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About CorpWatch

Pratap Chatterjee
1310Tel: 510-849-2423

March 22nd, 2001

CorpWatch: Holding Corporations Accountable

  • On the ground and on the web, through education and activism, CorpWatch works to hold corporations accountable on issues of human rights, labor rights and environmental justice.

  • CorpWatch (previously known as TRAC-Transnational Resource & Action Center) was founded in late 1996 and is based in San Francisco, California.

  • Both in the US and abroad, CorpWatch is a major voice for corporate accountability and is contributing to a diverse, international movement which counters corporate-led globalization.

Leading the Way in Internet Information and Activism:

  • Since it was established in late 1996, has provided up-to-date content to policy makers, community activists, teachers, students, journalists and others. Our site incorporates cutting edge investigative reporting, news, analysis, a Corporate Research Guide and activist tools.

  • With more than 100,000 user sessions a month and 2,500 pages of diverse information about globalization issues, it is regarded as one of the leading activist sites in the US.

  • was re-launched in March 2001 with a more user-friendly design, an on-line Press Room, an Issue Library and enhanced research capabilities.

Activism on the Ground: CorpWatch Campaigns

Climate Justice Initiative

  • CorpWatch works with communities affected by the oil industry in the US and internationally to address the connections between local pollution and global warming.

  • CorpWatch is helping to build a new movement for Climate Justice-one that aims to hold corporations accountable by bringing local initiatives for human rights and environmental justice together with the international efforts to protect the world's climate.

Campaign for a Corporate-Free UN

  • Recent partnerships between several UN agencies and corporations and collaborations such as the Global Compact threaten the mission and integrity of the UN.

  • CorpWatch acts as the Secretariat for the Alliance for a Corporate-Free UN, an initiative which has brought over 100 NGOs from across the world together to scrutinize the behavior of corporations involved with the UN, and to work with the UN to move toward holding those corporations accountable.

  • CorpWatch's work with the Alliance to educate others and advocate against UN-corporate partnerships has sparked a debate about this issue-both inside and outside the UN.

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