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Global Compact participant wins Survival Greenwashing Award 2010

Posted by on February 8th, 2010

Yaguarete Porá, a Global Compact participant from Brazil, has won Survival’s Greenwashing Award 2010. Survival is an international organization that supports tribal peoples worldwide.

Yaguarete has won the award for "dressing up the wholesale destruction of a huge area of the Indians' forest as a noble gesture for conservation", says Survival's director Stephen Corry.

The company owns 78,549 hectares of forest that is part of the Ayoreo-Totobiegosode tribe's ancestral territory. After satellite photos were published around the world revealing that it has destroyed thousands of hectares of the tribe's forest, the company issued a press release announcing it intends to create a "nature reserve"on its land.

But plans submitted by Yaguarete to Paraguay’s Environment Ministry reveal that the amount of "continuous forest" in the reserve will be just 16,784 hectares out of the 78,549 hectares total, and the company in fact plans to convert around two thirds of the land to cattle ranching.

Some of the Totobiegosode have already been contacted and vehemently condemned the plans for the 'reserve', pointing out that it violates their rights under both Paraguayan and international law. The contacted Totobiegosode have been claiming legal title to this land since 1993, but most of it is still in private hands.

The Totobiegosode are the only uncontacted Indians in the world having their territory destroyed for beef production.

Survival director, Stephen Corry, said that "This is textbook 'greenwashing': bulldoze the forest and then 'preserve' a bit of it for PR purposes. The public won't fall for it. Yaguarete should stop playing games and pull out of the Totobiegosode's territory once and for all."

This video outlines Yaguarete's plans:


*Originally posted on February 1 at Global Compact Critics.


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