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Can't Change the Science? ExxonMobil Tries to Change the Scientists

Stop Esso (UK)
April 5th, 2002

Please Note: This action has been discontinued.
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Editor: Esso/ExxonMobil changed Mr. Randol's email address after receiving several hundred messages. Emails sent to the address below will bounce.

Despite ten years of effort, Esso/ExxonMobil hasn't been able to stop the world's climate scientists saying that global warming is here and is caused by burning oil, coal and gas. So what does Esso do next? It tries to change the scientists. First on the hit list is Dr Robert Watson, a well-respected, former NASA climate scientist who has led the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for nearly six years. "Can Watson be replaced now at the request of the U.S.?" Arthur G. Randol III, senior environmental adviser for ExxonMobil, asked the White House in a letter leaked to the NRDC this week. True to form, the US government has taken the advice and is now refusing to re-nominate Watson. Esso's argument is that Watson has a personal agenda but fails to mention Esso's own agenda of putting profits before the planet and sabotaging climate science.

Email Mr Randol. Tell him (politely) what you think about his efforts to oust Dr Watson:

Copy it to Stop Esso at

For more information, see the Natural Resources Defense Council press release posted on CorpWatch or read the memo at