for salary increases, better working conditions and greater job security.

USA: Time to Cap Big Oil's Profit Gusher
by Russell Mokhiber and Robert WeissmanFocus on the Corporation
July 3rd, 2000
The startling concentration of economic power that has resulted from the U.S. merger wave of the last several years is going to require new levels of government intervention in the marketplace.

USA: Oil Money Gushing into Bush Campaign
by H. Josef HebertAssociated Press
July 3rd, 2000
WASHINGTON -- While locked in a string of disputes with the Clinton administration, the oil industry has pumped more than $1.5 million into George W. Bush's campaign. Oil companies will be seeking Bush's help on a range of issues, should he be elected president.

USA: Spying for Free Trade
by Duncan Campbell and Paul LashmarThe Independent (UK)
July 2nd, 2000
It is the new Cold War. The United States intelligence agencies, facing downsizing after the fall of the Berlin wall, have found themselves a new role spying on foreign firms to help American business in global markets.

FRANCE: José Bové a 'French Gandhi'?
by Charles BremnerTimes of London
July 1st, 2000
The anti-capitalist campaigner José Bové compared himself to Gandhi when he went on trial yesterday for demolishing a McDonald's restaurant in a southern French market town.

UK: Corporate Control of the Genome Only the Beginning
by George MonbiotThe Guardian (UK)
June 29th, 2000
Nearly everyone debating the mapping of the human genome now agrees on one thing: that the identification of our genes invokes an unprecedented danger, as it might assist a handful of companies to seize something which belongs to all of us. I wish this were true.

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