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Groups Organizing Against War Profiteering

Arms Trade Resource Center

Promoting preventative diplomacy, arms control and new U.S. policies


Bring Them Home Now

Military Families for an End to the War


Campaign to Stop the War Profiteers and End the Corporate Invasion of Iraq

Institute for Southern Studies


Center for Defense Information

Security Policy Research


Center for Responsive Politics

Campaign contributions and lobbying data


Cities for Peace

Institute for Policy Studies

Sample legislation for cities to “Take the Profit out of War”


Citizen Works

Campaign for Corporate Reform: End Corporate War Profiteering



Holding Corporations Accountable


Federation of American Scientists

The Arms Trade Revealed

Institute for Southern Studies
Jubilee Iraq
For an end to Iraq's debt

Merchants of Death Campaign

War Resisters League

M27 Coalition
Activism against war profiteering


National Priorities Project

Federal Budgets to Reflect Community Needs


Occupation Watch

Corporate Invasion and Labor Rights in Iraq


Project on Government Oversight

Exposing Corruption, Exploring Solutions


United for Peace and Justice
National coalition of US groups working against permanent warfare and empire-building


U.S. Labor Against the War
Defending Iraqi worker rights and opposing military spending in the US